Home Drug Test Versus Lab Test

Home Drug Test Versus Lab Test

Ever wondered if home drug tests are as accurate as a lab test? A lot of people visit and contact Health centers because an upcoming drug test required by a possible employment worries them. Many of these individuals are past drug users and are primarily anxious with marijuana and it’s noted ability to stay in the body’s system for long and unpredictable periods of time. So, these individuals would want to test themselves at home before even going or contacting a lab. By the way, if passing a drug test for marijuana is your primary concern, you should first study a few infographics available online which can explain how long marijuana can last in your system.


So, before spending a few couple bucks or so for a home drug test kit, people would like to know, if by purchasing a drug test kit online or at stores and pass it, will they definitely pass the lab test, too? the first response to this question is, “Is your company sending you to do your own test for their drug test results, too, or are they sending you to a lab?” Usually the talk ends there. But for those people that want to know the details as to why these two tests are different in a way, continue reading:

Home drug test and lab test comparison


A home drug test is nothing more than the first screening process tool of the drug test process. You can compare a home drug test kit to checking the wind direction by simply licking your finger and sticking it up in the air. You can pretty much tell which way the wind is heading to; however, you wouldn’t be able to distinguish if that kind of wind is good for setting sail or for flying kites. The only difference of a home drug test to a lab drug test is that it uses a 2-layer screening process, unlike home drug test that only uses one.

Are home drug tests they worth the price?

 The answer is yes, however, this depends on the product that you would choose to use. Some say that these home drug tests are not accurate and some say they are. The people who said that home drug tests where not accurate didn’t look at the factor that they might have bought a low-quality product. With a vast number of sellers online an in the market, one should be wise on choosing which home drug test kit to buy. Visit https://drugabusecontrol.com/ for reliable home drug test kits.



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