How to Create a List of Employee Numbers for Random Drug Testing Purposes

Random drug testing has proven the most complete method to guaranteeing your company as drug free workplace. The purpose of random drug testing is to give a restrictive incentive to the use of drugs, by demanding submission to drug testing when a worker’s name or number is comprised in a random sample. This means no one employee can forecast or distinguish when they might obtain assortment for a random drug testing. Creating a list of employee’s numbers for drug screening though, is not as simple as gathering their names from the human resources records. The recognized standard among government and private is to utilize a software database to produce a systematic random sample. Here’s how to create a list of employee numbers for the procedure of drug testing:

check-list Obtain drug and alcohol testing software that contains a selection for random list generation. There are diversities of software presentations on the market that will make a logically authenticated random sample for drug testing.
 Identify how you will determine your employees for drug testing. You can manage this by utilizing employee’s numbers or any other number that is exclusive to a definite employee, allocated by your organization. Due to confidentiality purposes, you may not consider of using your Social Security numbers; nevertheless, you can choose to do so.
 The simplest method to do this is to give employee numbers during the recruitment procedure. An employee number normally contains of a distinctive set of letters and numbers, given to an employee, such as the employees’ initials, date of birth and last four digits of the Social Security Number.
 Include on the company’s database what number you have assigned to the employees. This means every person in the company regardless of their designated positions must be included in the system. When you initially include all the employees’ numbers, you should validate the data entry to confirm and certify precision. As you employ new employees, you should allocate them a number and incorporate them to the system. As employee resigned, you should remove their numbers from the file.
 Make a random list for the next drug and alcohol testing by following the orders and guidelines provided with your software program. Once you created the list, make sure to limit the information from few people.

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