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What Are the Effects of Drugs on the Brain?

Drug test fundamentally distinguishes what kind of drugs are inside the individual’s body. Drugs are chemicals that influence the mind by taking advantage of its communication system and interfering with the way neurons regularly send, get, and prepare data. Some drugs, for example, marijuana and heroin, can initiate neurons in light of the fact that their compound structure emulates that of a natural neurotransmitter.

effectsofdrugsonbrain1Once a drug has entered the human body and advanced toward the cerebrum, what happens next? This is an extremely interesting inquiry – the responses to which we are just now starting to reveal. The study of the workings of the cerebrum, the complex connections between chemical and electrical action and their effects on personality and mood, is still in its earliest stages.

Most drugs of abuse directly or indirectly focus on the mind’s reward system by flooding the circuit with dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter present in areas of the mind that control development, feeling, inspiration, and feelings of pleasure. When activated at normal levels, this system rewards our natural practices.

Stimulant effects

Other stimulant drugs for example, cocaine and amphetamines greatly affect the release of excitatory neurotransmitters and in this manner create a larger amount of alertness and a more fundamentally altered mood. That is the reason these stimulant drugs are once in a while known as “speed”.


Depressant effects

Depressant drugs, similar to alcohol and heroin, work similarly on mood and personality however activate inhibitory chemical messengers. In any case, the repeated use of such drugs over a broadened time frame can bring about the body to adjust the amount of actually happening inhibitory chemicals it produces. This prompts the phenomena of tolerance. More of the drug has to be taken in order to get the desired effect. In building tolerance to the effects of a drug, the client might step headed for physical drug dependence.


Hallucinogenic effects

Hallucinogenic drugs, similar to LSD and certain “magic” mushrooms, influence those ranges of the cerebrum which control sensory perception and thought patterns. They do this by changing the way in which the messages are gotten and interpreted. The change in mood or personality brought about by hallucinogenic drugs will probably be influenced by the set and setting of the drug use than the pharmacological action of the drugs themselves within the central nervous system.

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DAC: Wholesale Drug Testing Kits for Less

The continual rise of insurgencies in places people would least expect it is among the reasons why more and more people are protecting their companies and firms from potential dangerous people. On top of background checks, employers and hiring managers also use drug tests to finally come up with the wisest possible decision when hiring or choosing people to share the same working space with. And it gets better as employers are now having their very own mini clinics in companies where wholesale drug testing kits are acquired for fast and more authentic results.

Company sponsored drug tests are definitely revolutionary because it is guaranteed to be more honest and free from any doubtful results. In the past, people who are applicants for positions or college varsity wannabes are sent to known laboratories, clinics or hospitals where drug tests are being conducted. This has been the practice for such a very long time until finally, things have changed after so many problems that rooted from fake certifications and licenses from these institutions. Now, it is better because the results are guaranteed realistic and the results are so much faster to come out because it is right in the house.

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Employers now hire loyal nurses and technicians on top of sometimes, a doctor to ensure the safety of the employees. With the in-house medical team, the employer can rest assured that they are not spending or looking at purged certifications or fake license to work. More importantly, they can rest assured that whatever their medical team comes out with, it is a guaranteed result from real experts because they are not just great for what they do but because they are equipped with the appropriate supplies and equipment—effective, brand new and low priced wholesale drug testing kits from the leader in drug abuse control, DAC.

DAC’s wholesale drug testing kits are definitely made by the best in the industry and surpassed the standards set by government and private governing bodies for this. They come in complete for the medical team to require nothing more but the cooperation of the person to be tested and their objectivity to do the task on hand. There is a lot to choose from at, from small to big kits of wholesale drug testing kits. Check out the site and rest assured that everything that you will need is on the site.

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Tips on Reliable Urine Drug Test Results

Why do people undergo drug tests? There are a lot of reasons why a person must submit him or herself in drug tests even though he or she knows that he or she never indulged in the use of prohibited drugs. But the most imminent is that this test is usually required of people who wants to get certain certifications and IDs from government agencies and some private firms. Also, the test is a primary requirement by meticulous employers who simply do not want their people to be subjected to the security and safety problems of working with troubled people—however intelligent and good they are in the job.


There are different types of drug tests that a person may undergo. One of the most common is the urine drug test. In this case, the applicant will have to pee in the privy or the laboratory or clinic comfort room and present the urine to the technician in the provided little bottles. The technician will label this container and eventually subject it under tests to see if there are prevalent prohibited drugs in the specimen. This could last for a matter of minutes or maybe hours, depending on the affecting factors. There are times that some unwanted elements may become present in the specimen due to gross negligence of the applicant or worse, the technician. To ensure clean, safe, and reliable result, it is best to get a urine drug test from a reputable provider. This is where the drug control abuse can be of service. This is an online provider of drug control products and services, which can be contacted through their homepage or their hotline numbers posted on the site. They can surely offer a test service that is surely reliable and according to the standards set by the government and agencies governing this test results. Urine drug test is an examination that is very important to be compromised, especially to employers, college and professional sports administrators and a lot more. Thus, it pays to trust only the real ans reliable service providers when it comes to urine drug testing, Drug Abuse Control. Next time a urine drug test should be administered, there is no need to trust just any laboratory that comes first to sight or the first clinic name that comes on top of the search page. Trust only the leader when it comes to drug control, DAC.

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Why Invest in DAC Urine Drug Test?

People who have been exposed in the use and abuse of prohibited drugs have always displayed a huge difference in how they act and think. Some have become louder, wilder and tougher while others are worse—they have grown more violent and indifferent with other people, even to their very own family and friends. These things are among the nightmares of employers. The prevalence of such can mean difficulty in controlling people, unsafe environment and eventually, lower production. For these reasons and more that employers have also grown more strategic especially in hiring people, which in fact is very wise.

Employers nowadays have used the same techniques as credit companies and financing firms. They have adapted a scheme called background checking, which allows them to check on the individual’s information and details, including records of all causes. But more and more employers are nitpicking as well. In fact, there is a continuously rise in requiring additional certificates like drug tests. This will ensure that the potential applicant for a position is certified to be free from any form of drug use or abuse. With this, the employer can be sure that in the case that the applicant finally makes it to the final decision, he can rest assured that the person will be a safe addition to his team of drug use-free people.

The approach of employers in requiring such test certificate is also different. There are some who asks for it as early as in the pooling stage while there are also some who asks for it later, when the applicant becomes a potential contender for a position. This is the same with the types of drug tests that an individual can subject himself to. There are swab drug tests, which may or may not be one and the same as saliva drug test depending on the preference of the laboratory using it, panel drug tests and the most common of all, the urine drug test. What makes urine drug tests very efficient for applicants is that it is easy to do and offers fast results. The applicant simply needs to gather his or her urine right before the test and submit it to the testing center. The results will be ready within hours. If thinking of security and authenticity of the test, you as an employer can contact Drug Abuse Control over the homepage on how.

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Invest in Drug Abuse Control’s Swab Drug Test for a Better Lifestyle

Drug abuse has become one of the main reasons of negative changes in the behavior of a person. More than the average use can have a psychological effect, making nice girls wild and silent boys violent. This is seen in schools, in the traffic and at home among so many others. This is why employers are very nitpick when it comes to hiring new people. They usually indulge in a month-, or more, long hiring process just to make sure that they hire the best people among a pool of potential candidates. But how does one can identify a drug user from a clean living applicant? That is where tests become necessary. The swab drug test is one of the easiest and fastest means of knowing if the person is a drug user or abuser or not.

There are a lot of clinics or laboratories that offer swab drug test, but not all are the same. There are those that only offer a certain service right in the clinic while there are also those that cannot guarantee accurate tests and results. This is where the Drug Abuse Control group can help. DAC is an online provider of drug abuse related control services and products. It can be accessed through the homepage

logoThere, a lot of products that are available right now can be acquired for personal or business use. With the provider right on your contacts, you can conduct a fast and effective swab drug test to any of your employees or even applicants.

The swab drug test is a very easy type of saliva test. It can be administered by a company nurse or an official representative, as long as the swab and everything that will be used in the test are guaranteed to be taken well good care of. If not, the entire test will not be as reliable as employers’ hope they would be and they are all back to square one. Drug Abuse Control will not let that happen though as the site offers 24/7 customer service to those who need help in conducting tests and preparing results. There is no need to retain an entire lab just to get a number of people undergo some saliva or swab drug test with the help of Drug Abuse Control. Visit the site or give them a ring over the hotline numbers posted on the site for more information and details on what they can do to help you achieve your zero drug abuser in the workplace.

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Probably the last thing you want is to be fired because of a positive drug result. Most employers possibly don’t want a stoned employee that’s why a drug test is required. There are a lot of different methods for drug test; one of these is the saliva drug test. It provides almost the same results like the blood test but this is more convenient and less invasive. It can be simply administered by the employer at the job site which proves to show that it’s a lot easier and safer among the others. But of course, it also has its advantages and disadvantages. But it is probably the most cost efficient among the other methods.


The saliva drug test detects use during the previous few days. It can detect in your system if you’ve been smoking weed an hour ago or had used drugs in the past 12-24 hours. Most common detected drugs include marijuana, THC, heroin, cocaine, and amphetamines. It makes use of a swab that looks similar to a cotton bud but is bigger and longer. To collect the saliva, the pad is placed between the lower cheek and gum for about two minutes. After it is soaked, it will be placed in a collection vial.

This sounds a lot easier but the down side is that it is only applicable for short drug detection time. It cannot trace back to detect historical drug use. The only thing collected from the body is the saliva or simply oral fluids. It is always present and available in every individual which are produced by the salivary glands in the human body. It is a continuous process of production. Most drugs do not really stay that long in the saliva. It usually disappears or absorbed in other system of the body within twelve to twenty four hours. For this reason, saliva drug testing is most commonly used by police officers or by authority in situations that requires detection of recent drug use. Some example includes the vehicle and equipment drivers. It is also utilized during the pre-employment, random, post-accident, reasonable suspicion, or return-to-duty testing. For short, it is not used for detecting past drug use. It can be a heart racing and palm sweating situation if one day the employer randomly announces that today is saliva drug testing day. You’ll probably be nervous about it so to save you from this anxiety, better not use drugs. There are a lot more recreation the market has to offer.

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Drug Abuse Control and Thorough Drug Test

For years, drug abuse has been seen to push people to do things they will never do when they are in normal state. A good girl can get wild, a nice boy can hurt people around him, and a clean living adult can go robbing other people. These are the things that normal people would not want for themselves nor any of their family and friends, which is why they try to do their best to keep them off drugs. The same thing is happening in companies where the employers would never want to subject their employees to people who are consuming hazardous elements thereby require their people to undergo drug test. This test is known to check the level of hazardous elements in the body, if there is. If there is none, then the person who underwent the test will come out negative of use of drugs. There are different ways for this. Some will test the urine of the person while others, the blood. In most cases, it is the urine that is being checked for any amount of drugs because it is easier that way. Also, this is the fastest means of testing a person on drugs. The blood checking, on the other hand, is also accurate, but requires more time and expertise to do. Thus, companies usually go for urine drug test as the standard type of testing their employees.


There are also different penalties in consuming drugs for people who are employed. In most cases, they will be temporarily relieved to undergo rehabilitation. Worse scenarios will require heavier penalties like being completely relieved from duty or forced to go on a leave without pay. But the worst comes to those who are still not under the employment umbrella. These people may not be employed after all even if they prove to be very promising in terms of knowledge and skills. Employers will vacate the notion of hiring these people because they can mean serious trouble and liability to the company. Drug test during the application or screening process for potential applicants will definitely help identify the right people for the job. This is the reason why more and more employers are getting the hang of requiring their applicants to submit or undergo urine or blood tests which will produce several medical conditions of the applicant. One of which is knowing if the applicant consumes drug prior to the test.

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Find Out Through a Drug Test: What are the 5 Most Abused Drugs by Teens

Fifth: Ecstasy (MDMA)

Ecstasy or methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) was originally developed as a possible medication for depression. But it was later on deemed inappropriate for clinical use due to its hallucinogenic properties. It is now considered a psychotropic drug that is both stimulant and hallucinogenic. Ecstasy is also referred to as the love drug but its street name is Molly and X. This drug is usually taken orally or injected. Ecstasy was known as the drug used for several cases of “date rape”. This can be explained by its content which enhances sensual pleasure and sexual arousal. People who use this drug can be observed to have facial tension, jaw clenching or teeth grinding as well as visible sweating caused by its thermionic effect. This drug has been branded as the “drug of youth” and is reported to be used by teens aged 18-25.

Fourth: Methamphetamine

The fourth highest ranking drug abused by teens is the best friend of those who battle societal pressures to be thin. Commonly known as “meth”, short for its synthetic drug name Methamphetamine is a stimulant that depresses appetite and increase metabolism. About 4 percent of the adult-population in the United States was reported to have regularly used meth. The meth is one of the most famous and accessible drugs among teens due to the readily available means and information about how-to make and use it. Also, it is cheaper than most other drugs. The effects of this drug can be considered an adverse reaction as it puts the central nervous system under stress. Top listed adverse reactions are insomia, aggression, depression, and paranoia. The effect of methamphetamine usually lasts from 3 to 12 hours. Even without the use of a drug test, users can be detected through obvious signals such as mania, hyperactivity, mania, dilated pupils and dry mouth.

Teens Using Drugs 7Third: Opiates

These drugs are produced from distilling opium plants’ petals and leaves, also called codeine and heroine. Usual signs of persons under the influence of this drug are small pupils, slower rate of speech, inability to stay awake and impairment in cognition and mobility. Its effect usually lasts for 20 minutes to several hours depending on the amount consumed.The most common age of people using heroin is between 19 and 20. Though this drug’s popularity is low compared to those of meth and ecstasy, a noticeable increase in the number of grade-school students using this drug has been reported. As a result, increased public education and drug interventions have been made in order to translate the dangers of sharing needles and injecting heroin.

Second: Cocaine

Cocaine, commonly known as flake, crank, snow, Charlie and Candy in its powdered form and rock, base, free B and gravel for its crack form, is a drug known for its narcotic effect. This drug is derived from coca leaf and has historically been used by indigenous tribes through chewing of leaves.This drug is mostly used by teens for experimentation. Report shows that use and experimentation of this drug begins to rise in percentage after graduate school years and is mostly used by individuals aged 50 and above.

First: Marijuana

Marijuana, being on top of the list, is called the “gateway” drug. This is for the reason that once a drug user tolerates the effects of Mj (its street name), the user will probably try harder drugs. This drug has a distinctive smell which can be masked by using air fresheners, incense or perfumes. It has been reported that this drug is often combined with other substances such as tobacco to disguise the odor. The process of consumption varies from being mixed to beverages, baked into food and inhaled. Teens who are under the influence of this drug may exhibit symptoms such as having dilated pupils, difficulty focusing, slurred or confused speech, inappropriate behavior and delayed reactions. Despite the efforts of authorities to educate the teens of the consequences of the usage of drugs, the rate of illegal drug consumption continues to rise. The significant increase in usage pushes the government to exert more effort in conducting regular drug test activities and focus more on anti-drug campaigns and legislation.

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How Can This Be My Last Drug and Alcohol Test?

There are several reasons why drug users tend to go back from their usual doings after they went through drug and alcohol test. After rehabilitation program and counseling, there are many alcoholics and drug addicts who find it hard to refuse from doing illegal activities. Here’s how to abstain from drinking or using drugs:

Man with addictions

 Consider the effects of drugs and alcohol on your system. Both can harm your health, your financial stability and your personal relationships. By concentrating on the downsides, you take greater control over your desires and can more eagerly say no when the chance to drink alcohol or use drugs arise.

 Get rid of any possible invitations on your backgrounds. Stay away from any bottles of alcohol, drug equipment, drinking glasses or anything else that might bring you temptations.

 Detect the time of the day where you will be tempted. It could be during night time when you are alone in your room and can think on using drugs. Ask from your family members if they can stay in your room or better yet sleep over with your friends.

 Stay away from drinkers and users. You may have relatives and friends who are drinker sand users and your best option is to stay away from them. Although they have to respect your decision, there might still be possibilities that you’ll be tempted on what they are doing.

 Engaged with several activities other than using to fill your time. Boredom can lead to a relapse. You can avoid that by discovering healthy things to do during periods when you used to drink. Start with an exercise program, learn a new pastime such as fishing or find fun social events that don’t deal with alcohol.

 Investigate first before joining any social event to check whether alcohol is being served or drugs will exist. If you feel strong enough to be present, make sure they have soft drinks or other beverages available for you to consume.

 You can join with a religious group. Get closer to God and ask for his help to give you enough strength and courage to pass through all your personal baggage. Religious organizations can enlighten you about the word of the Lord and provide you evidences. With the strong Faith, you’ll be successful on your goals.

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How to Prevent from Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing in the workplace has becoming a standard procedure for the reason that business owners want to secure the safety of the company and to promote a drug free environment. Most people’s lives that are using illegal drugs are usually destroyed. They failed to do their obligations and responsibilities due to the negative effect of drugs. Preventive measures are very appropriate to avoid you from the influence of drugs. If you are already a user, you don’t have to be bothered because you can still be a drug free. Here’s how to avoid from drug testing in the workplace.

 If you’re offered drugs, refused and stay away. If you’re frightened of peer pressure, then be aware that real friends will not allow you to go to the wrong path and will respect any of your personal decisions and won’t push you into doing something that you don’t want to deal with. Finding new sets of friends will be very helpful.

Businessman with his hand raised in signal to stop, isolated on black background, Studio shot

 If you will have some options, make time for conversation to a trusted adult especially for those who successfully went through the process. They can give you insights about the probable effects of drugs and eventually will enlighten you.

 If there is a specific group of people at work who are known of taking drugs, don’t’ spend your time with them. Instead deal with individuals who know their priorities and preparing their brighter future.

 Understand the nature of illegal drugs and understand its possible effect in your work, lifestyle, and personal life and to your family. There are certain things about drugs that you need to get worried about. Aside from physical changes that it may give, there will be a sudden effect on your behavior.

 Find a fun activity to use your free time. This could be reading, jogging, shopping, or shopping. It will deprive your attention from engaging into illegal drugs.

 Stay away from conditions where you may be offered drugs. If you’re at a party and you comprehend that there are drugs there, simply leave. Peer pressure will surely lead you to drugs especially if you’re poor with self-control.

 Consult an expert. If you know that you can get rid with drugs and do all the precautionary measures, you can ask help from medical expert.

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