What are the Risk Factors for Drug Addiction?

There are several reasons why a person experience addiction. However, it is difficult to understand why some people are more vulnerable to it than others. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs or moral law is; there are many factors that can make you prone to drugs and addiction. Below are some of the risk factors that may push or influence a person to be a drug addict:


  • Genetics – If you have parents that are prone to addiction like gambling or alcohol, there is a big possibility that you are too. This doesn’t mean that you will be addicted to the same things they are addicted. Instead, you will be addicted the same way as your parents because how we respond, react, and our behaviors are something that is not far from our parents. It’s the emotional quotient that we have inherited in some ways that determine how likely we are to become addicted to something. Failure to handle stress and problems can cause a person to use drugs as a temporary emotional escape.
  • Environment – Lack of guidance, peer pressure, poor influence and examples in life are some of the environmental aspects that push someone to try and depend on drugs until it turns into an addiction. If we live in an environment that push us to lean on to illegal drugs, then there is a huge possibility that we might give in. That’s why parents should be good examples to their children and be responsible in helping them make the right decisions. It is also necessary to conduct at home drug test.
  • Mental Health Problems – Someone with mental health issues, like depression, will increase the chance that a person may also be diagnosed with addictive disorder because he might use drugs as a coping mechanism for his mental problems.
  • Early Use – When use of illegal drugs is introduced to you in your younger age, like 18 to 24, then the danger that you will be addicted to it will surge. It is because you may start as user until you gradually become an addict. This is why parents need to guide their children and carry out an at home drug test if necessary.
  • Drug Choice – Some drugs are more physically addictive than the rest. For example, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin are more addictive than alcohol or marijuana. This is because the withdrawal phase from these drugs may be more physically painful which leads to consumption in higher doses which turns to addiction.
  • Method of Use – Smoking and Injecting drugs will affect the brain faster than swallowing it because it goes straight to the bloodstream and carried directly to the brain. This is why the method of using drugs is one factor in drug addiction. The faster it reaches the brain, the more addictive it can be.

a2.PNGRisk factors increase the chance of being addicted. But, just because you have them, doesn’t mean that you’ll experience addiction. They are simply factors that increase your vulnerability to become a drug addict. If you are a parent and you think that your child may have these factors and may be experiencing it, don’t hesitate to perform at home drug test.

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