Drug Testing in Schools

Drug testing may also be performed in schools aside from workplace. According to the study, younger generations are also using illegal drugs at an early age. With the substantial drug circumstances that happen in our schools nowadays, revised regulation is essential to stay away from illegal drugs abuse. There are several cities which have already applied compulsory drug testing in some of their government schools. This program is needed not just to protect the society from possible harm but to save the younger generation from negative effect of illegal drugs.

A teacher writes on the blackboard durin

Schools are also known as workplace for younger ones and their employers are the prin­cipals and teachers. Therefore it is possibly not unexpected that certain people are requesting for drug testing procedures in schools. They are conveying concerns not just about the increasing circumstances of drug abuse in general nevertheless also about its effect among younger people to be specific.

Former President Bill Clinton in October 1996 made a proposal that all minors applying for a driver’s license should undergo drug testing. He stated that the government should use the opportunity of a driver’s license application to mandate respon­sible conduct by minors when it’s about drugs. The message should be simple: No drugs or no driver’s license.

There are various reasons why minors should be scheduled for drug testing in schools.

  • Drug testing might discourage students from using drugs.
  • Students might evade using drugs to escape from possible awkwardness of being caught.
  • Students might be worried about their behavior being announced to their parents.
  • Parents who heard about their children’s status would be probable to ask for help on this problem.
  • Students who are already drug highly dependent might ask for intense help for their problems if faced with recognition on a drug test.

In most schools and colleges, the problem of drug testing most often concentrates on sports. Students who join in sports are frequently required to submit urine sample to make sure that they are not into illegal drugs.

For more details about drug testing you may check http://drugabusecontrol.com/.


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