Stat Swab Explained

There are lot of drug testing that we might use such as: 1.The urine testing wherein it is the most commonly used to screen some individuals.2. The hair testing that by a person it is use to detect illegal drugs being used like marijuana or cocaine.3. Blood testing it gives more information about the drug use compared to urine and hair testing. But there is new way and device discovered that can be used by anyone to test an individual, employee or their kids. This is the stat swab device. It is an oral fluid device use in drug testing.

What is Stat Swab?
A stat swab is a small drug test device which is used by some law officers or a parent that can detect up to 10 drugs. It uses saliva in conducting drug testing. Using the stat swab you can check or collect specimen of an individual anywhere and there is no need for the comfort rooms to get some urine samples and we can wait for the result for just ten minutes. This kind of device is very much accurate easy and fast to do. You can also use this at home. Oral fluid samples can be done in two ways: Its either spitting or swabbing it is the easiest way to collect specimen for testing.

dna-swab_783121cHow to use this stat swab device? Here are the things you should do in doing the test: You must unscrew the collection cup and pull out the collection stick and insert the sponge to the mouth of your donor and let him/her close the mouth to soak the saliva on the sponge. And then wait for two or three minutes before removing the sponge out on the mouth and screw the sponge on the testing device and wait now for the result.

How to read the result? There are three kinds of results that that we can get from the testing device: Positive, Negative or Invalid. When one color line appear in the letter C it is positive, when two lines appear in letter C and T it means the result is negative but when there is no line, it means it is invalid and you must repeat the method of having the test. Where can we buy this device? This stat swab device is easy to purchase because it is out in market. You can order through online process and look for the new designs of this devices and you can look for the prices that suits to your budget.

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