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In the Subject of Privacy and Drug Testing

In the 80s, there was confusion in the forces that pushed drug testing to the front of workplace issues. An increasing pressure was on employers by the globalization of the world’s economy, to cut their costs of fueling their search for the right employee and doing their business.  The war on drugs intensified because of urban crime related in the rising level of drugs. But in America, the war’s focus shifted from attacking the supply to the demands, the increase of risk that aimed for the public’s safety as the specter of impairment while on the job, especially in the transportation employment sector. “Everyone should have drug testing except me” was the attitude when the drug testing emerged which was the solution to all these ills.

Drug Impairment and Urinalysis


There is a confusion in forces which raises different problems, in some case it is drug use, performance impairment and performance enhancing drugs that mostly used by athletes. The quickest fix to a lot of these problems are workplace drug testing that uses urine samples but urinalysis cannot measure the impairment caused by drugs, wanting attack the demanding side of the drug trade, apart from that almost all forces calls for drug testing on impairment while on the job. But because of drug testing, the public sees it as an extreme invasion of privacy and very intrusive that was one of the most fundamental rights, it is intrusive mostly when imposed randomly without any kind of reasonable suspicions like many drug testing proponent advocate.

Intrusiveness of Drug Testing and the Mechanisms of Drug Testing

The drug testing prevailing method of choice is by using urine samples.  But people have expressed their experience of urinalysis that degraded them. Not only is the drug testing method intrusive. Drug testing results are highly sensitive personal information in a collection. It tells us if a person had a history of taking drugs or may have consumed drugs. Collecting Urine samples to find the drugs used and may show medical conditions through urinalysis that is only known by the person being testing.

Drug testing needed subjects to show their use of prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and other legitimate drugs that could cause positive feedback from the drugs testing results, private firms and the government embraced the drug testing method of urinalysis despite its intrusiveness. In the 80s, 58 percent of employers in the US had drug testing programs.

Widespread drug testing is a simple, and a quick fix to a complex social problem that is enormously attractive. That is stress, ignorance and the continuing failure of treating and drug testing employees with substance abuse health problems and not social deviance, which is threatening than appreciating a lot of our fundamental liberties?

Employers permitted the war on drugs strategy that intrude family homes without any kind of reasonable suspicion, intrusions are not really addressing the main problem, but the government are still attracted with the idea of drug testing that intrudes the bodies of its citizens.

Importance of Staying Away From Drugs

avoiddrugsTeenager years are exceptionally dangerous in each individual’s life. At home drug test can spare your teens from possible complications of illegal drugs and can spare their lives. Individuals during this period are more defenseless against attractions including unhealthy habits. Wrong steps as of right now not just show negative effect on rest of the life additionally may cost one’s life on occasion. Hence, it is critical to teach teenagers about the advantages of avoiding undesirable habits like drug abuse.

Drug abuse causes serious to extreme issues both physically and mentally. Various studies and insights are available regarding the unsafe effects of drug abuse. Refusing these undesirable habits expands the quality of life as well as decreases the chances of medical issues. Aside from these, a person free from any sort of unhealthy habits will dependably gain respect from his family and society. The following is the information on how vital teenage is, the reason it is essential to avoid drugs and what are the advantages of avoiding drugs.

Healthy lifestyle: Avoidance of illegal drugs is one of the key elements for staying healthy. Drugs influence the central system strongly. Drug abuse may likewise lead to health complications, make the individual weak and totally destroy the physical appearance of the individual. Consequently, avoiding drugs clearly enhances health and guarantees well-being, hence encouraging a healthy way of life.

Good academics: Drug abuse results in poor scholastic performance. Drugs moderate down the function of the brain which results in poor concentration and less activeness. Drug abusing students battle to perform academically and go to classes frequently. Though, a teen free from drugs and other unhealthy habits performs well in his academics as well as succeeds in the later phases of life.

Low risk of crimes and accidents: Stopping undesirable habits like taking illegal drugs and alcohol enormously brings down the danger of involvement in crime and accidents. A person under the influence of illegal drugs loses his control on mind and doesn’t know about what is great and terrible. In the event that we watch the statistics of road accidents, dominant part of them have happened because of drunken and/or drug abused drivers.

Sometimes, if the addicts don’t have enough funds, they have a tendency to do thefts, robberies and shop lifting to back their drug abusing habits. This makes them land in a few legal issues.

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