What Everyone Ought to Know About Drug Testing

With the deaths, accidents, and medical concerns caused by drug addiction, it is only necessary that many facilities conduct drug testing.  Drug testing is done by choosing what type of specimen should be collected and used.  Urine, saliva, blood, hair, and sweat are the different kinds of drug test specimen. However, the most commonly used specimen is urine because of ease of process, and it is less invasive.

asddacvThere are also different types of drug testing. There is a pre-employment testing wherein a company tests applicants as part of the hiring process. A random drug testing, on the other hand, happens at the workplace or school by picking random individuals to perform the drug test. Another type of drug testing is suspicion drug tests at schools to students suspected of using illicit drugs, so that they can get the medical help they need. Post-accident drug testing is usually conducted for people who are suspected to be driving under the influence or workplace incidents where the accident may be the employee’s fault because of working while under the influence of illegal drugs. There are also at-home drug testing, where parents impose their children to undergo at home drug test to know if they are a drug user.

asxfad.PNGSeveral kinds of drug test kits are also used in order to check if a person is involved in drug abuse. The most commonly used are oral swabs for saliva tests, and urine cups and dip tests for urine drug testing. Facilities prefer these drug test kits because it is easy to perform, and results can be easily read. Parents also use these test kits because they can test their children for drug abuse privately. These drug test kits come in either single panel or multi-panel. Single panel tests are applicable for one particular kind drug in the body while multi-panel tests are for several types of drugs.

all_in_one_kitDrug testing is an easy process. However, there are several factors that may affect the outcome. That is why, it is important to follow certain procedures and protocols in order to have the right results. For example, one should follow carefully the instructions in the drug test kit manual and reduce the likelihood that the individual who will undergo drug testing will cheat. There are also false positives that may say that there is a presence of illegal drug when there is no drug use because of the person have taken some medication, drank coffee or being exposed to secondhand drug smokes.

Also, be sure that the drug testing kits you will use are completely reliable and accurate. Avoid purchasing drug testing kits from random websites, because there is a risk of purchasing unreliable drug testing kits, therefore producing inaccurate results. For accurate and reliable drug testing kits, especially at home drug test kits, Drug Abuse Control is the best place to go.

To purchase the best and most reliable at home drug test kits, please visit http://drugabusecontrol.com/all-in-one-teenager-drug-test-kit-for-parents.htmllogo


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