Why Employers should Request Pre-employment Drug Testing?

Do you want to employ a drug abuser? How about a criminal? Or at least, someone who has the potential to be one? Of course, you don’t. So never leave any stone unturned when you hire people. Make sure that you do thorough browsing on the information that each applicant inks on his or her resume or portfolio. And of course, never forget to background check. Doing so will save a handfuls of regrets in the future for hiring a problematic employee. More importantly, make sure that you request for your potential applicant to undergo pre-employment drug testing just to clear any speculation or doubts on your mind.

Hiring people is definitely easier being said than done. It is a job for not so many. The right person for this task is someone that is really thorough and has the patient for eoDKeNkovery phase that each applicant needs to undergo. In fact, there are three general phases that each applicant should go through—the pre-selection process, the interview, and the requirement completion process. Each of these phase is a pre-requisite of the other and is very important in the chain or workflow of the human resource manager or the employer.

In the pre-selection process, the employer of human resource manager will check on the skillsets and knowledge of each applicant and choose those that meet the requirements set by the company for the position they are applying for. In the interview, this is where the potential applicants will show their skillset and knowledge while at the same time create an impression to the employer or the human resource manager. The last phase is where the finalization of the employment is being made.

The employers and/or human resource managers will have to deliberate on the potential applicant, ask them to undergo a set of requirements like background checking and pre-employment drug testing. It is in this phase that the employers or the human resource managers validate their decision to hire or not a potential applicant, which may only happen if the applicant is not able to complete the requirements.

Pre-employment drug testing is not something that should scare potential applicants, as well as employers and/or human resource managers. It is something that will both benefit the employee and the management in the future. As an employer, make sure that an applicant passes pre-employment drug testing and if possible do this regularly while they are employed in your company.

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