How to Deal With Workplace Drug Abuse

Employers suffer from workers involved with substance addiction. Not only do they jeopardize the safety of other employees from drug-related accidents and abuse, they also cause financial problems. Drug users have low attention focus and poor performance that’s why it’s difficult for them to make good judgments and rational decisions. They also struggle with productivity and most often arrive late.


One way to prevent this unlikely situation from happening is using pre-employment drug testing as a screening process for applicants. By knowing if a person is more likely to cause trouble because of his drug addiction issues, you will prevent any problems or damages that he may bring. Pre-employment drug testing may be cost you, but it’s worth it considering the trouble that you may suffer if you hire a drug abuser.

Another way is to have drug-related programs at work such as random drug testing. Remember that you may hire a person who isn’t a drug user before who could’ve started using drugs the same period he worked in your company. This why you also need to have company rules and regulations regarding drug abuse and respective actions or penalties to violations.


Drug abuse educational programs are also important to prevent any drug-user caused situation. If your employees knows the signs, symptoms as well as the effects of using illicit drugs, then they may detect if their coworkers is involved in drug abuse. Physical signs and behavioral symptoms play a great role in helping individuals struggling with drug addiction. Glassy eyes, extreme mood swings, frequent absenteeism are only a few indications.

Through prevention, detection and drug educational programs, your company will benefit from the following: reduce employment theft, increase in employee performance, decrease insurance cost and decrease of workplace accidents. It is true that these drug programs may cost you both time and money but more financial damages will be lost if organizations skip this steps.

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