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Urine Test: An Incredibly Easy Method That Detects Illegal Drugs

Urine test is a kind of drug test that uses urine as a specimen to detect substances within the urine that are found in drugs, therefore letting us know if there is a presence of illegal drugs in a person’s body. It is the most popular type of drug test because it is easy to perform and it is very convenient for the users. Aside from a urine test, there are also other types of drug tests like blood test or saliva test, all having the same purpose of detecting if there are illicit substances within the body.

maxresdefault.jpgUrine tests have been proven to be the easiest method in detecting if a person is using illegal drugs or not, because of its ease of use. Here are some of the reasons as to why:

  • Less invasive – it is definitely less invasive due to the fact that people urinate behind closed doors. The privacy adds a lot of factor, and people are more comfortable conducting drug tests in their own private rooms than in public labs. The privacy also allows them to relax while conducting a drug test, therefore reducing pressure upon the user.
  • Cheap – some drug tests cost more than others because of their intricacy and how they are to be used, while some are cheap because they are simple to use and are not too complicated. A urine test falls on the latter category because of its simplicity, therefore making it cheaper than other drug tests.
  • Easy to conduct – since a urine test is less complicated than other drug tests, it is much easier to use and to conduct. That’s why it is a popular type of drug test because people might have a hard time understanding the instructions of other types of drug tests, which could lead to inaccurate results.
  • Results in just a few minutes – because of its simplicity, its results appear fast too, since it does not require a lot of processing. Some types of drug tests require complicated analysis to produce results. The more complicated things are, the slower it becomes to process it, therefore consuming time. A Urine test on the other hand produces results in a short span of time.

In order to be sure that the results of the urine test is accurate, the urine test kits must be reliable and accurate. As a user, we cannot afford to have inaccurate results, because drugs are a huge problem in our society. Drug Abuse Control, with its variety of drug test kits, offers reliable products and are proven and tested by their customers. To ensure accuracy and reliability, choose Drug Abuse Control.


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In the Subject of Privacy and Drug Testing

In the 80s, there was confusion in the forces that pushed drug testing to the front of workplace issues. An increasing pressure was on employers by the globalization of the world’s economy, to cut their costs of fueling their search for the right employee and doing their business.  The war on drugs intensified because of urban crime related in the rising level of drugs. But in America, the war’s focus shifted from attacking the supply to the demands, the increase of risk that aimed for the public’s safety as the specter of impairment while on the job, especially in the transportation employment sector. “Everyone should have drug testing except me” was the attitude when the drug testing emerged which was the solution to all these ills.

Drug Impairment and Urinalysis


There is a confusion in forces which raises different problems, in some case it is drug use, performance impairment and performance enhancing drugs that mostly used by athletes. The quickest fix to a lot of these problems are workplace drug testing that uses urine samples but urinalysis cannot measure the impairment caused by drugs, wanting attack the demanding side of the drug trade, apart from that almost all forces calls for drug testing on impairment while on the job. But because of drug testing, the public sees it as an extreme invasion of privacy and very intrusive that was one of the most fundamental rights, it is intrusive mostly when imposed randomly without any kind of reasonable suspicions like many drug testing proponent advocate.

Intrusiveness of Drug Testing and the Mechanisms of Drug Testing

The drug testing prevailing method of choice is by using urine samples.  But people have expressed their experience of urinalysis that degraded them. Not only is the drug testing method intrusive. Drug testing results are highly sensitive personal information in a collection. It tells us if a person had a history of taking drugs or may have consumed drugs. Collecting Urine samples to find the drugs used and may show medical conditions through urinalysis that is only known by the person being testing.

Drug testing needed subjects to show their use of prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and other legitimate drugs that could cause positive feedback from the drugs testing results, private firms and the government embraced the drug testing method of urinalysis despite its intrusiveness. In the 80s, 58 percent of employers in the US had drug testing programs.

Widespread drug testing is a simple, and a quick fix to a complex social problem that is enormously attractive. That is stress, ignorance and the continuing failure of treating and drug testing employees with substance abuse health problems and not social deviance, which is threatening than appreciating a lot of our fundamental liberties?

Employers permitted the war on drugs strategy that intrude family homes without any kind of reasonable suspicion, intrusions are not really addressing the main problem, but the government are still attracted with the idea of drug testing that intrudes the bodies of its citizens.

How to Know When a Sample Will Pass a Drug Test

Drug test procedures are becoming an ordinary norm in recruiting and retaining employees in all companies all over the United States. The most common among all types of drug test is the urine drug test because aside from its actual cost, one could get the result instantly. Other types of drug screening will need hair, blood or saliva specimen. People who are serious to seek employment will do all possible means to pass drug test. They must be aware when drugs will leave their system. Here are your guidelines on how to know when a sample will pass a drug test:


 Do some estimation on the length of time in majority. Alcohol and some hallucinogens are likely to leave your body in less than 12 hours with occasional use. Next are stimulants like cocaine and opiates like heroin, which stays until two days. Nicotine also falls into that category. Depressants can last few weeks, specifically Valium.

 Be aware that you may consider several factors which are connected on how long drugs stay in the system. Constant drug use, specifically of alcohol or marijuana, can stay drugs in your body longer. The higher the regularity of use and strength, the longer your system will keep drug substances.

 Understand that your weight, health, metabolism and process of drug contact are all factors that influence the duration of time drugs stay in your body.

 Be familiar that the slightest feared drugs can usually stay in your system for longer days. The THC in marijuana is fat-soluble that tends to hide in your fat cells for up to 1 month. Anabolic steroids that outbreak and can greatly affect skilled athletes can last up to six months when give a shot.

 Remove toxins which include illegal drugs out of your body faster by taking lots of fluid. Engaging into physical activities is another method to get rid of toxins because you’re removing it out through your sweat. On the other hand, doing such extreme activities a few days before a drug test may usually elevate the amount of THC in your system.

 Consider about your hair. Drugs stay in your hair follicles much lengthier, showing your drug use for maximum of six months.

 Pay attention for blood serum testing. Although a more costly test, it’s frequently used for serious job responsibilities.

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How to Avoid Alcohol Testing Using anti Craving Medication

Because of the availability of modern medicine that can treat alcoholism, there will be the biggest probability that you will pass the alcohol testing. Various anti craving drugs have been introduced to medical world and usually included on the prescription of the medical practitioners to treat intense alcoholism. This normally functions on mid-brain receptors to ease withdrawal and control cravings for liquors. When used in combination with the comprehensive program of counseling it can be very effective. Some medications were approved by the FDA like Naltrexone and Acamprosate. Here’s how to avoid alcohol testing using anti craving medication:


 Perform an honest assessment on your own self. Ask questions that will identify if you should seek for medical assistance to cut your alcohol intake. Other signs of alcohol dependence include the incapacity to control how much you drink, withdrawal symptoms such as trembling or nervousness if you stop drinking, sleep disturbance and physical effects of alcohol such as fluid buildup, poor wound healing and gastrointestinal bleeding.

 Investigate about anti-craving medications because this approach is quite new to many medical providers. Search from online websites and articles about their functions, efficacy and side effects. Gather comprehensive reviews about the medications before visiting a doctor.

 Make your appointment. Medications for alcoholism do not require a highly skilled addiction expert, but it is useful to have a reliable health care provider who will attend your needs and listen on what are you trying to explain. Try to find for someone you are at ease with and whom you believe will respect your decisions.

 Anticipate that there will be number of test before the treatment will start. This will include physical exam, a GGT (blood chemistry test to evaluate liver function), a CDT (a more sensitive blood test) and an assessment for signs of problems due to alcohol consumption such as abdominal pain, heart abnormalities or cirrhosis.

 Be ready to take a referral for counseling or group-based meetings to be done in combination with the medication. Provision and support is an essential portion of the procedure. If you are reluctant to visit a health care provider, you may consider visiting an online alcohol recovery forum, where you may take part secretly. You may find someone who is starting a similar regimen and treatment. You can share each other’s views and opinions which can be enormously helpful.

 You may also consider short term medication to manage withdrawal symptoms. Your doctor should primarily check for the presence of other medications to prevent interactions such as over-sedation.

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How to Understand Drug Tests

Regardless of what type of drug test, it will be hard to interpret or understand the procedure if you don’t have any background yet regarding the screening. A urine specimen is the most usual sample used to identify the presence of drugs. Amphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cannibinoids, cocaine, opiates and phencyclidine (PCP) are the seven drug classes that are most normally tested for. Medical practitioners order drug testing on patients showing different signs of substance abuse, primarily to end up on the appropriate treatment. Employers use drug testing predominantly to promote a drug-free workplace. Here’s how to understand drug test:

Confused man scratching his head

  • Check for your laboratory report for the terms positive or not detected. Every medical laboratory chooses on a cut-off value for each drug class. Any outcome above the established cut-off value is measured as positive, and any value below it is known as negative. In your laboratory record, each drug class confirmed has a positive or not detected result following to it.

  • A positive screen for a drug class shows the existence in the system of a substance belonging to that drug class at absorption greater than the standard cut-off.

  • Every drug class that shows positive in the drug test commonly is further tested to identify the particular drug or drugs used. Some over-the-counter medicines and legitimately prescribed medications can cause a positive result. Make sure to constantly state any medications you have taken and have treatments for when you have a drug test.

  • Be aware that a “non-detected” result for a drug class doesn’t essentially mean that the person tested did not use illegal drugs previously. The drug or drugs may be current at levels below the recognized cut-off value because they have already been processed and secreted from the body. Amphetamines, cocaine and opiates read positive only if used in the two or three days earlier the specimen collection.

  • As best option, you can consult a medical expert to help you understand the result of your drug test.

The laboratory can also use blood, saliva, sweat and hair samples for drug testing aside from urine specimen. Drug testing conducted for reasons other than medical purposes follows a firm paper track from the person gathering the sample to the person testing it and discharging results. Most drug testing, commonly screens for the presence of major drugs. Furthermore, particular drugs can be tested if abuse is alleged.

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Why It is Not Good to Use Recycled Urine Drug Testing Cups

Drug abuse is one of the biggest problems in the world today. It seems that a huge percentage of the total population is struggling from a form of addiction. But the worst of its kind is the use of hazardous substances. Now, not all of these substances are really bad to the health of people. In fact, most of these drugs are basically used to improve someone’s health and more. The problem is when people use them uncontrollably. In most cases, these substances are addictive in nature thereby causing brain illness to its users. And when the brain is having trouble, so does the thinking and the overall functions of the body and thus, the person.

do_not_recycle_this_item_prohibition_signThis is why people who are addicted to substances should seek medical help, including psychologists. These experts will help rehabilitate these people back to their original thinking and routine. And before and to start, an elaborated drug test should be performed. This will confirm how much substance is present in the body and for how long should the treatment be carried out. The most basic and popular of all is the urinalysis. This is a test that is being done on the urine of a person through excreting this into new and clean Urine Drug Testing Cups.

Urine Drug Testing Cups come in different designs, styles and manufacturing materials. The most common kind made from plastic and designed as mini bottles that can be sealed after urine collection. This seal will ensure the original configuration of all the things that are present in the urine and thus the body of a person undergoing drug urine test. The test on the collected urine should be done as soon as possible or else, the urine sample is no longer good for testing from drugs.

Another thing that can render a drug test questionable is the use of old Urine Drug Testing Cups. If old ones or recycled ones are used, the person being tested may not be able to get an accurate test result. This is so as no one knows what remnants of the previous drug test is still on the cup’s walls. Also, people undergoing drug tests are paying for the right services and materials or supplies. It is just fitting if these people will be able to receive the right testing procedure which will determine the accuracy of the results of the drug test.

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How to Fail Drug Testing in the Workplace When Not on Illegal Drugs

Drug testing in the workplace is common nowadays specially if there are possible threat that will affect other employees and the operation of the entire company. On the other hand, there are possibilities that you will get positive results even if you are not into illegal drugs or haven’t tried yet before. Getting a false positive on a drug test is more usual as you may not expect it to happen. The possibility of getting a positive result on a drug test varies on many conditions. You must cope up with your situation sensibly if you receive any kind of positive drug test outcome. Study how you might get a false positive and how to avoid getting one on your next drug screening. Here’s how to fail drug testing in the workplace when not on prohibited drugs.


  • Do some research on which allowed medications can create false positives for prohibited drugs. Even some of the most usual prescriptions can make your drug test positive.

  • Have an open conversation with your manager or with the medical practitioner who will conduct the drug screening before the entire procedure. Fill out a comprehensive medication list of all over-the-counter and prescription medications to give to your doctor before your test.
  •  Be careful on what you eat. Practice balance diet. If you are not aware there are certain foods that can bring a positive result on your drug test. Avoid anything with poppy seeds. You can eat bagels or blueberry muffins until you pass the examination.
  •  Inquire for a diverse type of drug test if you’ve acquired multiple false positive results. Try to use other drug testing sample like saliva or your blood if urine drug test failed to work for you.
  • Ask for a copy of your drug test result from your employer. If the result turned out to be positive, you can ask the company doctor to explain every detail for you to clearly understand why it happened. If you’re certain that you are not a drug user, then you can ask for another drug test however medical technician will use same sample.
  • Take a home drug test as preparation to get an idea of what an actual drug test is like. Identify what to assume before getting the official test done.

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How False Positives and False Negatives Happen in Drug Testing

Drug testing result may not always be accurate depending on what kind of drug test you applied. It may produce incorrect and wrong conclusions. False positives and false negatives are the mistaken result after the procedure. False positives happen when there is a presence of drug metabolite when that specific drug is not actually present. On the other hand, false negatives are the indication that there is no drug metabolite present when actually the person used illegal drugs.

False positives and False nega

False positives and false negatives may happen for various reasons, such as the occurrence of chemi­cals in urine that act like drug metabolites during the urine drug test, drug test facilitator error, or basically because chemical tests are not per­fect. Because of these explanations and reasons, any urine sample that indicates or show a positive test for an illegal drug must be tested for the second time however they will use different kind of drug test like blood drug test or saliva drug test procedure. The affirmative test is much more precise than other pre­liminary tests. On the other hand, it can be more costly. The most usual confirmatory drug testing procedure is recognized as a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) test, which can manifest a higher probability of accuracy. A GC/MS drug procedure is when a urine sam­ple is combined with a gas and passed through a revealing compartment. Some drug metabolites in the sam­ple are moved out. The metabolites will pass a second device, a mass spectrome­ter that identifies the presence of the drug metabolites. It will identify if metabolites are present in the urine sample.

During the first few years of drug testing, incorrect results were very common. The incidence of false positives and false negatives has reduced and lessen as the procedure of drug testing has improved and upgraded. On the other hand, that developments in drug testing do not mean that the number of mistaken results have fallen to zero. That main objective is possibly not attainable in the real world. This difficulty can be especially severe all throughout the pre-employment procedure. Several companies demanded for drug testing during the application process. If the tests ended with positive results, applicants may not be possibly hired. In those cases, no additional tests are conducted, and no false results are likely to be revealed.

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Passing a Pre Employment Drug Testing

Both employer and applicant must be aware about doing the pre employment drug testing, simply because it will benefit the future employee and the company. It may cost you a little amount of money however it accompanies positive effect in the long run. It may also prove that the applicant deserves to be included on the company.

It may be conducted within the workplace as permitted by state law. Pre Employment drug testing can also identify the best applicant in the position and determine who is qualified and deserving to pass.


Employment Drug Tests

Drug and alcohol tests could be done as a condition of employment, conducted erratically, because of an injury, or simply because an employee come into sight to be under the pressure of drugs or alcohol on the job, if unpermitted absence from work or tardiness issue occurs, or if performance decreased and shows to be affected by drug or alcohol mistreatment. Personal issued may arise if an employee is proven to be in influenced of drug or alcohol while inside the workplace.

Types of Drug Tests

There are some drug and alcohol tests that employer or applicant might consider, it includes sweat drug screen, breath alcohol test, urine drug test, saliva drug screen, hair drug test and blood drug test. Urine drug test is the most common that is being applied in most countries internationally. 

Passing a Drug Test

The only means to be certain that you’re going to pass a drug test is not to have drugs or alcohol in your system. With several drugs, including marijuana, remains may confirm in drug tests for weeks.

And if you have second thoughts on the positive drug test results and uncertain about its accuracy, you can ask for second opinion and have the specimen retested at your expense. You may check with the company for information on how to request a retest.

Applying pre employment drug testing must be strictly required. It may cost you time, effort and money but you can save the company for future circumstances.

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Why are there so many cases of young people being involved in riots and are being brought to jail? Commonly, these actions are not just mere rebellion. The number one cause of it is being under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Would a home drug test kit be helpful in order to prevent these addictions? Let’s discuss about it.

Home testing kit

Home testing kit

How could addiction possibly happen? Some teens are curious about how it taste and how they would feel after taking it or because of the influence of their friends. Who would want to be called a coward and be bullied by your friends, right? Some are using it to enhance sports execution. And mostly, people use these as tools to escape problems causing stress and depressions.

Due to its effects, some tend to abuse their consumption of drugs and alcohol. Then it leads to the unusual hunger of having it regularly. And these habit-forming substances will also lead to engagement into risky behavior such as theft or violence in order to finance this addiction. Repeated usage of these substances can change the way the brain looks and functions. The users tend to do unusual things such as skipping class or work or being a part of fights and getting arrested. Their life becomes a total chaos.

How can we control these drug abuses? Even at home, we can detect whether our family member is under the influence of these substances with the help of home drug test kits. We can confirm whether they are using these substances in order for us to manage their addiction. These kits detect all drugs with 99% accuracy. Be more aware about these ways to prevent drug abuse.