Why is Alcohol Testing conducted to Teenagers?

alcohol testing1

Alcohol testing is very common and usual to young adults especially if parents are becoming bothered about the behavior of their children. It can also be requested by school management if symptoms are visible. Conducting alcohol test in school can make the student stop from drinking alcohol because they can be threatened by the fact that they can be humiliated or their parents will definitely know about their negative behavior. If proven by the result, the student might be subjected for disciplinary action or worst can affect their status in school.

For the reason that human body changes so much as we mature, its ability or capability to accept the substance of alcohol may decrease. Every person seems to recognize and identify someone who is under the influence of alcohol especially for teenagers because it’s easy to identify the signs of alcoholism physically and on the person’s behavior.  Teens are prone of drinking alcohol because of peer pressure and emotional instability.  At the end of the day, they must be guided and get aware that alcohol is still a toxin. Here are some effects of excessive alcohol on the system:

alcohol testing2

  • Immature internal organs can be damaged by alcohol
  • Alcohol can harm the liver, which plays significant role to our system.
  • The function of the heart can be affected. It can beat abnormally that it can stop if taken for granted.
  • The temperature of the body can go below normal (medically called as hypothermia). Several teenagers died almost a year when they get drunk and lose consciousness in the freezing cold.
  • It may lead to seizures that can be caused by too little sugar in the system brought by the alcohol.
  • May lead to respiratory problem like shortness of breath
  • Most common reason for the cause of death by drinking alcohol s when teens choked by their own vomit. If your unconscious and you vomit, there will be a greater possibility that you can breathe it in.

One of the threats of drinking too much alcohol is not being aware when you have had too much. Several drinks have changing alcohol content and the body responds in a different way to alcohol according to whether or not you have eaten, how thirsty you are, regarding what time of day it is. Be healthy and save yourself from the dangers of too much alcohol intake. You may visit http://drugabusecontrol.com/wholesale/ for more information about alcohol testing.

alcohol testing3


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