What Are the Effects of Drugs on the Brain?

Drug test fundamentally distinguishes what kind of drugs are inside the individual’s body. Drugs are chemicals that influence the mind by taking advantage of its communication system and interfering with the way neurons regularly send, get, and prepare data. Some drugs, for example, marijuana and heroin, can initiate neurons in light of the fact that their compound structure emulates that of a natural neurotransmitter.

effectsofdrugsonbrain1Once a drug has entered the human body and advanced toward the cerebrum, what happens next? This is an extremely interesting inquiry – the responses to which we are just now starting to reveal. The study of the workings of the cerebrum, the complex connections between chemical and electrical action and their effects on personality and mood, is still in its earliest stages.

Most drugs of abuse directly or indirectly focus on the mind’s reward system by flooding the circuit with dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter present in areas of the mind that control development, feeling, inspiration, and feelings of pleasure. When activated at normal levels, this system rewards our natural practices.

Stimulant effects

Other stimulant drugs for example, cocaine and amphetamines greatly affect the release of excitatory neurotransmitters and in this manner create a larger amount of alertness and a more fundamentally altered mood. That is the reason these stimulant drugs are once in a while known as “speed”.


Depressant effects

Depressant drugs, similar to alcohol and heroin, work similarly on mood and personality however activate inhibitory chemical messengers. In any case, the repeated use of such drugs over a broadened time frame can bring about the body to adjust the amount of actually happening inhibitory chemicals it produces. This prompts the phenomena of tolerance. More of the drug has to be taken in order to get the desired effect. In building tolerance to the effects of a drug, the client might step headed for physical drug dependence.


Hallucinogenic effects

Hallucinogenic drugs, similar to LSD and certain “magic” mushrooms, influence those ranges of the cerebrum which control sensory perception and thought patterns. They do this by changing the way in which the messages are gotten and interpreted. The change in mood or personality brought about by hallucinogenic drugs will probably be influenced by the set and setting of the drug use than the pharmacological action of the drugs themselves within the central nervous system.

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