Pros and Cons of Drug and Alcohol Testing

There are several noted pros and cons of drug and alcohol drug testing. It will guide you to choose what type of drug testing would you like to perform. There are specimen types on which a drug test can be performed. These consist of urine, hair and saliva drug testing. Furthermore, there are both lab-based testing and instant testing procedures available. Every specimen type and testing procedure accompanies exceptional advantages.

drug and alcohol
Here are some of the pros and cons of drug and alcohol testing depending on its specimen type:

Instant Urine Drug Testing


  • Fast results, normally few minutes after the collection of the sample.
  • Generally provides reliable drug discovery
  • On-site gathering of urine sample


  • The interpretation of the results is the role of the collector restroom facilities for the collection
  • Restricted number of drug panel structures
  • Liable to donor tarnishing

Laboratory Urine Testing


  • Dependable outcome when performed at an authorized medical laboratory
  • Numerous of drug panel patterns
  • Offers dependable and reliable drug revelation


  • Urine collection usually performed and happened by a nearby collection site
  • Vulnerable to donor ruining

Instant Saliva Drug Testing


  • Fast and rapid results normally few minutes after gathering the oral fluid samples
  • On site collection without special location needed
  • Identify the presence of drugs right after its usage
  • Hard to fake or adulterate


  • Medical laboratory based confirmation testing is needed for non-negative initial screens from a rapid test.
  • The interpretation of the lab results is the responsibility of the collector
  • Poor recognition of THC active marijuana metabolite
  • Restricted number of various FDA cleared instant drug testing device choices
  • Not presently authorized for DOT testing

Laboratory based saliva drug testing


  • Generally gives satisfying drug detection
  • On site sample collection without special location requirement
  • Identify the presence of drugs right after its usage
  • Hard to adulterate


  • Not presently allowed for DOT testing
  • Turnaround period ranging from more than hours or days
  • Greater detection of THC

Instant Alcohol Testing


  • Fast results within few minutes right after the collection of the sample
  • On site gathering without the specific location needed
  • Hard to adulterate
  • Permitted for DOT testing


  • Breathalyzer confirmation testing is required for non-negative initial screening
  • Blood testing sample is invasive to gather
  • Turnaround period ranging from more than hours or days

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