Bulk Drug Test Kits: Best for Company Drug Testing

Companies or any business, organization, agencies want to have a drug-free environment. Concerned employers have the right to find out if their employees are abusing drugs. This way they can avoid the negative effects or impact of drug abuse. This can be done by drug testing to incoming and current employees. But since every business is unique and have different concern, they should check those health matters that might affect the working force.

Bulk drug test kit will help in saving money since most producers offers discounts when someone avail their products in bulk. Compared to the cost of hiring drug users, the cost of this drug test is minimal. Aside from cost efficient, it can also save efforts for medical purposes. The company can have their needed results immediately. Bulk drug is also known as the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).
Drug-testingBulk drug test kit will analyze the biological specimen or human secretion of blood, saliva, urine, hair and sweat to know if there is an indication of drug use. Majority of companies now requires their applicant to undergo bulk drug test as one factor for choosing who will be hired. Even those current employees might also be required to undergo the same test in case of promotion.

Bulk drug test kit migh consist of the following: Breath alcohol tests that can measure the level of alcohol in the blood, mouth swab drug test which collect saliva from a person to be tested, also known as saliva drug test; Hair drug test is designed to identify a person who have taken marijuana, phencyclidine, cocaine, opiates or methamphetamine. It does not test the presence of alcohol. Urine drug test that will indicate if the person has taken drugs hours or even days before he took the examination; alcohol and blood drug test, this measures the amount of drug or alcohol present in the bloodstream. This will screen typical drugs.

In a working place, the safety is always a concern. Those who are given responsibility to monitor health aspects of employees, even those who are prospective employee must bear in mind that health is wealth so then it should be taken care of. For an easy way to achieve this, bulk drug test kits will help in achieving health assurance with minimum rate. Even school or other institutions source for bulk drug test kits for the sake of practicality and affordability.

If you have inquiries about bulk drug test kits, email us @ info@drugabusecontrol.com or call (800) 366-5029


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