How to Use Hair Sample for Drug Test

Using hair sample is one of the drug test procedure to gather accurate and actual result. Compared to urine drug test, it’s difficult to manipulate the result of hair drug test. Medical experts measure the drug molecules within the hair shaft. Employers, who used to conduct drug screening, can identify several types of drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana and opiates. Hair drug test might be costly but it’s most trusted methods for identifying drug users. Here’s how to use hair sample for drug drug

 Avail a hair follicle drug testing kit. You can purchase the kit from commercial establishments or from online shops (

 Collect a hair sample. As much as possible, cut your hair closer to your hair. For a 30 day drug-use history, you will need at least 1/2 inch (1.27 centimeters) of hair. Make sure you gathered 40-50 strands.

 Sending of hair sample. Place the hair sample in the package included in the drug testing kit. Submit the sample to the medical laboratory.

 Record your test on the hair follicle drug-testing website while you wait for the lab to finish the drug screening. Once the medical technologists are done, results will be issued.

 Make a better understanding on how the medical lab uses hair sample. The technician will dissolve the sample and measure the rooted drug molecules in the remaining substance. If the lab gathered a positive result for a hair sample test, it will remove a false positive reading by performing a secondary drug test. The second method depends on gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) testing.

 Open up your protected online results. You can normally do this within 1 to 2 business days from the date you sent the hair sample. Sign in to the company’s website for your test results. Do some evaluations on the drug test result. These will specify a positive or negative result for each drug class. With a positive test outcome, the lab will comprise an estimation of the hair dose reaction. This will determine whether the person is an occasional or constant user.

 You can download the test result and grab some copies from the medical laboratory where test was screened.

 Take note that you cannot alter the result by using commercialized shampoos and other external chemicals. Also do not submit hair from hair brush because laboratories cannot guarantee best results from hairbrush samples.

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