Guidelines on Passing a Military Instant Drug Test

Instant drug test is the key to promote safety and security in the environment that you’re staying or working on. Being in the military service is a great accountability and obligation. People who are in the service must be focus and determined. One should also meet the requirements and standards of military and one of those is to pass a drug test before going to preliminary training.

Consumer-Choice-Marketing-Ignite-Stream-Energy-The-Military-manBe aware that drugs can only stay in the human body for a limited amount of time. Other types of drugs, including PCP, crystal methamphetamine, Ecstasy, codeine, and cocaine last up to three days according to some research. A small amount of the drug may still be visible in your system and cause you to fail of joining the military team. If you withdraw from the drugs for a week or more prior to the test, then you have a greater chance to qualify.
Flushing is an ordinary technique used to pass any kind of instant drug test, including a military one. You need to drink plenty of liquid before the test for it will make you urinate more and will remove all toxins out of your system. Every time you urinate, check your urine. It should reach the point where your body is merely pushing out water and not any toxins. Having your vitamin intake may also help you pass a drug test. The vitamins can cover up the drug use by diluting the level of drugs found in the urine. Your urine may even alter color, due to the amount in your system.
You can find detoxifying items and flushing products designed to remove drugs out of your system on some websites, but you have to be careful in choosing the applicable product. The military tests for items of this kind and if you test positive for a detox product, you automatically fail the drug test.
The military itself can conduct and perform randomly drug test for substance abuse, specifically if your superior officers has highly suspicions about your behavior and receive a tip that you’re using illegal drugs. You will be clueless when the instant drug test might happen and will have no enough time to prepare for the test. If you test positive for drugs, then you face disciplinary actions and the worst scenario is you can be remove from the military service.

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