How False Positives and False Negatives Happen in Drug Testing

Drug testing result may not always be accurate depending on what kind of drug test you applied. It may produce incorrect and wrong conclusions. False positives and false negatives are the mistaken result after the procedure. False positives happen when there is a presence of drug metabolite when that specific drug is not actually present. On the other hand, false negatives are the indication that there is no drug metabolite present when actually the person used illegal drugs.

False positives and False nega

False positives and false negatives may happen for various reasons, such as the occurrence of chemi­cals in urine that act like drug metabolites during the urine drug test, drug test facilitator error, or basically because chemical tests are not per­fect. Because of these explanations and reasons, any urine sample that indicates or show a positive test for an illegal drug must be tested for the second time however they will use different kind of drug test like blood drug test or saliva drug test procedure. The affirmative test is much more precise than other pre­liminary tests. On the other hand, it can be more costly. The most usual confirmatory drug testing procedure is recognized as a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) test, which can manifest a higher probability of accuracy. A GC/MS drug procedure is when a urine sam­ple is combined with a gas and passed through a revealing compartment. Some drug metabolites in the sam­ple are moved out. The metabolites will pass a second device, a mass spectrome­ter that identifies the presence of the drug metabolites. It will identify if metabolites are present in the urine sample.

During the first few years of drug testing, incorrect results were very common. The incidence of false positives and false negatives has reduced and lessen as the procedure of drug testing has improved and upgraded. On the other hand, that developments in drug testing do not mean that the number of mistaken results have fallen to zero. That main objective is possibly not attainable in the real world. This difficulty can be especially severe all throughout the pre-employment procedure. Several companies demanded for drug testing during the application process. If the tests ended with positive results, applicants may not be possibly hired. In those cases, no additional tests are conducted, and no false results are likely to be revealed.

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