Drug Testing Policies

Most of the nations are applying the procedure of drug testing for various reasons. It may be for employment, sports or one of the school requirements. It will identify if the person is into illegal drugs whether it’s previous or current use. You can visit http://drugabusecontrol.com/ to help you from drug testing.


Drug testing policies can also be recognized through clerical orders subjected by the government officials including the president, by governors, by mayors, or by other positions in the government. For example, Former President Richard Nixon subjected an execu­tive regulate in 1971 that requisite casual drug testing of military workers and also President Ronald Reagan executed order that requires mandatory drug testing to all military personnel regardless of their positions in military base.

The clerical and executive declaration ordered by President Reagan in 1986 entails the head of each federal bureau to set up a charitable and unpaid employee drug testing program as well as a compulsory testing method for all employees who concerned with law enforcement, national safety and protection, public health and security, or the defense of life and possessions. The order also permitted obligatory testing in three conditions:

  • As part of a psychoanalysis or remedy agenda for prohibited drug users.
  • When there is sensible and logical cause for doubt that an employee has been using the illegal drugs.
  • As portion of an study following an accident or the detection of a dangerous performance

The Federal personnel Manual Letter 792-16 was issued after two months. It contained and described more information regarding with the conditions under which drug testing should take place, what would happen to people whose drug testing turned out to be positive and how tests should be executed.

Several nations have submitted and passed regulations to secure their citizens from drug testing because they believe that it’s unreasonable and might degrade the person involved. They debarred unsystematic drug tests or test that has been carried out without credible cause or for sensible doubt. On the other hand, some states have passed laws permitting random testing only of employees in specific safety responsive positions such as transportation officers.


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