Advantage and Disadvantage of Swab Drug Testing

Kits for swab drug testing for a standard collection of drugs identify the following “parent drugs” that includes amphetamines, methamphetamines, cocaine, opiates, THC (marijuana-type drugs), phencyclidine, benzodiazepines and methadone. The test does not specify the existence or deficiency of a specific drug in the human body; it only shows the parent drug. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of performing swab drug testing.

swab drug test

  • Advantages – Swab drug tests are low-cost and offer rapid results on a wide variety of drugs. Instructions indicated are easy to follow and in general easy to understand. Furthermore, they side step some of the communal circumstances involved with other procedures. Samples can be collected instantly without the humility issues compared in getting a urine sample. This permits reflection all over the testing method and essentially eradicates or removes swapping, diluting or interfering with the sample.
  • Disadvantages – While other samples for drug testing run a lengthier history of drug use prior to test administration, oral fluid procedure will only designate illegal drug use in terms of very current use (usually 1-2 days) Also, while swab drug testing verify for a extensive range of drug types, they do not examine for some of the most normally abused drugs that includes alcohol or inhalants.

When a performing or practicing the swab drug test performed by an employer or parent, they normally use a commercially-available drug testing kit. The collection kit, which shows similarity to a pregnancy test, comprises an absorbent band contained by a thin, plastic covering. The swab drug test kit is sited in the similar way as a clinical swab in order to gather the sample. The “lab” is constructed into the kit. As the sample is absorbed, a colored control line shows higher or slowly shows in the testing device window.

With a drug testing kit, one or more lines show whether a definite type of drug is existing. In the case of a multiple-drug display, each one drug is signified by a diverse color. If the line shows, the drug is not noticed and lead to negative result. On the other hand, if a line is absent from the display, it is considered a positive result for the existence of that drug. Automated versions don’t need the interpretation of lines. As an alternative, the presence or absence of the target drugs is indicated on clear, automatic figures.

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