What Are the Applications of Drug Tests

Drug abuse damages a person’s mental and physical health, his finances and his relationships, no wonder it is one of today’s medical concern. With the rise of many drug-related issues and incidents, drug tests are usually a requirement in many facilities and instances today.  It does not only risk the person involved in using illegal drugs but it is also a threat to the people around him because drug abuse doesn’t just affect one aspect of a person’s life.  Here are reasons as well as applications of drug tests:


  • Drug Test as a Part of Hiring Process- Employers want to ensure that their applicants will also be physically qualified to join the company as well as detect employees who violates their anti-drug use program. By keeping the drug test as a part of their pre-employment and employment program, they will be avoid drug-related incidents and accidents. They will also prevent poor performance caused by drug-induced users.
  • Screening of Athletes- This is to know if the athletes have broken the rules by using performance enhancement drugs.
  • Drug Testing by Police Officer- During accidents and other circumstances, police officers may require a person to undergo a drug test to know if he is under the influence of illegal drugs.
  • Drug Test by Insurance Companies- A person should not be suffering from any intense medical condition before filing for an insurance.
  • Drug Testing issued by Court Order- Some drug tests are issued by the court to know more about the case and help them make the right verdict regarding it. An example of this is a case for child custody or a date rape involved with drug abuse.z1z1z
  • Testing for Diagnosis- To know the cause of an illness that an individual is suffering from, a medical expert may require his patient to undergo a drug test.
  • Rehabilitation Treatment- By conducting drug test, they may know an abstinent person who joined a rehabilitation program.
  • Pre-Surgery or Medical Treatment Requirement- Health professionals may require individuals to undergo drug screening before they undergo surgeries and treatment such as plastic surgery, orthopedic, spinal fusion, wound revision, pulmonary therapy and organ transplant.

With these many applications of drug testing, know that drug test results are accurate if they use reliable drug testing kits. This is why it’s important to purchase from trusted drug testing kit companies like Drug Abuse Control. They offer the best drug testing kits that are CLIA waived, FDA cleared with 99.9% accuracy rating.


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