Top Signs that Your Loved One is Struggling with Drug Abuse

avoiddrugsMost people suffering from drug abuse will deny their situation. The burden of identifying that someone is drug dependent lies within the people around them and their loved ones. The best way to know is to conduct an at-home drug test. Unfortunately, this does not usually happen because drug abuse can be undetected for a long time. This is the reason why each person should be sensitive and observant enough to see the early signs of drug addiction. As alcohol effects varies from person to person, so does drug abuse. Still, beware if someone you love is showing one or multiple signs listed below:

  • Lying- one of the most common signs that your loved one is involved in a drug addiction is by lying frequently. This includes avoiding questions about drugs and health concerns. They will also lie about their need for immediate money to fuel their drug addiction.
  • Frequent Mood Swings- someone who is using illicit drugs will have frequent mood swings because of the effects of the drugs they use. Similar to how alcohol affects someone’s mood, drugs also affect someone’s temper.
  • Sudden Change in Weight or Appetite- drug abuse will either cause someone to gain weight or lose weight. Most often, it is the later because drugs usually increase the metabolism of a person and decreases someone’s appetite.
  • Impairment of Body Functions- inability to walk straight, lack of coordination and difficulty in speech are one the most common signs of impairments that someone involved in illegal drugs suffer.
  • Major Shifting in Energy Levels- depending upon the drug used, it can cause lethargy or hyperactivity. Even sleeping habits are also affected.
  • Changes in the Eye- the pupil may appear smaller and it may also look like bloodshot eyes.
  • Attitude changes- Drug abuse produces different mood swing causing someone to be aggressive, apprehensive, emotional, etc. This is due to the psychological influence of drugs.
  • Finding evidence of substance abuse- one obvious basis that someone you love is struggling with drugs is finding the substance or drug paraphernalia in a hiding place or in the trash.
  • Stealing- Drug addiction is expensive. Someone who is a drug addict will surely find a way to buy his drugs because of the feeling of drug dependency.

pre-employmentdrugtestingIf you ever see a combination of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to your loved one. Drug addiction or drug abuse is not something that someone can stop if he wishes. It is a medical concern that needs to be treated. The effects will be severe if you let someone suffer from drug abuse. If you are not certain that he is involved in drug abuse then you may conduct a drug test at home to know if your suspicion is true.

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