What You Need to Know about Urine and Saliva Drug Test

Drug testing is a process which aims to detect the presence and measure the amount or levels of drugs within the human body. A drug test is conducted for a number of reasons: it could be for employment as part of the hiring procedure, or a program to ensure there is no drug tolerance within the workplace. It can also be a way to test athletes if they are using body-enhancement drugs for their performance or a way to diagnose someone recommended to stay in rehabilitation facilities for drug addiction.

a16To get an insight on how drug testing works, know that it doesn’t matter what method or way drugs are transported inside the body. It will still undergo a series of biochemical reactions inside the body that will release a compound which will be break down into different structures called metabolites. These metabolites will be excreted from the body in various ways. These metabolites is the way of detecting if a person is involved in illicit drugs.

a15There are different kinds of drug testing, all of which aims the same thing. One of which is urine drug testing. Urine drug testing is one of the most common procedures because of its ease of process. Furthermore, it is also said that results are easy to use and urine drug test are user friendly. Urine testing are usually done using urine cups. Depending on what type of drugs to be tested, you can use a single panel test or a multi panel test. Singe panel test detects one particular drug. This commonly includes marijuana, cocaine or opiates. Multi-Panel test tests for combinations of drugs, with 12 different kinds of drugs at most.

Another kind of drug testing is the saliva drug test. Saliva drug test are a bit intrusive to some, but in comparison with other drug test, it can detect more recent use of drugs. Compared with blood and hair drug testing, it is a lot cheaper like urine drug test. In addition, it is more reliable for detection of Methamphetamine and Opiates. Similar to urine drug testing, there are also single panel and multi-panel saliva drug test. Usually, saliva drug test are done with oral swabs.

a18Other than urine drug test and saliva drug test, there are also blood drug test, sweat drug test and hair drug test, all of which are more invasive and expensive compared to using urine or saliva as a testing specimen. However, the most important thing to consider is not the kind of drug test method to conduct, but the drug testing kits to be used. You should only buy from companies that offer the best and accurate drug testing kits like Drub Abuse Control.

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