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Top Signs that Your Loved One is Struggling with Drug Abuse

avoiddrugsMost people suffering from drug abuse will deny their situation. The burden of identifying that someone is drug dependent lies within the people around them and their loved ones. The best way to know is to conduct an at-home drug test. Unfortunately, this does not usually happen because drug abuse can be undetected for a long time. This is the reason why each person should be sensitive and observant enough to see the early signs of drug addiction. As alcohol effects varies from person to person, so does drug abuse. Still, beware if someone you love is showing one or multiple signs listed below:

  • Lying- one of the most common signs that your loved one is involved in a drug addiction is by lying frequently. This includes avoiding questions about drugs and health concerns. They will also lie about their need for immediate money to fuel their drug addiction.
  • Frequent Mood Swings- someone who is using illicit drugs will have frequent mood swings because of the effects of the drugs they use. Similar to how alcohol affects someone’s mood, drugs also affect someone’s temper.
  • Sudden Change in Weight or Appetite- drug abuse will either cause someone to gain weight or lose weight. Most often, it is the later because drugs usually increase the metabolism of a person and decreases someone’s appetite.
  • Impairment of Body Functions- inability to walk straight, lack of coordination and difficulty in speech are one the most common signs of impairments that someone involved in illegal drugs suffer.
  • Major Shifting in Energy Levels- depending upon the drug used, it can cause lethargy or hyperactivity. Even sleeping habits are also affected.
  • Changes in the Eye- the pupil may appear smaller and it may also look like bloodshot eyes.
  • Attitude changes- Drug abuse produces different mood swing causing someone to be aggressive, apprehensive, emotional, etc. This is due to the psychological influence of drugs.
  • Finding evidence of substance abuse- one obvious basis that someone you love is struggling with drugs is finding the substance or drug paraphernalia in a hiding place or in the trash.
  • Stealing- Drug addiction is expensive. Someone who is a drug addict will surely find a way to buy his drugs because of the feeling of drug dependency.

pre-employmentdrugtestingIf you ever see a combination of these signs, don’t hesitate to reach out to your loved one. Drug addiction or drug abuse is not something that someone can stop if he wishes. It is a medical concern that needs to be treated. The effects will be severe if you let someone suffer from drug abuse. If you are not certain that he is involved in drug abuse then you may conduct a drug test at home to know if your suspicion is true.

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Why Drug Tests are Important in the Workplace

Drug testing is of great importance. It is a critical part of an employer’s hiring process. A drug test is vital because it gives the employers peace of mind when it comes to a safer workplace. By conducting a drug test, you can lessen incidents of drug-related violence and abuse. Furthermore, it also decreases the possibility of drug-related deaths.  By going through this process, you could save your company from the thousands of dollars of damages that a drug-addicted employee may incur.


Another thing to bear in mind is that drugs affect a person’s performance. An employee who is under the influence of illegal drugs has lower productivity, thus decreasing the revenue of the business.  Most employees who are in drugs will affect his judgment and would cause slower reaction time. Through a drug test, a company will be able to determine which employee is under-performing.

Pre-employment drug testing gives the company the right and the ability to filter individuals who will not and cannot meet the company’s vision, goals and standards. By simply knowing that an applicant is a drug user, the employers will know that he is not the person fit for your offered job.

Conducting drug tests is also important because it saves business owners from paying an employee’s increasing medical cost due to drug-related illnesses.

A drug-free company will have a good reputation because of their commitment in fighting the war on drugs which helps the community, especially in places where drug abuse is rampant. It is a good form of advertisement and publicity.


There are several ways to have a drug test at your office, wherein the most commonly used one is the urine test.  Urine test uses urine to look for the presence of certain illegal drugs.  It screens for amphetamines, benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, and opioids (narcotics) in the human body. Drug abuse control offers urine drug kits that are hand selected for ease-of-use, high quality and low cost. They are ideal for home screenings and private drug abuse analysis, all of which are available in many configurations and bulk discounts.


Drug abuse control ensures you that they give you the best products. With their innovative research and development, they continue to seek for the highest degree of standard. With over a million drug and health testing devices sold to home users, private employers, state and federal agencies and many other establishments, they assure you that their products are of the highest quality.

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Title: How to Choose Drug Testing Kits for Workplace Safety

When it involves a workplace point drug testing, not all drug testing kits square measures are created equal. there’s a really subtle degree of technology that goes into the manufacture of a drug testing kits and, like all products, there square measure ways in which corners are often move scale back the value, typically at the damage of quality. However, are you able to select the correct drug testing kit? Here some measures and tips to create certainty that you get the results you’re probing for.


What drugs would you like to test for?

While every single illegal drug can have effect on the security of both the client and people around them in the working environment, a few workplaces may just be keen on testing for the nearness of specific drugs.

How close would you like to get to the specimen?

There’s no sensitive approach to expression this. Is it accurate to say that you are OK with taking care of a urine example? In expansive terms, preparatory tests are intended to test either urine or spit. It is very suggested that you wear safety garments when dealing with both sorts, however a few people may wind up noticeably unwell about the prospect of utilizing a little pipette to exchange a urine test from a container to a drug testing board.

Gratefully there are urine drug testing kits accessible which restrain the measure of manual taking care of required.

When and how long would you want to test?

Large portions of our clients say they couldn’t care less what a representative does in their downtime, however they are worried about checking whether somebody is impaired while on location.


You can decrease the likelihood of getting drug use that happens outside of work by seeing to what extent diverse drugs remain in the body, and furthermore, to what extent since they have been taken can a preparatory pee or spit test identify their nearness.

Do you need a precise drug test result?

This may seem like an unusual point. Obviously, you need precision – there’s no point investing cash and squandering energy in doing testing if it won’t get on drug use, isn’t that so?

Indeed, similar to all things, there are different levels of value in drug testing kit and untidy regularly implies wrong. An incorrect unit couldn’t just neglect to identify on the off chance that somebody is utilizing drugs at work, yet it could likewise dishonestly recognize sedates in the arrangement of a completely blameless laborer, harming their notorieties and creating undue anxiety.

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What Are the Effects of Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

Drugs are chemicals. Depending upon their chemical structure they affect the body in various ways. Its effects may even last on a person’s mind and body even after he has totally stopped using drugs.  There are ways on how drugs can enter the human body- either by ingestion, inhalation or injection. How the drug enters the body impacts how it affects the person. For example someone who has drug injected will surely have immediate effects of the drug used than someone who ingested it.


Drug abuse usually target the brain’s system by flooding it with dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brains’ reward and pleasure centers, it also regulate movement and emotional responses and it enables us to see rewards and move an action towards it. As drugs enters the brain, it changes how it perform its tasks and these leads to uncontrollable drug addiction.

One of the effects of drug addiction is the injuries that it brings. Most drug abuse leads to high possibility of domestic violence, accidents and even death. Another would be the health problems that comes with it. It weakens the immune system which increases the susceptibility of the human body to diseases and infections. It can also cause cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, stroke and even liver failure.


Drug abuse also have different effects on the brain. As mentioned above, dopamine floods the system which leads to a sense of euphoria to a person. On addition to that, it targets the reward system which leads to the addiction. It also affects the memory, decision making and attention span of a person. This is also leads to mental confusion, and worse could be permanent brain damage.

Many behavioral problems can also be seen to someone involved with drug abuse, this includes aggressiveness, hallucinations, paranoia and loss of self-control. The worst condition is effects of drug abuse to pregnant person which will not only affect the mother but the child inside her womb. This may lead to poor nutrition and birth defects.  The baby may be born too early, too small and may have behavioral problems.


Drug abuse and addiction is a medical concern. That’s why it’s important that we take good care of the person around us. If you have a suspicion that someone you love is using drugs, make him take a drug test in order to verify your intuition. Many drug test kits are available online such as urine cup drug test kits, dip drug test kits and mouth swab drug test kits. It is never too late to reach out to someone that you care about.


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Hair Drug Test: Meets the Highest Standards of the Testing Industry

hairDrugTestDrug test is a procedure that often requested during the employment procedure. Business owners wanted to secure their companies and promote safety in the workplace. Hair drug test examines a hair sample for parent drugs and their metabolites. A hair example, gathered from a donor’s head or body, is sent to the research facility and is screened for illegal substances. Here are several facts about hair drug test.

  • The usual length of head hair tested is 1½ inches from the root end. Since the normal development rate of human head hair is around ½ inch (1.3 cm) every month a hair analysis covers an estimated 90 day time span. This time allotment is estimation only since an individual’s actual hair growth rate may differ from the average.
  • Body hair can also be used for testing. However, while body hair is generally recognized as representing to a more distant time period than head hair, the inexact time period can’t be distinguished because of the high variability of growth rates. It takes roughly 5-10 days from the time of drug use for the hair containing drug to become over the scalp where it can be gathered.
  • Any hair remaining after first testing that is completed is held for one year period. Test results are held for a period of two years.
  • Along with a wash procedure, testing facilities searches for both the parent drug and metabolite of drug use. For marijuana examination, it distinguishes just the metabolite (THC-COOH). This metabolite is just delivered by the body and can’t be an environmental contaminant.
  • Right now there are no known successful business adulterants for hair tests and the prescribed use of ordinary hair care items/techniques (shampoos, colors, permanents, relaxers, dyes) don’t significantly affect results. The impacts of these items were looked into by the FDA.
  • Hair color is controlled by the measure of melanin in the hair. It has been demonstrated tentatively, through genuine hair tests, and in addition decided in court that hair color has no significant effect on results.
  • Hair coming from brush can be used for the drug analysis but the test will be reported as having anonymous donor. Testing center’s personnel cannot attribute the sample to any specific individual and they cannot identify the time frame of the test, so the test result is not legally secure.


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How to Pass a Drug Test on a Short Notification

The first thing that you should be aware of is that drug test is accompanied with the advance technology wherein there will be options to fake the result of the test like using someone’s urine sample or putting something on the specimen but most of the time it will be detectable. So the best way to prepare for a drug test is by preventing of using illegal drugs or stopping from drug use as soon as you find out that you need to undergo a drug test. When there will be no enough time in flushing the substance on your system, there are techniques you can still try that includes:01272011_Damien_dont_panic

 Give yourself more time as possible. If you have a short time to prepare, use it wisely by stopping your usual routine of taking drugs. No matter what type of drug you’ve been using, you’re better off ending well in advance of the test rather than trusting and depending in useless methods for falsifying the test.

 If the drug test is to be given by your employer, in most cases you should receive rational notice in advance of the test. You might know what week it will be administered although you don’t know the exact date.

 If you will undergo drug testing because you’re on probation, your tests are likely to be on a set schedule. Get your system be ready in advance.

 Check what type of test you’ll be taking. There are four types of drug tests such as urine tests, blood tests, saliva tests and hair tests. Progressions in testing technology have made it harder to fake tests, but being aware on the changes between the tests can be useful when it comes to your particular situation.

 Try to identify how much of the drug is in your system. The procedure you’ll select to pass a drug test varies in part on how much of the drug you think is still in your body. For example, if you’re just an occasional user of marijuana, the drug might not be visible after a few days of usage. On the other hand, intense use of marijuana and other drugs are noticeable even after 15 to 30 days.

 Know which test to select if you get an option. You won’t always get to choose how you’ll be tested for drugs, but sometimes you can select whether you want to take a urine, blood, saliva or hair test.

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What Drugs are Detected in a Drug Screening?

Drug screening is generally used by employers to test probable new workers for the presence of prohibited drugs and alcohol. Drug screening is also conducted if an accident happened in the workplace. It will identify if the person involved was under the influence of drugs when the accident happened. Drug screening is done by taking a sample of hair, urine or blood and sending it to a credible medical laboratory to validate whether the sample provided contains alcohol or prohibited drugs content. Various drugs have proven that it can stay in the system for a day after the usage. Prevention from the use of illegal drugs and alcohol is an intelligent decision for any person in search of a new place for employment.  Here are the kinds of drugs that can be detected in drug screening:

  •  drug_test_86499236Marijuana – Marijuana is usually tested in drug screening. Rare use of marijuana can be identified by urine tests if it has been used within the last three to five days. Intense use of marijuana can be detected from three to four weeks after the last use when urine testing is conducted. Hair testing can spot any usage up to three months after use. Blood and saliva testing can only identify very latest use and known as the least precise procedure.

  • Cocaine – Cocaine is often times tested in drug screening. Through urine drug test, cocaine (including crack) can be spotted two to five days after use. A blood or saliva-based test can also detect cocaine within the last five days. And the most advisable method for identifying cocaine is through hair testing for the reason that it can detect the content up to 90 days after the last usage.
  • Methamphetamine – Methamphetamine is frequently tested for in drug screens. Methamphetamine can be spotted in a urine drug test three to five days after the last usage. A hair drug screen can identify the drug up to 90 days after the last usage.
  • Heroin – Heroin is almost constantly tested for in a drug screen. It can be spotted in urine up to four days after the last usage. Heroin can be identified in blood and saliva after two days of usage. It can be shown in hair drug screening 90 days after the last use.

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