What You Should Know About Teenager Involved Alcohol and Substance Abuse

There is an increase in a number teenagers involved in alcohol and substance abuse. There is difference however between a user and the ones with drug addiction. A user only tries it for a few times but a teen who cannot control his urges or cravings for the illegal substances or alcohol is an addict.


The first thing that we should know is that other than the most commonly used illegal drugs and alcohol, some teens try other substances like cigarettes, prescription medicines, and other household chemicals(inhalants) for a number of reasons. One of the reasons that they do it is because of curiosity, they want to know what it feels like to try these things. In addition, they also use substance because of their desire to feel accepted by certain groups or peers. They feel that by doing the same thing they become one of them. It may also be because of the feeling of euphoria that it gives them-the sudden escape from reality that it gives when they are emotionally unstable to face their problems. Substance abuse became their emotional outlet. Lastly, some teens do these things to prove to other people and themselves that they are a grown up.


Aside from the reasons mentioned above, teens are known to be in the age of exploring and trying new things. To some, the adventure and the first time of tasting something excites them, not knowing it will lead them to something that may endanger their lives. Teens who have family member that suffer from substance or alcohol addiction will most likely to suffer the same. Most importantly, know that teenagers who feel unloved, unaccepted or not valued by their parents have a greater risk. Those who have mental and emotional problems are also more vulnerable to become dependent to substance abuse.

Substance and alcohol abuse have a wide range of effects to teens who are involved in it. It can ignite issues at home and at school or even legal problems. It is also one of the causes of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The worst effect would be brain damage or death due to violence, suicide or car accident.


Parents have the responsibility to educate their children about the effects of drug abuse but more importantly, it is their role to guide them and make them feel that they do not need these illegal substances or alcohol to feel accepted or valued. However, if in suspicion that a teenage child is using drugs, it is important for parents to perform at-home drug tests like urine test or saliva test to know the truth. Urine test are the most commonly used type of at-home drug test since it is easy to use and the results are easy to read. Don’t hesitate to conduct at-home drug tests because prevention and detection is always easier and better than the long-term treatment when it the substance abuse has gone worse.


To order the most accurate urine test kits available online, please visit http://drugabusecontrol.com/wholesale/.


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