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What Every Parent Must Know About Home Drug Test

Teenage years are often the time for rebellious deeds. Many teens see this as their prime years of doing the things they want without any limitations. They crave adventure and the freedom to seek the things that are new and unknown to them. Unfortunately, not all things that a teen is curious about is good to them. For example, teens are also the one of rebelliousteenneleidzia-draugautithe most involved in terms of drug use and abuse. With the wrong peers and the wrong motivation, they may indulge themselves in this kind of things. Teenagers are prone to depression because of their emotional crisis and they may resolve to this illegal substances if they are not guided properly by their parents. It is the parent’s responsibility to be there in times that their children is on the phase of development and discovery. However, if they have any suspicion that their kid is already involved in any kind of illegal drugs, they must confirm their suspicion so that their child can get the right medical treatment and help that they need. A home drug test is one of the simplest way to find out if their theory is right or wrong. Here are some of the things that every parent must know about home drug test.

  • Home drug testing is safe- There are no harmful effects in drug testing. It’s just an288491653_2eebf1d6e1_o.jpg easy way of confirming if someone is involved in illegal drugs. Other than that, the usually used specimen in home drug testing is saliva or urine. You do not need any necessary medical knowledge to extract the test sample unlike a blood drug test.
  • It is easy to facilitate – A parent can facilitate a home drug testing since he should bear in mind the likelihood of his child to cheat the drug test. That’s why he should be there on the moment of extracting the test specimen. He should prevent anything or any circumstance that may alter the drug test result.
  • You can easily analyze and read the results- If you purchase a home drug testing kit, there will always be instructions there and a guide that will help you in facilitating and conducting the drug test. There is also a guide on how to analyze and read the results using the home drug test It is important that the parent follow the instruction carefully to get the accurate result.

Don’t think twice on conducting a drug test on your child if you are seeing behavioral and mental symptoms of drug use. It is better to detect it earlier than to cure it when the condition has grown worse. Remember that brain damage or death is the worst effect of drug abuse and addiction.

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How to Choose the Best Drug Testing Kits for Workplace Drug Screening

When we conduct employment drug testing, there are many kits available online. All of which have different level and way of detecting the presence of drugs in the human body. There are many different companies that produce these drug testing kits. However not all can give you the right kind of quality that you need or the cost that you can afford. This is why it’s important to know how to choose the best drug testing kits. Learn what should be considered when buying drug testing kits by reading the following tips below.


  • Know what drugs you want to test for- With the different types of illegal drugs, it is important to know if what specific drugs would you like to test because these will determine the test kits you will purchase. Categories of drugs include stimulants, hallucinogens, opioids and depressants. Other than that, know that if you are going to test for a single type of drug then buy single panel drug testing kits, but if you are going to test for several types of drugs, then choose multi-panel drug testing kits.
  • What kind of sample or specimen will you use – There are many specimens used in drug testing. Hair, blood, urine, sweat and saliva are the available means in drug detection. For example, if you are going to use urine, buy urine cups or dip test and if you are going to use saliva, go with oral swabs.
  • Invasiveness in order to get the sample- Are you willing to ask for blood samples or you think that getting the urine and saliva are much easier to use and perform than using injections to get a blood sample?asddacv.PNG
  • The cost of drug testing kits– The reason why urine drug tests are more common is because it is less expensive compared to conducting blood drug tests. In urine test for example, employees can perform the specimen extraction by themselves while using blood as a sample would require a professional to extract blood samples from employees.
  • Accuracy of the results- This is the most important thing to remember in purchasing drugtestingkitsa drug testing kit. You should not sacrifice the quality of a drug test kit because it cost a little less. Do not buy cheap yet substandard drug testing kits. You’re drug screening at work will be useless if your drug testing kits can’t display the correct results.

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Drug Testing

With the deaths, accidents, and medical concerns caused by drug addiction, it is only necessary that many facilities conduct drug testing.  Drug testing is done by choosing what type of specimen should be collected and used.  Urine, saliva, blood, hair, and sweat are the different kinds of drug test specimen. However, the most commonly used specimen is urine because of ease of process, and it is less invasive.

asddacvThere are also different types of drug testing. There is a pre-employment testing wherein a company tests applicants as part of the hiring process. A random drug testing, on the other hand, happens at the workplace or school by picking random individuals to perform the drug test. Another type of drug testing is suspicion drug tests at schools to students suspected of using illicit drugs, so that they can get the medical help they need. Post-accident drug testing is usually conducted for people who are suspected to be driving under the influence or workplace incidents where the accident may be the employee’s fault because of working while under the influence of illegal drugs. There are also at-home drug testing, where parents impose their children to undergo at home drug test to know if they are a drug user.

asxfad.PNGSeveral kinds of drug test kits are also used in order to check if a person is involved in drug abuse. The most commonly used are oral swabs for saliva tests, and urine cups and dip tests for urine drug testing. Facilities prefer these drug test kits because it is easy to perform, and results can be easily read. Parents also use these test kits because they can test their children for drug abuse privately. These drug test kits come in either single panel or multi-panel. Single panel tests are applicable for one particular kind drug in the body while multi-panel tests are for several types of drugs.

all_in_one_kitDrug testing is an easy process. However, there are several factors that may affect the outcome. That is why, it is important to follow certain procedures and protocols in order to have the right results. For example, one should follow carefully the instructions in the drug test kit manual and reduce the likelihood that the individual who will undergo drug testing will cheat. There are also false positives that may say that there is a presence of illegal drug when there is no drug use because of the person have taken some medication, drank coffee or being exposed to secondhand drug smokes.

Also, be sure that the drug testing kits you will use are completely reliable and accurate. Avoid purchasing drug testing kits from random websites, because there is a risk of purchasing unreliable drug testing kits, therefore producing inaccurate results. For accurate and reliable drug testing kits, especially at home drug test kits, Drug Abuse Control is the best place to go.

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What You Should Know About Teenager Involved Alcohol and Substance Abuse

There is an increase in a number teenagers involved in alcohol and substance abuse. There is difference however between a user and the ones with drug addiction. A user only tries it for a few times but a teen who cannot control his urges or cravings for the illegal substances or alcohol is an addict.


The first thing that we should know is that other than the most commonly used illegal drugs and alcohol, some teens try other substances like cigarettes, prescription medicines, and other household chemicals(inhalants) for a number of reasons. One of the reasons that they do it is because of curiosity, they want to know what it feels like to try these things. In addition, they also use substance because of their desire to feel accepted by certain groups or peers. They feel that by doing the same thing they become one of them. It may also be because of the feeling of euphoria that it gives them-the sudden escape from reality that it gives when they are emotionally unstable to face their problems. Substance abuse became their emotional outlet. Lastly, some teens do these things to prove to other people and themselves that they are a grown up.


Aside from the reasons mentioned above, teens are known to be in the age of exploring and trying new things. To some, the adventure and the first time of tasting something excites them, not knowing it will lead them to something that may endanger their lives. Teens who have family member that suffer from substance or alcohol addiction will most likely to suffer the same. Most importantly, know that teenagers who feel unloved, unaccepted or not valued by their parents have a greater risk. Those who have mental and emotional problems are also more vulnerable to become dependent to substance abuse.

Substance and alcohol abuse have a wide range of effects to teens who are involved in it. It can ignite issues at home and at school or even legal problems. It is also one of the causes of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. The worst effect would be brain damage or death due to violence, suicide or car accident.


Parents have the responsibility to educate their children about the effects of drug abuse but more importantly, it is their role to guide them and make them feel that they do not need these illegal substances or alcohol to feel accepted or valued. However, if in suspicion that a teenage child is using drugs, it is important for parents to perform at-home drug tests like urine test or saliva test to know the truth. Urine test are the most commonly used type of at-home drug test since it is easy to use and the results are easy to read. Don’t hesitate to conduct at-home drug tests because prevention and detection is always easier and better than the long-term treatment when it the substance abuse has gone worse.


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How to Deal With Workplace Drug Abuse

Employers suffer from workers involved with substance addiction. Not only do they jeopardize the safety of other employees from drug-related accidents and abuse, they also cause financial problems. Drug users have low attention focus and poor performance that’s why it’s difficult for them to make good judgments and rational decisions. They also struggle with productivity and most often arrive late.


One way to prevent this unlikely situation from happening is using pre-employment drug testing as a screening process for applicants. By knowing if a person is more likely to cause trouble because of his drug addiction issues, you will prevent any problems or damages that he may bring. Pre-employment drug testing may be cost you, but it’s worth it considering the trouble that you may suffer if you hire a drug abuser.

Another way is to have drug-related programs at work such as random drug testing. Remember that you may hire a person who isn’t a drug user before who could’ve started using drugs the same period he worked in your company. This why you also need to have company rules and regulations regarding drug abuse and respective actions or penalties to violations.


Drug abuse educational programs are also important to prevent any drug-user caused situation. If your employees knows the signs, symptoms as well as the effects of using illicit drugs, then they may detect if their coworkers is involved in drug abuse. Physical signs and behavioral symptoms play a great role in helping individuals struggling with drug addiction. Glassy eyes, extreme mood swings, frequent absenteeism are only a few indications.

Through prevention, detection and drug educational programs, your company will benefit from the following: reduce employment theft, increase in employee performance, decrease insurance cost and decrease of workplace accidents. It is true that these drug programs may cost you both time and money but more financial damages will be lost if organizations skip this steps.

all_in_one_kit.pngIf you are looking for the bets drug testing kits, Drug Abuse Control provides you with safe and reliable drug testing kits with accurate results. They have single panel and multi-panel oral swabs, urine cups and dip test kits fit for your pre-employment drug testing needs and random drug testing needs. All of which are FDA approved and CLIA waived with 99.9% of accuracy rating, which guarantees employers that they will be buying from one of the most trusted company in producing drug testing kits.

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Types of Drugs and How they Affect the Body


Abuse and addiction to illicit drugs can lead to serious health problems. Addiction is a long-term disease which cause the user to become hooked, both mentally and physically. Other than the health problems that it can bring, it can also lead to issues with a person’s finances and relationships. Drug addiction is a dire health issue that must be treated immediately, but recovery will be a long and difficult process.

There are different types of illegal drugs. They are grouped according to the effect that they incur. Listed below are the categories of illicit drugs:

  • Stimulants- This includes methamphetamines or cocaine. This kind of drug increases the heart and brain activity, as well as hyperactivity. The usual signs of stimulant drug abuse include weight loss and insomnia. It also cause increased blood pressure or body temperature, diseases related to vitamin deficiencies, malnutrition, skin disorders and ulcers. Consistently dilated pupils are also a symptom of stimulant drug abuse. d6.PNG
  • Opioids- These are painkillers that affects the mood of a person. They can slow down the central nervous system and impact a person’s breathing. One usual sign of opioids use and abuse is a weak immune system due to malnutrition. It also cause gastrointestinal issues and difficulty in breathing. Heroin, which is an example of an opioid, cause a person to feel drowsy and exhausted. In addition, if a user doesn’t get enough drugs for his addiction, he will experience muscle aches, chills and vomiting.
  • Hallucinogens- From the word itself, they distort a person’s perception of space, time, and reality. Included in this group are psilocybin mushrooms, LSD, and marijuana. These hallucinogens cause a person to suffer from dizziness, vomiting, and high blood pressure. Other symptoms also include dilated pupils, low coordination of movements, and, in worse cases, there may be violent and suicidal moods.
  • Depressants or Sedatives- These drugs are not illegal, yet people get addicted to these kinds of prescription medicines. If these drugs aren’t prescribed, then a person may steal these kinds of drugs for their addiction needs.


The best way to avoid drug abuse and addiction is by detecting the symptoms and conducting drug tests to determine a drug user. There are different kinds of tests that can be conducted in line with drug detection. Among this are urine drug test, oral drug test, hair drug test, and blood drug test. Urine drug test is the commonly used drug test because of its easy-to-use-and-read urine drug kits. There are single panel and multi panel drug test kit for urine drug tests. A singe panel drug test kit tests for one specific drug, while a multi panel drug test kit tests for several drugs. There are 5-panel drug test, 10 panel drug test and 12 panel drug test at most.


To get accurate results from your drug tests kits, purchase from reliable companies like Drug Abuse Control, which provides the highest quality of drug test kits like its 10 panel drug test kit and 12 panel drug test kit which tests for several drugs.

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What Are the Applications of Drug Tests

Drug abuse damages a person’s mental and physical health, his finances and his relationships, no wonder it is one of today’s medical concern. With the rise of many drug-related issues and incidents, drug tests are usually a requirement in many facilities and instances today.  It does not only risk the person involved in using illegal drugs but it is also a threat to the people around him because drug abuse doesn’t just affect one aspect of a person’s life.  Here are reasons as well as applications of drug tests:


  • Drug Test as a Part of Hiring Process- Employers want to ensure that their applicants will also be physically qualified to join the company as well as detect employees who violates their anti-drug use program. By keeping the drug test as a part of their pre-employment and employment program, they will be avoid drug-related incidents and accidents. They will also prevent poor performance caused by drug-induced users.
  • Screening of Athletes- This is to know if the athletes have broken the rules by using performance enhancement drugs.
  • Drug Testing by Police Officer- During accidents and other circumstances, police officers may require a person to undergo a drug test to know if he is under the influence of illegal drugs.
  • Drug Test by Insurance Companies- A person should not be suffering from any intense medical condition before filing for an insurance.
  • Drug Testing issued by Court Order- Some drug tests are issued by the court to know more about the case and help them make the right verdict regarding it. An example of this is a case for child custody or a date rape involved with drug abuse.z1z1z
  • Testing for Diagnosis- To know the cause of an illness that an individual is suffering from, a medical expert may require his patient to undergo a drug test.
  • Rehabilitation Treatment- By conducting drug test, they may know an abstinent person who joined a rehabilitation program.
  • Pre-Surgery or Medical Treatment Requirement- Health professionals may require individuals to undergo drug screening before they undergo surgeries and treatment such as plastic surgery, orthopedic, spinal fusion, wound revision, pulmonary therapy and organ transplant.

With these many applications of drug testing, know that drug test results are accurate if they use reliable drug testing kits. This is why it’s important to purchase from trusted drug testing kit companies like Drug Abuse Control. They offer the best drug testing kits that are CLIA waived, FDA cleared with 99.9% accuracy rating.


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Top Facts about Urine Drug Tests

Urine drug tests uses urine as a specimen in testing for the presence of certain illegal drugs in a person’s body. It is the most commonly used type of drug test because of its easy, quick and painless process. There are two types of urine drug tests, singe panel and multi-panel. Single-panel urine drug test looks for a specific kind of drug, however multi-panel urine drug test such as 10 panel drug test screens for several kinds of drugs. Most urine drug tests screens for marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepines, PCP, opioids, amphetamines and even alcohol.


Urine drug tests are conducted for several reasons. One of which is for medical purposes. If your health problems seems to be connected to drugs or alcohol, then drug test is ordered by your physician. Employers also use urine drug test as a requirement before they hire potential employees. The advantage of it is avoiding selecting the wrong applicants for the job who needs proper focus and attention. Other than that, it ensures a safety workplace for the employees. Rehabilitation centers also use drug test to keep track of the people receiving treatment if they still remain sober. Lastly, at home urine drug tests are also conducted for parents to take care of their children and prove that their teenagers are not using drugs.

One of the advantage of urine drug tests is they can be performed anywhere that a bathroom is available like a hospital, a doctor’s office, at work and even at home. Wherever a person may be required to conduct it, here are a few urine drug test step procedures he needs to know.


  • The person in charge of administering the procedure will give you a specimen cup
  • You should leave all your belongings to another room and change in a hospital gown if needed before doing the urine drug test.
  • In some instances, the doctor or nurse in charge may accompany you to the bathroom so you don’t tamper with the test results.
  • Clean your private are with the wash cloth given for you to use.
  • You should take the specimen cup while urination in your urine stream. Don’t allow the cup to touch your genitalia.
  • When you are done, put a lid to the cup and give it to the technician who will analyze it for the results.


Urine drug testing is accurate if the process is done correctly and the testing kits are reliable. That is why you should purchase from the best drug testing kit producing company- Drug Abuse Control. With their urine cups and dip tests who can measure several drugs, they would surely assure you that they will give you the right test results.

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What You Need to Know about Urine and Saliva Drug Test

Drug testing is a process which aims to detect the presence and measure the amount or levels of drugs within the human body. A drug test is conducted for a number of reasons: it could be for employment as part of the hiring procedure, or a program to ensure there is no drug tolerance within the workplace. It can also be a way to test athletes if they are using body-enhancement drugs for their performance or a way to diagnose someone recommended to stay in rehabilitation facilities for drug addiction.

a16To get an insight on how drug testing works, know that it doesn’t matter what method or way drugs are transported inside the body. It will still undergo a series of biochemical reactions inside the body that will release a compound which will be break down into different structures called metabolites. These metabolites will be excreted from the body in various ways. These metabolites is the way of detecting if a person is involved in illicit drugs.

a15There are different kinds of drug testing, all of which aims the same thing. One of which is urine drug testing. Urine drug testing is one of the most common procedures because of its ease of process. Furthermore, it is also said that results are easy to use and urine drug test are user friendly. Urine testing are usually done using urine cups. Depending on what type of drugs to be tested, you can use a single panel test or a multi panel test. Singe panel test detects one particular drug. This commonly includes marijuana, cocaine or opiates. Multi-Panel test tests for combinations of drugs, with 12 different kinds of drugs at most.

Another kind of drug testing is the saliva drug test. Saliva drug test are a bit intrusive to some, but in comparison with other drug test, it can detect more recent use of drugs. Compared with blood and hair drug testing, it is a lot cheaper like urine drug test. In addition, it is more reliable for detection of Methamphetamine and Opiates. Similar to urine drug testing, there are also single panel and multi-panel saliva drug test. Usually, saliva drug test are done with oral swabs.

a18Other than urine drug test and saliva drug test, there are also blood drug test, sweat drug test and hair drug test, all of which are more invasive and expensive compared to using urine or saliva as a testing specimen. However, the most important thing to consider is not the kind of drug test method to conduct, but the drug testing kits to be used. You should only buy from companies that offer the best and accurate drug testing kits like Drub Abuse Control.

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What are the Risk Factors for Drug Addiction?

There are several reasons why a person experience addiction. However, it is difficult to understand why some people are more vulnerable to it than others. It doesn’t matter what your beliefs or moral law is; there are many factors that can make you prone to drugs and addiction. Below are some of the risk factors that may push or influence a person to be a drug addict:


  • Genetics – If you have parents that are prone to addiction like gambling or alcohol, there is a big possibility that you are too. This doesn’t mean that you will be addicted to the same things they are addicted. Instead, you will be addicted the same way as your parents because how we respond, react, and our behaviors are something that is not far from our parents. It’s the emotional quotient that we have inherited in some ways that determine how likely we are to become addicted to something. Failure to handle stress and problems can cause a person to use drugs as a temporary emotional escape.
  • Environment – Lack of guidance, peer pressure, poor influence and examples in life are some of the environmental aspects that push someone to try and depend on drugs until it turns into an addiction. If we live in an environment that push us to lean on to illegal drugs, then there is a huge possibility that we might give in. That’s why parents should be good examples to their children and be responsible in helping them make the right decisions. It is also necessary to conduct at home drug test.
  • Mental Health Problems – Someone with mental health issues, like depression, will increase the chance that a person may also be diagnosed with addictive disorder because he might use drugs as a coping mechanism for his mental problems.
  • Early Use – When use of illegal drugs is introduced to you in your younger age, like 18 to 24, then the danger that you will be addicted to it will surge. It is because you may start as user until you gradually become an addict. This is why parents need to guide their children and carry out an at home drug test if necessary.
  • Drug Choice – Some drugs are more physically addictive than the rest. For example, cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin are more addictive than alcohol or marijuana. This is because the withdrawal phase from these drugs may be more physically painful which leads to consumption in higher doses which turns to addiction.
  • Method of Use – Smoking and Injecting drugs will affect the brain faster than swallowing it because it goes straight to the bloodstream and carried directly to the brain. This is why the method of using drugs is one factor in drug addiction. The faster it reaches the brain, the more addictive it can be.

a2.PNGRisk factors increase the chance of being addicted. But, just because you have them, doesn’t mean that you’ll experience addiction. They are simply factors that increase your vulnerability to become a drug addict. If you are a parent and you think that your child may have these factors and may be experiencing it, don’t hesitate to perform at home drug test.

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