Employees Opinion about Drug Testing in the Workplace Program

Most of the companies manifest their beliefs towards drug testing in the workplace. They are all aware about the benefits or advantages of the procedure including:

Employees Opinion

  • Providing safety and protection in the workplace
  • Saving the company from any possible danger and circumstances
  • Sustaining the credibility of the company
  • Maintaining a drug free environment in the workplace

On the other hand, employers must also be aware about the disadvantages that drug testing can bring. The applicant or employee who will be screened will be the most affected for this procedure. The primary downside to a drug free in the workplace regulation is that workers commonly disagree to the random drug testing substance that exists in various programs. Employers who prefer to implement the drug testing method must be subtle and sensitive to the fact that most employees visualize drug testing as intrusive and a clear evidence of a lack of employer trust. Here are some views of the employees regarding drug testing:

  • Rivals of drug testing are certain that non-substance users are exposed to ill-treatment because of the activities of some employees.
  • Employees may sense that their confidentiality is being occupied and that what they do outside of the workplace is not their employer’s concerns.
  • Being positive in drug test does not mean that the employee was not credible at work or cannot perform his/her obligations just that they used an illegal drugs within the time restrictions that the test checked.
  • Employees are anxious that the off-work use of drugs or alcohol may carry the same penalties to an employee as would be applied to an employee who uses illegal drugs inside the workplace.
  • Opponents to drug testing are certain that while there are State rules and regulations for drug testing, there is numerous state and local commands that do not standardize or oversee the procedures employers utilize for drug testing.

Therefore, if you do make random drug testing as part of your company’s policy, make sure you treat your employees with formality and respect their privacy.

The drug testing policy should state the type of drug testing applied the regularity of the drug testing, and the label of the substances for which the employee will be tested. The drug test should deliver just and reliable methods for employee range for drug testing.

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