Top Facts about Urine Drug Tests

Urine drug tests uses urine as a specimen in testing for the presence of certain illegal drugs in a person’s body. It is the most commonly used type of drug test because of its easy, quick and painless process. There are two types of urine drug tests, singe panel and multi-panel. Single-panel urine drug test looks for a specific kind of drug, however multi-panel urine drug test such as 10 panel drug test screens for several kinds of drugs. Most urine drug tests screens for marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepines, PCP, opioids, amphetamines and even alcohol.


Urine drug tests are conducted for several reasons. One of which is for medical purposes. If your health problems seems to be connected to drugs or alcohol, then drug test is ordered by your physician. Employers also use urine drug test as a requirement before they hire potential employees. The advantage of it is avoiding selecting the wrong applicants for the job who needs proper focus and attention. Other than that, it ensures a safety workplace for the employees. Rehabilitation centers also use drug test to keep track of the people receiving treatment if they still remain sober. Lastly, at home urine drug tests are also conducted for parents to take care of their children and prove that their teenagers are not using drugs.

One of the advantage of urine drug tests is they can be performed anywhere that a bathroom is available like a hospital, a doctor’s office, at work and even at home. Wherever a person may be required to conduct it, here are a few urine drug test step procedures he needs to know.


  • The person in charge of administering the procedure will give you a specimen cup
  • You should leave all your belongings to another room and change in a hospital gown if needed before doing the urine drug test.
  • In some instances, the doctor or nurse in charge may accompany you to the bathroom so you don’t tamper with the test results.
  • Clean your private are with the wash cloth given for you to use.
  • You should take the specimen cup while urination in your urine stream. Don’t allow the cup to touch your genitalia.
  • When you are done, put a lid to the cup and give it to the technician who will analyze it for the results.


Urine drug testing is accurate if the process is done correctly and the testing kits are reliable. That is why you should purchase from the best drug testing kit producing company- Drug Abuse Control. With their urine cups and dip tests who can measure several drugs, they would surely assure you that they will give you the right test results.

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