How to Choose the Best Drug Testing Kits for Workplace Drug Screening

When we conduct employment drug testing, there are many kits available online. All of which have different level and way of detecting the presence of drugs in the human body. There are many different companies that produce these drug testing kits. However not all can give you the right kind of quality that you need or the cost that you can afford. This is why it’s important to know how to choose the best drug testing kits. Learn what should be considered when buying drug testing kits by reading the following tips below.


  • Know what drugs you want to test for- With the different types of illegal drugs, it is important to know if what specific drugs would you like to test because these will determine the test kits you will purchase. Categories of drugs include stimulants, hallucinogens, opioids and depressants. Other than that, know that if you are going to test for a single type of drug then buy single panel drug testing kits, but if you are going to test for several types of drugs, then choose multi-panel drug testing kits.
  • What kind of sample or specimen will you use – There are many specimens used in drug testing. Hair, blood, urine, sweat and saliva are the available means in drug detection. For example, if you are going to use urine, buy urine cups or dip test and if you are going to use saliva, go with oral swabs.
  • Invasiveness in order to get the sample- Are you willing to ask for blood samples or you think that getting the urine and saliva are much easier to use and perform than using injections to get a blood sample?asddacv.PNG
  • The cost of drug testing kits– The reason why urine drug tests are more common is because it is less expensive compared to conducting blood drug tests. In urine test for example, employees can perform the specimen extraction by themselves while using blood as a sample would require a professional to extract blood samples from employees.
  • Accuracy of the results- This is the most important thing to remember in purchasing drugtestingkitsa drug testing kit. You should not sacrifice the quality of a drug test kit because it cost a little less. Do not buy cheap yet substandard drug testing kits. You’re drug screening at work will be useless if your drug testing kits can’t display the correct results.

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