Pre-employment Drug Testing

We all know that drugs are being used to treat several wide ranges of diseases in the field of medicine because it has great function or contributions, although for some, drugs have negative side effects when used to treat a disease. But in some cases, these substances are being used by people who get addicted to it not because they have diseases to cure but to lessen their worries, boredom, to rebel, lessen their fear, experiment, and due to frustrations that they are facing in their lives. Due to that, drug abuse is now a big problem to some countries, including China, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore and many other countries. It is usually the root cause of many problems and crimes in the society, thus many lives are not only affected but often ruined.

article-0-1A275DBC000005DC-312_634x474Some of these countries have already implemented death penalty for those who will be caught as drug mules and offenders, even if they are from other countries. They are very strict in this matter because of the destruction and damage that it brings the society. Among the hazardous drugs that are being abused by many are cannabis, opium and cocaine. All of these are plant based drugs that are easily and secretly cultivated and reproduced by some people who want to gain money and influence for themselves.

These days, drug abuse has become one of the major problems of countries around the world. Because of drug abuse and drug addiction, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, and contrabands are traded. Drug abuse is becoming a critical problem because it affects some factors of the society like poverty. Due to poverty, some people would engage themselves in drug trafficking that brings destruction not only in the lives of innocent people but also to themselves especially if they are caught—resulting to penalties that include imprisonment or worst, death.

Thousands of people are using illegal drugs, and they are not aware of its effect. They use it as part of their lives and didn’t care to what it may bring to them and to other people to whom they are selling or exchanging for money. People taking illegal drugs are affected because of the physiological effect it brings when ingested. It affects their mentality and their proper thinking is replaced by bad thoughts/things, which is why it is very important for employers to require pre- employment drug testing.

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