Studies which Identifies the Essence of Drug and Alcohol Test in Schools

Some research identified the vital role of drug and alcohol test in schools. Aside from the fact that it will promote a drug-free environment and maintain the credibility of the school, parents or guardians will be comfortable because they are assured that their children will be safe and secured inside the school premises. Here are some studies that will explain the importance of drug prevention programs:

essence of drug & alcohol test

  • A NIDA-funded study in 2013 found substantial links between both random and for-cause student drug testing.  The study noted that while drug testing was connected with moderately lower marijuana use, it was also related with higher use of other unlawful drugs.
  • A study known in 2013 discovered that alleged school climate was related with lessen likelihood of marijuana and smoking incidence, and that student drug testing was not linked with developed drug use results.  The researchers stated that cultivating school environment is a hopeful approach for stopping or preventing students from drugs usage while testing is a comparatively unproductive drug-prevention policy.
  • A research in 2012 identified that students who was sent for compulsory random student drug testing reported less substance use than similar students in high school without the drug tests procedure. The study found no effect of random drug testing on the purpose to consume illegal drugs substances, professed consequences of substance use, involvement in extracurricular activities, or school connectedness.
  • Reports based from the 2012 research discovered that drug testing procedure is ultimately effective at deterring substance use for female students in schools with positive environment. The study conclude that drug screening should not be implemented as a standard procedure for decreasing the drug usage and the environment should be consider before conducting or implementing the procedure.
  • A NIDA-funded research in 2012 presented realistic evidences which support and maintain the efficiency and usefulness of drug testing in schools.
  • A NIDA study that was shown in the year 2007 determined that students who are into sports activities and performed drug testing had overall rates of drug usage compared to students who did not supported the program.

After the procedure, results should be given confidentially. For the reason that if the student turned out to be positive and most of his/her schoolmates knows about it, there will be a big possibility of humiliation and discrimination and might affect not just his/her school performance but his/her emotional and psychological stability.


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