Drug and Alcohol Test: Identify the Signs of Severe Alcoholism

There are many signs and symptoms related to drinking problems which may lead to drug and alcohol test. Alcoholism is known as a tolerant disease, meaning that the signs and indications of drinking alcohol become progressively more severe over time. Those who drink alcohol at an early age can suffer from the effect of alcohol earlier than for those who drink during later part.

drug and alcohol test- severe alcohol

Early signs of heavy drinking include regular drunkenness, an established pattern of alcoholism and drinking in risky and dangerous circumstances such as driving while under the influence of alcohol. Other early signs of alcoholism include black-out drinking or an extreme change in behavior while drinking, such as constantly becoming angry or violent or too emotional. Negligence of normal activities is another symptom which means that failure to deal with his/her daily routine because of drinking excessive alcohol.

The main symptom of alcohol abuse happens when someone is still persistent to drink although he/she is showing negative behavior that causes recurrent trouble. Alcoholism may lead to serious problems such as:

  • Might affect your responsibility in the workplace that might cause of losing your job
  • Lead to accident especially if you drive while you’re drunk
  • Might lead to legal complaints because of violence that you may cause because of alcohol abuse
  • might bring impact on how you usually deal with other people

Alcoholism refers to a disease known as alcohol dependence syndrome. It is the most severe stage of drinking problem. The diagnosis of this problem can be tricky and delicate since the analysis will depend on the eagerness of the drinker to answer questions regarding his/her drinking patterns and usual behavior. Alcoholism may just be the same with drug abuse since both addiction can harm the health of the person and might cause trouble to other people as well. The treatment might be hard if the drinker is not willing or not favor with the medications that he/she may go through. Professional consultant can help in explaining the background of alcoholism.

Prior to the treatment procedure, aside from the signs and symptoms of alcoholism, the drinker must undergo with alcohol testing. It usually happens in the workplace to support any speculations. When the result turns to be positive, it must be discussed with the drinker and the possible outcome of the result.

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