Importance and Purpose of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing in the workplace can solve several issues that can affect the entire operation of the company caused by the employee who is under the influence of drugs. It will relatively confirm the drug usage. It will also prevent possible circumstances that can put the safety of other employees in danger. Most of the business establishments incorporate the standard rules about drug testing in the workplace during the application procedure. The recruitment manager usually discusses the importance and purpose of the screening and the possible outcome if the test will show positive results. Most companies are also conducting drug screening because there are federal laws obliging them to do the procedure.

 Importance and purpose of drug testing in the workplace

There are various drug tests to choose from. It highly depends on the decision of the higher management but usually they prefer urine drug test along with other drug test type (blood drug test, saliva drug test or hair drug test) for the reason that it is more convenient and can offer immediate result. Employers can also do the procedure in the workplace as long as the person who will perform the procedure can clearly understand the exact procedure.

Recruitment department must be knowledgeable enough about the nature of the test because if ever the applicant will throw various questions, they can be confident on answering their concerns. Having positive results does not necessarily mean that you will not get the job. There will be a legal procedure that must be followed that includes:

  • Allowing the applicant to provide explanation on that matter
  • When the applicant is confident that he/she was not a drug user, employers can send the applicant to credible medical laboratory for second opinion.

Employees who are coming to work under the influence of illegal drugs can be easily identified. They can cost a lot of troubles in the workplace that includes:

  • Regular absenteeism
  • Loss of productivity
  • Theft
  • Customer dissatisfaction
  • Consumed more than of the allowable vacation leaves
  • Has the tendency to hurt themselves or even his/her co workers
  • Claiming more than of his/her actual salary rate

Aside from drug users in the workplace, alcohol testing can also be conducted to verify your suspicion about the sudden negative change of the employee.

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