Marijuana Drug Test Facts

Marijuana drug tests are usually being conducted by parents, employers and probation officers to identify if a person has used the drug. The procedure can detect the usage but not the exact period and how much of the drug was taken. According to some researches, marijuana is also being used for medication but it happens very rarely. Drug_Testing11.25Here are the two types of marijuana drug test:

  • Body Fluid Testing – Marijuana use can be discovered by the analysis of the urine, saliva or blood specimens which are gathered from an individual. And after the collection, the sample will be sent off to credible medical laboratory. With a saliva test, discovery starts a day after the drug is taken. Blood tests are the most costly but most precise marijuana drug test.
  • Hair Follicle Testing – Testing by a hair follicle can detect marijuana practice back as far as 90 days. For the reason that a person’s hair develops. The marijuana used is covered in the hair shaft.

Aside from marijuana, some other types of drugs can also be discovered during the marijuana drug test. For instance, antibiotics and pain pills can cause a marijuana drugs test to be positive. It is the best option to let the administrators or the person who will conduct the test to be aware on the prescription drug that you are taking. The medicine need to be legitimately prescribed and not being abused by the person.

cannabis_1662229bWhen a drug test is conducted and an individual has positive results for the prohibited drugs, there is no means to identify when the drug was taken. The only detection the test can make is if a particular drug or drug metabolite is present at the time the test was performed. There are very wide-ranging approximations and estimations as to how long a drug may have been in a person’s system since it cannot be discover by the test. Regardless of the process used, it can comprise a time variable. In addition to the time variable, the tests will not specify how much of the drug a person has taken. Marijuana drug tests can distinguish marijuana in a person’s system during certain time periods. The amount of marijuana a person uses is a big aspect in how long drug tests can discover if a person has used marijuana.

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