What is a 5 Panel Drug Test?

Drug abuse creates threat on many people. It often changes how a person thinks, sees, perceives and acts that is why it is important to run a drug test like the 5 panel drug test. Drugs come in the form of panels. The 5-panel checks for 5 drugs. This method can be very helpful in determining people using drug with this one simple method. Substances can be detected by this drug test like Opiates, Amphetamine, Marijuana, PCP and Cocaine. Drug test can determine the specific amount of metabolites in the urine. There are specific levels checked during this process and some called it the cut-off levels.

Once it surpasses the cut-off level, then it means that the person who took this test is positive for the use of the drugs included in the 5-panel drug test otherwise, it is negative. In a company, going through this process gives relief to the customer that the place they’re going into are safe and as for the employees, it gives them the confidence that they are working in a safe environment. Urine and oral fluid samples are usually used in this method. This can be used for post-accidents, pre-employment or even random testing. There are some cases where the accident was not due to mechanical failure, so they run drug tests like this one as the influence of drugs might be the reason for it. Drugs might also influence an employee’s work or action and might create chaos on the office environment so running this test might also help in solving the issue and finding the root cause for the employee’s behavior. Random drug testing plays a big role lessening the use of drugs in a certain area and lessening incidents and accidents.

5-panel drug test wpdacThere are now available drug testing programs and you can also request for an appointment online. You can also buy the drug test kit that can be used even at your homes. The 5 panel drug test is necessary as it detects the most commonly used and abused drug so there’s a high possibility that the people or employees are using this drugs. This drug test can also be requested by the court to prove if the person used any of the 5 drugs on list. By confirming if they used it, the court could provide better judgment for the cases and more criminals can get caught. As drug users are all over the world, it would be best for people to undergo the 5 panel drug test. As the idiom says, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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you can also email us @ info@drugabusecontrol.com or simply call (800) 366-5029


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