Tips for Workplace Drug Abuse Detection and Prevention

asdqEmployees involved with drug abuse are a threat to the safety of the workplace. It is also a hindrance to the success of the company because of the impairment that comes with drug abuse. Poor work performance, frequent call-outs or late arrivals, and struggle with productivity are a few behavior problems of a person involved with drug abuse. Other than that, drug-involved individuals might hurt their employers financially when they file for compensation claims and benefits due the bills caused by drug related diseases.

Preventing your business from hiring people that use drugs is one of the best solution to avoid these harmful situations. Pre-employment drug testing will save you a great deal of money and time if you consider this as a physical test that should be passed before a person becomes a part of your company. It may sound cliché, but there is always sense with the saying that “Prevention is better than cure”, when cure means financial loss.

However, what if a person starts using drugs when he is already hired? During situationsd2252.PNG like this, the most efficient way is detection. Find the signs that someone is a drug-user before he brings havoc to the workplace. This includes slurred speech, paranoia, frequent absenteeism, and extreme mood swings.  Furthermore, you should also set strict consequences for people who use illegal drugs such as the possibility of losing their job. In addition, a random drug testing in the workplace should also be a part of your company’s program.

By prevention and detection, you will get the benefits of a safer work environment. Other than that, it would also result to the reduction of employee theft, increased productivity, reduction of employer turnover, and decrease of the cost of insurance such as worker’s compensation.

sadfq.PNGBy conducting pre-employment drug test, random drug testing in the workplace, and putting consequences to the violation of a drug free facility, it would save the company of all the risks that comes with a worker involved with drug addiction. Surely, it would not be that cheap to conduct drug tests for every applicant or every employee but it’s all worth it if you compare it to the significant loss that comes with having a drug addict employee.

all_in_one_kitKnow that as you conduct drug testing in the workplace, you need FDA cleared, CLIA waived drug testing kits with 99.9% accuracy rating. Drug abuse control have achieved this quality standard in producing and selling drug testing kits. To learn more about Drug abuse control and their drug testing products, please visit .


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