Why Drug Tests are Important in the Workplace

Drug testing is of great importance. It is a critical part of an employer’s hiring process. A drug test is vital because it gives the employers peace of mind when it comes to a safer workplace. By conducting a drug test, you can lessen incidents of drug-related violence and abuse. Furthermore, it also decreases the possibility of drug-related deaths.  By going through this process, you could save your company from the thousands of dollars of damages that a drug-addicted employee may incur.


Another thing to bear in mind is that drugs affect a person’s performance. An employee who is under the influence of illegal drugs has lower productivity, thus decreasing the revenue of the business.  Most employees who are in drugs will affect his judgment and would cause slower reaction time. Through a drug test, a company will be able to determine which employee is under-performing.

Pre-employment drug testing gives the company the right and the ability to filter individuals who will not and cannot meet the company’s vision, goals and standards. By simply knowing that an applicant is a drug user, the employers will know that he is not the person fit for your offered job.

Conducting drug tests is also important because it saves business owners from paying an employee’s increasing medical cost due to drug-related illnesses.

A drug-free company will have a good reputation because of their commitment in fighting the war on drugs which helps the community, especially in places where drug abuse is rampant. It is a good form of advertisement and publicity.


There are several ways to have a drug test at your office, wherein the most commonly used one is the urine test.  Urine test uses urine to look for the presence of certain illegal drugs.  It screens for amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, and opioids (narcotics) in the human body. Drug abuse control offers urine drug kits that are hand selected for ease-of-use, high quality and low cost. They are ideal for home screenings and private drug abuse analysis, all of which are available in many configurations and bulk discounts.


Drug abuse control ensures you that they give you the best products. With their innovative research and development, they continue to seek for the highest degree of standard. With over a million drug and health testing devices sold to home users, private employers, state and federal agencies and many other establishments, they assure you that their products are of the highest quality.

For a list of urine test kits, please visit http://drugabusecontrol.com/wholesale.



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