When a Loved One is Involved in Drug Abuse


Drug abuse is a serious matter. It is more than an illness, it is a medical concern. It doesn’t take a few capsule or tablets to recover and stay drug-free once a person is diag

nosed with drug addiction. It takes responsibility of the people around him and dedication to let him stay in a rehabilitation center for his own good. It takes faith that even after a relapse, he can get better. It takes love to stay positive that a loved one will recover after everything and be normal again.  Here are a few reminders for someone who is taking care of an individual involved with drug abuse:

  • Know if You are Safe- One of your top priority should be the people around him. If he becomes violent then you should have safety precautions and backup plans. This doesn’t mean that you should leave him because of the danger that he may inflict. Rather, it is knowing that other people’s lives is important as much as a drug user’s life.
  • Educate Yourself about Drug Abuse- There are many myths that you should debunk about individuals involved with illegal drugs. One of which is they can stop if they just choose it. You see, you can’t help someone about their problems if you don’t know the facts about their situation. Ask experts and read articles on how to properly help and reach out someone involved in drug abuse.c2
  • Stop the Blame Game- When someone you love is in an unpleasant situation such as this, skip the condemnation to any person who you think might have caused or stopped it. The past cannot be undone. Focus on the present and what you can do to help.
  • Talk to Your Loved One About It- One way to help someone is by talking to them about it. This will not only help you know the underlying factors that leads to his condition. It will also help you understand him and help him get the right treatment by talking him through it.
  • Don’t Give Up- There will be times that you feel like it isn’t going to work. You may feel discouraged because of the emotional stress that the situation produce. Don’t give up. Know that some individuals need long term or multiple treatments. The goal is recovery not stop the drug abuse. If someone have totally recovered, then he is free from the bondage of drugs. Believe that he will because they need someone to support them in their journey to being drug-free.

In order for it not to happen again, buy drug test kits for the other people around you especially those you are in suspicion of who is also using drugs. Prevention and detection is always better than treatment.

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