Circumstances with Random Drug Testing

Most business establishments and educational institution undertake random drug testing as means of detecting drug use among workers and students. This is one of the standard policies to maintain and promote a drug-free environment. Some people support this policy while others opted to refuse and face the possible consequences. Here are some problems with the random drug testing:

Invasion to Civil Rights – Random drug testing is different from usual drug testing in that it can be applied to anyone in spite of of whether there is a doubt that they have been dealing with illegal drugs. The connotation of this practice for civil rights and freedoms can be damaging. It implies that strict and controlling structures such as the state, employers or schools have the right to look into the physical bodies whether they have possible cause for this analysis or not. Authorities that are involved and concerned in lessening freedoms can simply appoint this practice for their own ends.

Offensive for Privacy – An ordinary cease of supporters of government involvement is there will be possible circumstances, if there is nothing to hide. This belief underestimates the man rights of individuals and furthermore interfere their private or personal lives. With the present of persistent technologies, privacy is under attack on several aspects. Random drug testing is another strategy for authoritarian management to expand further access to the personal lives of the people.

False Positives – In addition to issues on civil rights and freedoms, several technical questions has been connected on the dependability of drug tests. There are many instances where people who used to take illegal drugs tried many strategies just to pass the drug screening. Opposing to popular principle, drug testing is not an ordinary procedure. The impact of food and drugs on the human system are tremendously complex. Imprecise outcome of random drug testing can lead to destructive life impacts for the people concerned, as well as social reproach and the probable failure of employment and education.

Doubt and Self-esteem – Random drug testing can implicate and associate one message and that is on the trust issue. Enveloping drug tests are offensive and humiliating, and give discontented employees or student’s reasonable cause for objection against their employers or school administrators, generating resentment, estrangement and negative morale within organizations. The possible positive effects that may come from random drug testing need to be balanced in opposition to these negative effects.

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