How to Start with Pre-Employment Drug Testing Service

Pre-employment drug testing is often required by companies if you want to apply for a job. This is a standard procedure because the positive effect of drug testing before the recruitment process has becoming clear and transparent. It will save the company from possible danger caused by employees who uses illegal drugs. So, promote safety and security in the workplace and promote a drug-free working environment.

Because of the increasing demand of pre-employment drug testing procedure, investors and businessmen are now into creating drug testing centers. A drug testing service can be a profitable and stable business for the reason that there is no overhead. You just place an order to obtain some supplies and you can start it out in your home with your computer and advertising it online or travel to businesses to bid and propose your drug testing service. It does in high request due to the increasing usage of drugs so it will earn more profits very rapidly. Here are your guidelines to start with pre-employment drugs testing services:


  • Check on the internet if it is legal and authorize in your state to conduct drug testing separate from a credited medical laboratory or by a licensed medical practitioner. Enter the state and your inquiries and you’ll be routed to the page of your concerns.
  •  Call your state testing laboratory for training and educational material on how to start a pre-employment drug testing service. You will also be given with a drug test expert guidebook.
  •  Buy urine sample drug test kits. You can obtain these online for a reasonable and cheaper price. It will test for marijuana, cocaine, LSD, methamphetamines and many other drugs including alcohol.
  • Purchase guides or leaflets on how to be drug free and other information about drug testing procedure so that when the possible customer will clarify some concerns, you will know what to respond. You can avail the advertising materials from your state testing laboratory.
  •  Promote your business. Give out fliers to the local businesses around you. Give special attention to the ones that are employing and offer your drug testing service onsite for their accessibility. It will hard and complicated at the start but eventually when your first customer will be satisfied with the services that you offered, they will refer your business to other people and it will start to develop and outgrow. .

If you have inquiries, you can reach us through email, or dial (800) 366-5029. For more details about pre employment drug testing click here


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