Things that you need to Know about Urine Drug Test

Employers who are requiring drug test for employment mostly consider urine drug test for the reason that it is less costly and can give immediate results. However there are no state laws that obliging an employer to consider urine drug test, he/she can apply some other procedure. Some of the pros and cons of urine drug test are as follows:

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  • Swallowed illegal drugs are directly present and can be seen in the urine, although they were consumed in a matter of days.
  • approximately all drugs are expelled through the urine, and are as a result it is noticeable and visible in a urine drug test
  • it is hard to fraud a urine test when managed correctly, even though a hair drug test is even more difficult to cheat
  • a urine test is more inexpensive than a hair drug test
  • It’s more convenient and painless compared with blood drug test.

Illegal drugs substance normally remains in the urine for up to a week, excluding for marijuana, which can keep on for up to a month depending on its usage. On the other hand, every person is diverse, and many factors affect the span of time that drugs stay in the system, including:

  • how much of the drug was used up
  • person’s metabolism or the absorption process of the body
  • elimination of fluids since the drug was consumed

Some medical laboratories offers a extensive assortment of DOT and non-DOT urine drug tests reaching from a simple five panel screening for common illegal drugs to wide-ranging testing that includes medication drugs, Ecstasy, and more. You also have an option to add n alcohol test if the person showed signs of alcohol abuse in the workplace,

Employers consider urine drug test for some of the following reasons:

  • pre-employment
  • random checking
  • post accident incidences
  • DOT or non-DOT drug testing
  • sensible doubt
  • coming back to duty
  • compulsory follow-up drug test
  • court ordered drug or alcohol testing
  • secluded or personal drug screening

Before the urine drug test happens, the employees or applicants must know and evenly understand the purpose of the test. If there will be positive results, you must inform them and try to give them drug abuse counsel and guidance. You should also keep the result confidential. Avoid exposing the drug test result to other workers to avoid humiliation because it may lead to another serious problem on your company.

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