Pass a Drug Testing in the Workplace

It’s very uncomfortable to undergo drug testing in the workplace because it can give you feelings of untrusted or being worthless. On the other hand, the best approach for this situation is to become positive and to accept the challenges that it may take. Worry no more, because there are several techniques that you can do to overcome the screening. Here’s how to pass a drug testing in the workplace.


 Know the dissimilarity between a drug test in school and with a company. Drug test procedure for employment is being conducted in a reliable testing center while drug testing in school can just rely in drug testing kit and just submit the sample to the nearest testing center.

 Be aware regarding the outcome of the test. Results can turn out to be positive or negative for the next 24 hours depending on the type of drug test that was conducted. If your result is negative, you’ll be stress free, but if you got positive results, there might be a bigger chance that you will be sent for rehabilitation program or might lose your job.

 Prepare for the screening. Corporate drug test is not just a simple method it can affect your performances and status in the company. If you were advised to visit the testing center for the drug test, make time to prepare. Even if you are not into illegal drugs, you may still get bothered by the situation. Have a conversation on the right person about the procedure including your co-workers, a friend or a medical expert and let them explain the background of drug test. On the other hand, if you’re a drug user, here are some of your options:

o If you’re not yet employed, you may quit your application and find for other jobs which do not concern with drug testing result.
o If you’re already employed, you can grab a chair and talk to your supervisor about your concern. They can send you to rehabilitation program or for counseling.

 Take the test. Go to the collection area and submit the specimen for the test. Follow the guidelines given.

 If you’re uncertain with the outcome of the drug test, you can ask for retake. They will still use similar specimen and most probably you will be paying for the test.

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