Top 10 Myths about Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a serious medical concern. Often though we try to label those who are addicted as hopeless and a threat more than a person who needs help and medical attention.  (add another sentence) However let us know and debunk the myths that goes with drug addiction:


  • A drug addict can stop using drugs whenever he wants- An individual starts as a drug user, someone who just occasionally use drugs as a release or for fun. However, over time, a voluntary drug user becomes a compulsory drug addict. It is because of the way drugs affect and changes how the brain works, in these cases see drugs from the usual want to an everyday need.
  • If someone can go to work, he is not really a drug addict- A drug addict can still go to work if he is a high functioning drug addict, meaning he can still do some tasks even though the illegal substances are in his system. He puts much importance on how to earn money so he can buy his “needs”. However, as time progress, it will his mental and physical states degrades until he can’t perform any normal task anymore. This is why, with the right drug testing kits, a random drug test program at any workplace is important.
  • Only “Hard” drugs are Dangerous- Most people usually think that only heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine or “hard drugs” are the only dangerous drugs. Any substance that can lead to addiction is dangerous. Take for example alcohol, many car accidents are often caused by drunk-driving. Through alcohol-dependency, a person will suffer from an impaired judgment, decrease coordination and bring unwanted mental and physical issues.
  • All persons who use drugs are drug addict-There is a difference between a drug user and a drug addict. A drug addict can be seen by the many signs most commonly are the physical and behavioral symptoms.
  • d1.PNGDrug addiction is a character flaw-Drug addiction is a brain disease. Every kind of drug has different type of effect however it generally affect the same body functions- the motor skills and behavioral process.
  • You cannot be addicted to a prescribed medication- It is wrong to assume that any medication prescribed by your doctor cannot be addictive. In fact most prescriptions have high potential for addiction. Some of the possibly medications is opioids, benzodiazepines, sleep aids, barbiturates, and stimulants.
  • A Drug Addict is Hopeless and can’t be Helped- This is the worst thing to assume that a drug addict should be just left alone because of the mentality that once and addict, he can never be normal. It is our obligation and responsibility to look out for the people around us especially our family and loved ones.
  • Rehab Doesn’t Work- For many drug-addicts, residential rehabilitation is an effective form of treatment. Rehab helps isolate and remove and individual from the things that are trigger for drug abuse. This also helps him focus on
  • Treatment is a one shot deal- Most cases require longer and repeated treatments
  • Relapse means failure- Occasional relapse does not mean failure. Know that drug addiction is not that easy to cure especially that it’s a chronic disease. Usually, the first few months after the rehab is the hardest. The triggers of a drug addict will likely cause a relapse. Recovery is a long process that requires support especially from his loved ones and multiple treatments to achieve total freedom and sobriety.


Drug abuse and addiction is not a simple illness that can be cured without any kind of treatment. It is a long and tiring battle for someone who is a drug addict. As family members, the best way is not to cure addiction but prevent addiction. Start by education our loved ones and taking an at home drug test with the right drug testing kits. To learn more about drug abuse and the best drug testing kits available online, please visit .


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