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Types of Drug Test for Workplace Drug Testing

Drug testing is the assessment of a urine, saliva or other kind of body specimen to know whether an individual has been using the drugs. Drug tests are regularly done as a part of pre-employment screening of business organizations, particularly for positions that may include transportation industries such as railways and airline organizations. It is also conducted in hospitals and other working environments where the public’s wellbeing is essential. Employment drug testing is commonly conducted for some U.S. businesses to decrease the risks and effects of drug use and abuse such as safety concerns, and the decrease of productivity in the working environment. The following are the types of drug tests that can be used in the workplace:


Urine drug testing

Urine is the commonly used specimen used for drug testing by businesses. A urinalysis will demonstrate the presence of a drug in the even after the drug effects have worn off; however, the amount of time depend on the kind of drug. Average urine drug tests for work may screen for amphetamines or methamphetamines, cocaine, marijuana, sedatives like oxycodone or heroin, nicotine, and liquor.

Saliva drug testing

Saliva or oral drug testing, also called a mouth swab test, might be used if an employer is saliva-alcohol-testused with the thought about recent drug use. Saliva drug test however is not useful to test the long term use of drugs. Most saliva drug tests can detect drug use between hours up to 3 days. Saliva drug test is a simple lab test to conduct and the sample easy to extract, it is also less vulnerable to being changed or altered. Saliva drug tests can detect alcohol, cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines, and methamphetamines.

Blood drug testing

A blood drug test might be used to know the amount of drug in a workers body at that exact moment. Different kind of drugs can be tried for in blood: amphetamines, cocaine, cannabis, methamphetamines, sedatives, nicotine, and liquor. Blood testing is invasive yet there is minimal possibility for cheating or alteration of the sample.

Medical science

Hair drug testing

hair-follicle-drug-test.jpgHair testing is used to detect drug use on the longer term, usually over a 90-day timeframe. Hair can be tried for cocaine, maryjane, sedatives, methamphetamine, phencyclidine, and liquor.

Aside from knowing the types of drug test. You should also know the kinds of drug testing kits. There are single panel and multi panel drug test kits. Single panel drug test kits detect only a specific kind of drug test while multi-panel drug test kits tests for several types of drugs.

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Advantages of Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing in the workplace gives businesses a chance to guarantee that their workers are not using illicit substances at work or even in their time off.  While it might cost an organization to test every employee, the benefits and advantages of the testing make it worth the cost. Here are a few advantages that a company can get when they do not skip drug testing programs.


  • Safer Working Environment – If the work setting involves operating machines and288491653_2eebf1d6e1_o.jpg other equipment, an employee should not be under the influence of any illegal drugs. For example, a driver should be sober in order to do his job properly. Conducting drug testing in the workplace leads to a better and safer work environment.
  • Productive Employees – Absenteeism, tardiness, employee theft and behavioral problems are few problems often associated with drug use and abuse. All of which leads to poor performance and less profits. Through workplace drug testing, you can be assured that you have employees who really do their duties well at work. Drug use leads to lower focus and reduced productivity. This is one of the reasons why a business should prevent people who use drugs to enter the company as well as employees who violate the rules and regulations which regards to working under the influence of drugs.
  • Decrease of Health Insurance Costs- Drug use cause many health problems. Those who use illegal substances have higher medical costs than those who don’t. This means more frequent health insurance claims, which of course translates to higher premiums. A drug testing in the workplace will help you prevent this kind of financial damage.
  • health-costs-stock.jpgPrevents Employee Theft and Fraud- Drug users are always in need of cash in order to sustain their drug addiction. This is why they tend to lie, borrow, and even steal money. A drug user employee will most likely steal from other employees or even from the organization that he works for. A good drug testing program will be able to give the right consequences to those who violate it as well as prevent the theft and fraud in the workplace.
  • Reduce Possible Workplace Violence and Conflicts- Most drug users have behavioral issues and have always been aggressive especially those who are using stimulants. Conducting drug testing in the workplace will reduce this issue. Other than that, it has been proven that there is also an increased productivity to those who feel safer at their work environment.


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Tips to Prevent Inaccurate Results in Conducting at Home Drug Test

a14One of the most common problems in teenagers is the involvement in drug use in their adolescent life. They are in the time when their curiosity is heightened and they think that they are entitled to try everything in order to fulfill the desires of their adventures. Some teens are still confused as to what and who they want to be. This is the time where they also feel emotional and vulnerable. This is why most teens suffer from mental and emotional issues. Their immaturity and vulnerability pushes them to try new things and look for confidants in which they could feel that they belong and someone can empathize with them. Unfortunately, not all teenagers find people that will help them with their issues and look after them as they go through this stage. Some have found bad peers and companions that have influenced them to use drugs as an emotional outlet to escape issues and have a momentary break to the problems they have. This is why it’s important that parentsdownload should always be there for their kids in every phase of life that they may undergo. As parents they have the responsibility for taking care of the well-being of their children. As to drug involvement, one wise decision to make is to conduct an at home drug test that will help them verify their suspicion of their child’s drug use. However, if you are a parent, you might want to keep the drug test confidential and keep it to you and your child and your family. The best thing to do this is purchase drug test kits and conduct an at home drug test. However, before performing a drug test at home you must know the following tips to get accurate and reliable results:

  • Look for behavioral and mental signs and symptoms- symptoms that may lead you to identify which kind of drugs your child might be involved. This will help you which drug test kit to buy for your at-home drug test. Different drugs have common symptoms but they also have different mental and behavioral effects to a person.
  • Kind of drug test- There are several types of drugs test. However, the most commonly used at home drug test is saliva drug test and urine drug test since it is easier to administer and read the results compared to blood test that needs medical expert to extract and analyze the samples.
  • Where to buy the test kits – With the different companies that produce drug test kits, you must buy from established and trusted ones. Other than that, buy drug test Bipolar_5393kits that are provide full instructions on how to how to conduct the test and read results. Most importantly, buy accurate test kits. Don’t sacrifice quality over expenses. Just imagine the misunderstanding and the confusion it will create if you get false results.
  • Be knowledgeable on how to prevent cheating during the test – If your child is really involved, he will do anything to make the results negative and avoid the confrontation. This is why it’s important that you learn the before, during and after lessons that you should know in administering someone to a drug test. This includes removing things that your child might use to fake the sample as well as being there on the actual extraction of the specimens that will be used.
  • Learn about false positives- Your drug test might be reliable however there are other reasons that you the results might turn put positive when in reality it’s positive. It is also important to know this one.

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Tips on Reliable Urine Drug Test Results

Why do people undergo drug tests? There are a lot of reasons why a person must submit him or herself in drug tests even though he or she knows that he or she never indulged in the use of prohibited drugs. But the most imminent is that this test is usually required of people who wants to get certain certifications and IDs from government agencies and some private firms. Also, the test is a primary requirement by meticulous employers who simply do not want their people to be subjected to the security and safety problems of working with troubled people—however intelligent and good they are in the job.


There are different types of drug tests that a person may undergo. One of the most common is the urine drug test. In this case, the applicant will have to pee in the privy or the laboratory or clinic comfort room and present the urine to the technician in the provided little bottles. The technician will label this container and eventually subject it under tests to see if there are prevalent prohibited drugs in the specimen. This could last for a matter of minutes or maybe hours, depending on the affecting factors. There are times that some unwanted elements may become present in the specimen due to gross negligence of the applicant or worse, the technician. To ensure clean, safe, and reliable result, it is best to get a urine drug test from a reputable provider. This is where the drug control abuse can be of service. This is an online provider of drug control products and services, which can be contacted through their homepage or their hotline numbers posted on the site. They can surely offer a test service that is surely reliable and according to the standards set by the government and agencies governing this test results. Urine drug test is an examination that is very important to be compromised, especially to employers, college and professional sports administrators and a lot more. Thus, it pays to trust only the real ans reliable service providers when it comes to urine drug testing, Drug Abuse Control. Next time a urine drug test should be administered, there is no need to trust just any laboratory that comes first to sight or the first clinic name that comes on top of the search page. Trust only the leader when it comes to drug control, DAC.

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14 Panel Drug Test: What it is and the drugs it can detect

Drug Testing is an analysis of specimen to discover any presence of drugs. Detection period varies from the drugs that were used. Some can be detected after a few hours while some might takes days for it to be detected. 14 panel drug test includes testing for the use of Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Cocaine, Fentanyl, Marijuana, Methadone, Meperidine, Opiates, Oxycodone, PCP, Propoxyphene, Sufentanil, and Tramadol.

One of the drugs is the amphetamine is a central nervous system stimulant. This drug can also be used as a treatment for certain conditions like deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. The effect might be felt immediately or within 30 minutes. On the other hand, Maijuana comes from the hemp plant cannabis sativa. People usually smoke marijuana or eat it. Some says that marijuana has some particles that may treat conditions that is why some agrees that it should be legal for medical purposes.

Mephedrone DrugCocaine is a powerful drug made from the leaves of a coca plant. It is either inhaled or dissolved in the water. Its effects may last from 15 minutes to an hour. Opiates are groups of drugs used for treating pain and are also highly addictive. It comes from poppy plants which can be natural or synthetic. PCP also known as angel dust is a white crystalline powder that can make the user feel detached and can also cause hallucinations and seizures. Benzodiazepines, on the other hand are used for treating anxiety, seizures and insomnia as it produces a calming effect.

Barbiturates are commonly used to treat anxiety and sleeping disorders but can cause death in some cases as it acts as a central nervous system depressant. Methadone is also used as a pain reliever and it has the capacity to reduce the withdrawal symptoms in people addicted to heroin and that is why it is also used as a substitute for heroin. Propoxyphen usually relieves moderate to severe pain and is a narcotic pain reliever. Like Propoxyphen, Oxycodone is also a narcotic drug. It can slow or stop your breathing so it’s not recommended to persons with asthma and other breathing problems.

Meperidine is a narcotic analgesic that may also be used before surgery to support anesthesia. It changes the way the body senses pain. Tramadol is also used as a pain reliever. Fentanyl is more powerful than morphine and is used to treat people with chronic pain who are physically tolerant to opiates as the drug is a synthetic opiate analgesic. Sufentanil is more potent than Fetanyl to decrease the pain. Although most of the drugs included in the 14 panel drug test are commonly used as pain killers, these drugs can become addicting and may result to health problems or even cause death.

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Methods of Drug Testing

Drug testing is frequently done to identify if an illegal drugs has been introduced into the system and it can be determined in blood, urine, hair and other body fluids. Among these, the most common type of drug test is urinalysis or by submitting and using urine sample. An individual who will undergo the test will be requested to urinate into a specimen cup. The urine sample is then examined with chemical test. The test may identify the presence of illegal drugs. It also detects a chemical produced during the breakdown of the drug in the system.

drug and alcohol

Any substance that will go through the body undertakes chemical deviations. For an instance, foods are broken down into pieces by the digestive sys­tem into simple sugars, amino acids, and other substances. These matters are then used by cells to create energy and different mixtures needed by the body. Metabolites are the substances that were formed during the breakdown process. During drug testing it identifies the presence of drug metabo­lites not the illegal drugs. The significance of this explanation for drug testing in the workplace is that a urine procedure naturally displays what drugs were used at some time in the previous early years or few hours earlier. That drug use might happen all through a person’s secluded and none working time. If the individual has positive result, it will not determine his/her ability to perform his/her job.

Several strategies are available for the drug testing. The enzyme-multiplied immunoassay tech­nique (EMIT) is the most typical used for today. During the procedure, sample of urine is being combined with a substance. The chemical combines with drug metabolites in the sample. Distinctive color was produced on the mixture of chemical and drug metabolite. The existence of the color therefore concludes that there is a presence of drug metabolites. Thin-layer chromatography (TLC) is another procedure that is commonly used and this is much easier compared to EMIT. During the procedure a urine sample is being combined with chemicals and passed down a band of filter paper. Metabolites in the urine sample detached out as spots on the testing band. The occurrence of an “amphetamine spot” on the strip shows the presence of an amphetamine metabolite in sample provided. .

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