How to Know When a Sample Will Pass a Drug Test

Drug test procedures are becoming an ordinary norm in recruiting and retaining employees in all companies all over the United States. The most common among all types of drug test is the urine drug test because aside from its actual cost, one could get the result instantly. Other types of drug screening will need hair, blood or saliva specimen. People who are serious to seek employment will do all possible means to pass drug test. They must be aware when drugs will leave their system. Here are your guidelines on how to know when a sample will pass a drug test:


 Do some estimation on the length of time in majority. Alcohol and some hallucinogens are likely to leave your body in less than 12 hours with occasional use. Next are stimulants like cocaine and opiates like heroin, which stays until two days. Nicotine also falls into that category. Depressants can last few weeks, specifically Valium.

 Be aware that you may consider several factors which are connected on how long drugs stay in the system. Constant drug use, specifically of alcohol or marijuana, can stay drugs in your body longer. The higher the regularity of use and strength, the longer your system will keep drug substances.

 Understand that your weight, health, metabolism and process of drug contact are all factors that influence the duration of time drugs stay in your body.

 Be familiar that the slightest feared drugs can usually stay in your system for longer days. The THC in marijuana is fat-soluble that tends to hide in your fat cells for up to 1 month. Anabolic steroids that outbreak and can greatly affect skilled athletes can last up to six months when give a shot.

 Remove toxins which include illegal drugs out of your body faster by taking lots of fluid. Engaging into physical activities is another method to get rid of toxins because you’re removing it out through your sweat. On the other hand, doing such extreme activities a few days before a drug test may usually elevate the amount of THC in your system.

 Consider about your hair. Drugs stay in your hair follicles much lengthier, showing your drug use for maximum of six months.

 Pay attention for blood serum testing. Although a more costly test, it’s frequently used for serious job responsibilities.

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