How to Conduct Pre-employment Drug Testing

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The ultimate goal and purpose of pre-employment drug testing is to reduce the danger and damages caused with drug abuse by employees. Drug use in the workplace can lead to serious trouble specifically to employers who will be liable if there will be any accidents or health care procedures. Both alcohol and drug use are major cause of major issues in the company. In addition, drug users are more likely to file worker’s compensation claims and utilize more often their health care benefits. Pre-employment drug testing can prevent these circumstances. Here are some of the guidelines on how to conduct a pre-employment drug testing:

 Before starting a drug testing program, employers should make policies and procedures that will help the employees to clearly understand the procedure. Pre-employment drug testing is the most usual type of testing program. Gathering for written authorization that clearly explains that a drug test is a condition of employment is highly and strictly suggested.

 Post-employment drug testing of current employees is becoming more standard. Random testing and testing following an accident as well as testing asked by law in several industries can be a lawfully sensitive issue. Before applying and executing a drug test program, employers should offer education for supervisors and employees, as well as disciplinary actions if the result of the screening will be positive.

 Send the employees to the credible testing lab to start the procedure. Most drugs will be removed from the body within two to four days. Many employers ask samples from their employees within a specific period of time so drug users will not perform any fraudulent activities. Urine samples are normally gathered and sent to the laboratory for screening. Negative test results are usually available within the next 24 hours. You can also consider getting drug testing kit from online websites like the Utilizing these tests requires the employer to carefully dispose of the urine sample. Confirmation from the laboratory where tested was conducted is essential to show the employee that the result is positive. Medical labs will endorse a positive test through sets of procedures and may also use the services of a physician to assess and evaluate the results before sending it to the employer.

 The employer should also follow certain rules upon showing the result to the employee. All the records should be confidential. It will avoid legal complaints because of discrimination.

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