Reasons Why Instant Drug Test at Public Schools Shouldn’t Be Permitted

There are certain issues that control instant drug test at public schools and it all started during the administration of George W. Bush. There are funds that were given to schools for the procedure as an anti-drug measure and provide assistance to the students who might be experimenting with illegal drugs. While there are huge probabilities that drug testing could help several students, there are reasons why instant drug test should not be permitted in public schools:


  • Drug tests must have boundaries on what they are testing for. While a drug test might examine for the main drugs the school might believe students are taking, students can have negative result, even if they are taking those illegal drugs. The tests have set restrictions for the drugs they test for, which implies that if the drug is not one being tested, the student will come up negative. As an outcome, it is useless at finding all of the students who might be at great threat.
  • A student can drink water to make the drugs in their system invisible by the test. Two liters of water will water down the drug so it is not identified by a drug test. This means that there will be higher probabilities that accurate findings will not be detected.
  • Drug testing allegedly offers students a ground to give up or to stop using the drug, but the actuality is that students who are using drugs will continue even with the danger and risk of testing. The usual effect is losing extracurricular activities, which the students might have given up before testing or not be involved at all, making this reprimand unrelated.
  • Random drug testing in public high schools is costly to apply and the money can be used up on other areas of the school’s needs, like developing the extracurricular activities in the school, purchasing school equipment for students or even executing drug-prevention approach for at risk students. Students who are tested for drugs, which are mainly students connected in extracurricular activities like school sports, are less likely to abuse drugs or use illegal substances because they are already practicing a vigorous lifestyle and have a positive influence in their lives due to these activities. The high rate of unproductive testing only places a further financial tension on schools.

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