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Wholesale Drug Test Kits for Your Workplace Needs

Many businesses and companies have made pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing as a part of their policies and programs. With the number of employees and applicants in their establishment, it is only reasonable that they purchase bulk or wholesale drug test kits. The questions should be, what are the things to be considered in purchasing wholesale drug test kits?


  • Where will you purchase – This is the most important question that should be considered when choosing drug test kits. Many are now producers of drug testing kits. The best way to narrow it down is to look for companies that are FDA approved, CLIA waived and have at least 99.9% accuracy detection like Drug Abuse Control. It is important to get services and products from fully established companies that have passed the necessary standards and accreditation. By doing so, you are ensured that the results of the background checks will be true or accurate.
  • What type of drug test will be conducted – Another thing to bear in mind is the type of test that you want your employees to perform. It is only advisable to think through which test should be convenient and efficient to you and your workers. For example, are they okay with extracting blood as a specimen or is it much better to use saliva or urine? Which is easier to conduct and which type of tests take only little time to see the results?
  • What kind of drug are you testing – With the various kinds of illegal drugs, it isdrugtestingwork important to know which drugs you are testing for. In addition, you must also choose if you are going to test for only a single type of drugs or several drugs. Know that a single-panel drug test is less expensive but tests for only a specific kind of drugs. Multi-panel test on the other hand, tests for several kinds of drugs yet is more costly.
  • The cost and delivery – Quality is important but how much it costs is also another factor that will surely affect your decision making. It is important to know if you can afford it and if its cost equates to its standard. The thing is you should affordable drug testing kits that doesn’t compromise the standard for its cost. Another is it ships for free to your place. By choosing those who deliver for free, you will save a bit of your money.


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How to Select Reliable and Accurate Drug Test Kits

With a vast variety of drug test kits available in the online and physical market, it is quite a hassle to choose and distinguish which products would give accurate and quality results. Though it may seem hard to select it is actually quite easier than expected. First of all, it would be best to buy through online shops, beside saving the gas, time and effort buying at stores, there are a lot of online stores that provide 99.9% accuracy and product quality.


Drug Test Kits Basics

Now this question might come to an individual’s mind, why may one need to utilize a home drug test? Actually, there are a lot reasons why – to decide whether somebody you know and care about is messing with drugs, to help keep somebody during the time spent getting spotless recovery from illegal drug use, to check whether somebody is being straightforward to you about their drug related issues, to check whether somebody who is in recovery process from illegal drug abuse is sufficiently perfect to breeze through a drug test for work or out of curiosity, just simply test yourself.

How to know if Drug Test Kits are Reliable

Let’s get to the point; no one would buy drug test kits that are not guaranteed accurate. It is actually very simple to check for guaranteed reliability, here are 5 pointers to keep in mind and look for when ordering drug test kits:

  • FDA Approved
  • CLIA Waived
  • Has a 99.9% Accuracy Rating
  • Configurations are customizable
  • Approved for Doctors, Hospitals, Rehabs, Staffing &etc.

Are Drug test kits really accurate?

The common thinking of people is that in order to get accurate drug test results they will be needing professionals and be tested in drug test facilities. Though it is right obvious that professionals test is accurate, you can also perform an accurate drug test in the likes of your own home through reliable drug testing kits.

How accurate can these tests be? The drug tests actually utilize the guideline of drug rivalry to create an outcome. For example, in a urine test containing drugs, the drugs will tie to the strip and keep the arrangement of a line in the Test area. In a urine test without drugs, the antibodies on the strip will respond by creating a line. It is an altogether looked into, tried and FDA cleared process, acknowledged by organizations and governments crosswise over America.

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Importance of Drug Test Kits to Identify Drug Level

Drug test kits identify the presence of illegal drugs in a person’s system. In any case, you must be watchful on picking the right one to ensure that you will only get the right result.


These days, individuals are more engaged to hinge on drugs and drug abusing population is expanding at a quicker rate than ever before. It is essentially significant to know why drug abusers for the most part depend on drugs. It is more significant to investigate diverse approaches to keep them far from the intake of some extremely hazardous drugs. To keep drug-abusers far from drugs, we have to first study and call attention to some approaches to distinguish the level of illegitimate drugs in drug abusers.

A drug abuser generally smokes or takes drugs in a little or big amount. The drugs get absorbed into the system and after a time frame it is discharged through urine from time to time. In any case, the amount of drug discharged through urine relies on upon the amount of drug smoked or brought specifically with the help of injection.

To recognize the level of various drugs in a human body, specialists and doctors take diverse drug tests. Diverse tests like blood, urine, hair, saliva and sweat tests are performed to check drug level and metabolites in the test of a drug abuser. Of all the drug tests, urine drug test is the most well-known, in light of the fact that it is extremely common and simple on the pocket when contrasted with other drug tests. Besides, it is easy to investigate and conclude the result of this sort of test.

Another advantage of urine drug test is that the intensity of a drug can easily be checked through it. An expert lab doctor effectively analyzes the example and result shows the intensity of drugs, if taken. With the help of urine drug test packs, it is practically simpler to distinguish the power level of any drug within no time. The outcomes, then again, are precise and can be given over to the drug abuser without wasting much time and utilizing distinctive devices.

At the present time, the quantity of drug addicts is expanding in workplaces, schools, universities and colleges. Thus, as a preparatory health step, urine drug test kits could be utilized to recognize the level of drugs within the system of drug abusers. It would likewise be useful to set health standards in such organizations, firms, schools and colleges.


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High Quality and Simple to Use Drug Test Kits

Drug test kits are intended to check for different drugs in the circulation system. At one time, these tests must be performed in a specialist’s office or healthcare services office. Presently, drug tests are accessible for home use. Previously, you needed to hold up days or even a week or more to get the outcomes. With home drug tests, you can frequently get the outcomes within minute. Drugabusecontrol offers high quality and easy to use drug test kits that can provide accurate results. Drug Test Kits

Researches demonstrate that teen use of some illicit drugs has risen. You may suspect your teen is using drugs however don’t have evidence. Utilizing illegal drugs puts teens at danger in various ways. It can influence their judgment and make it harder to control their driving forces. In adolescents, the use of a few drugs can influence mental health.

At home drug testing is an approach to see if somebody in your family has drugs in their system. By knowing, you’re in a better position to offer help. Besides, home drug testing maintains a strategic distance from the shame of heading off to an open drug testing office. Your adolescent might be more open to a home drug test than going outside the home for testing.

Home drug tests can distinguish a variety of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, methamphetamine, amphetamine, opiates and phencyclidine. Some also test for prescription medications like oxycodone, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, tricyclic antidepressants and methadone.

Likewise available are home drug tests that distinguish particular drugs like cocaine, the absolute most generally abused drugs. One kind of home drug test utilizes a hair test to check for drug use. This kind of test gives a superior thought of how vigorously a man has been utilizing drugs. The hair test is gathered at home and sent to a certify lab for examination. Results are returned in a couple of days.

At home drug test kits of drugabusecontrol are easy to use and you get results instantly. Some home drug tests like those that that use hair sample must be sent to a lab. These tests are an approach to see if a man you think about has drugs in their system. They aren’t a replacement for substance abuse counseling. It’s essential to converse with a health specialist who can offer assistance.

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DAC: Wholesale Drug Testing Kits for Less

The continual rise of insurgencies in places people would least expect it is among the reasons why more and more people are protecting their companies and firms from potential dangerous people. On top of background checks, employers and hiring managers also use drug tests to finally come up with the wisest possible decision when hiring or choosing people to share the same working space with. And it gets better as employers are now having their very own mini clinics in companies where wholesale drug testing kits are acquired for fast and more authentic results.

Company sponsored drug tests are definitely revolutionary because it is guaranteed to be more honest and free from any doubtful results. In the past, people who are applicants for positions or college varsity wannabes are sent to known laboratories, clinics or hospitals where drug tests are being conducted. This has been the practice for such a very long time until finally, things have changed after so many problems that rooted from fake certifications and licenses from these institutions. Now, it is better because the results are guaranteed realistic and the results are so much faster to come out because it is right in the house.

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Employers now hire loyal nurses and technicians on top of sometimes, a doctor to ensure the safety of the employees. With the in-house medical team, the employer can rest assured that they are not spending or looking at purged certifications or fake license to work. More importantly, they can rest assured that whatever their medical team comes out with, it is a guaranteed result from real experts because they are not just great for what they do but because they are equipped with the appropriate supplies and equipment—effective, brand new and low priced wholesale drug testing kits from the leader in drug abuse control, DAC.

DAC’s wholesale drug testing kits are definitely made by the best in the industry and surpassed the standards set by government and private governing bodies for this. They come in complete for the medical team to require nothing more but the cooperation of the person to be tested and their objectivity to do the task on hand. There is a lot to choose from at, from small to big kits of wholesale drug testing kits. Check out the site and rest assured that everything that you will need is on the site.

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Guidelines on Passing a Military Instant Drug Test

Instant drug test is the key to promote safety and security in the environment that you’re staying or working on. Being in the military service is a great accountability and obligation. People who are in the service must be focus and determined. One should also meet the requirements and standards of military and one of those is to pass a drug test before going to preliminary training.

Consumer-Choice-Marketing-Ignite-Stream-Energy-The-Military-manBe aware that drugs can only stay in the human body for a limited amount of time. Other types of drugs, including PCP, crystal methamphetamine, Ecstasy, codeine, and cocaine last up to three days according to some research. A small amount of the drug may still be visible in your system and cause you to fail of joining the military team. If you withdraw from the drugs for a week or more prior to the test, then you have a greater chance to qualify.
Flushing is an ordinary technique used to pass any kind of instant drug test, including a military one. You need to drink plenty of liquid before the test for it will make you urinate more and will remove all toxins out of your system. Every time you urinate, check your urine. It should reach the point where your body is merely pushing out water and not any toxins. Having your vitamin intake may also help you pass a drug test. The vitamins can cover up the drug use by diluting the level of drugs found in the urine. Your urine may even alter color, due to the amount in your system.
You can find detoxifying items and flushing products designed to remove drugs out of your system on some websites, but you have to be careful in choosing the applicable product. The military tests for items of this kind and if you test positive for a detox product, you automatically fail the drug test.
The military itself can conduct and perform randomly drug test for substance abuse, specifically if your superior officers has highly suspicions about your behavior and receive a tip that you’re using illegal drugs. You will be clueless when the instant drug test might happen and will have no enough time to prepare for the test. If you test positive for drugs, then you face disciplinary actions and the worst scenario is you can be remove from the military service.

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Use Drug Abuse Control Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug test is one of the evaluations widely used to determine if a person has been using illegal drugs. This is the most common way to identify if one has used drugs from recent up to two days. It is appropriate for all testing causes, when applying for work and for different reasons that need to undergo this test. There are ways to on how a person will pass this urine test. One can be by drinking a lot of water. This is considered as the cheapest and easiest way to get a negative result on the urine test as it flushes drugs in your body when you pee. Next is the taking of vitamins if you observed that your pee is excessively watery. You can also take diuretics; it helps your body freed of water and sodium. Try unverified home remedies. This is the least that you can do to confound the urinalysis. Detergent and bleach is believed to be capable of pitching out the result. In the question on how long did the urine drug test, the answer will always vary on the person who took the test and if it’s a lab test the result can be done not less a week but if it’s a field examination, the result can be given on the spot. Positive result doesn’t really mean that a person was under the influenced of drug during the test. good

When is the urine test used? There are some scenarios where a test is required. A doctor can require you of this test if he distrusts to have a problem in using illegal drugs or too much alcohol. Employers usually entail promising employees to take urine testing before they are hired. Urine drug testing is beneficial to everyone especially to the employers because it can remove people with drug related problems out from their jobs that needs focused and alertness. Drug rehabilitation centers consistently test the residents to helps guarantee that people who are getting treatment for drug abuse are staying sober. Lastly, this test can be used at home if the parent wants to prove that their children are not using drugs.

What are the types of urine drug test? There are two types known for this test. First, the immunoassay gives the fastest result however it pulls back. The second is gas chromatography. These are more costly and may take result longer than the usual, but they seldom produce a false positive result. If you get positive results that you have never got before, immediately request for a mass spectrometer analysis. You can also reach us through email @ or simply fill this form.

Why Employers should Request Pre-employment Drug Testing?

Do you want to employ a drug abuser? How about a criminal? Or at least, someone who has the potential to be one? Of course, you don’t. So never leave any stone unturned when you hire people. Make sure that you do thorough browsing on the information that each applicant inks on his or her resume or portfolio. And of course, never forget to background check. Doing so will save a handfuls of regrets in the future for hiring a problematic employee. More importantly, make sure that you request for your potential applicant to undergo pre-employment drug testing just to clear any speculation or doubts on your mind.

Hiring people is definitely easier being said than done. It is a job for not so many. The right person for this task is someone that is really thorough and has the patient for eoDKeNkovery phase that each applicant needs to undergo. In fact, there are three general phases that each applicant should go through—the pre-selection process, the interview, and the requirement completion process. Each of these phase is a pre-requisite of the other and is very important in the chain or workflow of the human resource manager or the employer.

In the pre-selection process, the employer of human resource manager will check on the skillsets and knowledge of each applicant and choose those that meet the requirements set by the company for the position they are applying for. In the interview, this is where the potential applicants will show their skillset and knowledge while at the same time create an impression to the employer or the human resource manager. The last phase is where the finalization of the employment is being made.

The employers and/or human resource managers will have to deliberate on the potential applicant, ask them to undergo a set of requirements like background checking and pre-employment drug testing. It is in this phase that the employers or the human resource managers validate their decision to hire or not a potential applicant, which may only happen if the applicant is not able to complete the requirements.

Pre-employment drug testing is not something that should scare potential applicants, as well as employers and/or human resource managers. It is something that will both benefit the employee and the management in the future. As an employer, make sure that an applicant passes pre-employment drug testing and if possible do this regularly while they are employed in your company.

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The Importance of Clean Drug Testing Cups

tcup_1One of the certificates that an employer would ask from his or her applicants is a drug test from certified physicians and medical practitioners. It is the act of getting tested from the use of hazardous medications through urine on drug testing cups. This will provide a clearance from a doctor of medicine or medical technician that the person or group of persons are fit to work and is not be under any unwanted influences when they work. This will also further testify and confirm that the person on test is healthy is ready to work anytime he or she be asked to start to work.

Not everyone can pass this test successfully, though. There are those that have used drugs in the past, maybe months ago, but traces of the harmful substances may still be found in their urine. The worst thing to happen is for some to fail in the exam even if they are really not drug users. One of the very many possible reasons for this is an unclean drug testing cups. If this happen, it can be inferred that the drug test center may be recycling these cups from previous tests. Since the cups may not really be sanitized and some remnants of the past tests are still there, then there is a huge chance that the unlucky person may actually fail the exam.

Thus, it pays to be a little meticulous when it comes to these things. It is best to make sure that the drug testing center is accredited by the local and national government agency that is in charged for these kinds of tasks. This will ensure that the center as well as the practitioners are certified to do business in this category. Aside from that, it is wise to ensure that the assisting personnel on duty are either technicians or medical aides. These people are knowledgeable enough than to give dirty or used drug testing cups. Lastly, it is also important to ensure that the cups to be used are still sealed or is really new.

Drug abuse tests are normally required in employment so it is a must to ready oneself to undergo these tests. For more information as to drug tests and the appropriate drug testing cups to be used, check out Drug Abuse Control at Here, all your questions and worries about an upcoming or possible tests from drug abuse will be provided with appropriate solutions.

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How to Use Home Drug Test Kits

These days, there are just so many ways to make life more convenient and easy. This is through the help of different products of science and technology that are being made available over the counters. Among these are the Home Drug Test Kits which can now be bought over pharmacies and all other stores where these things are marketed. In fact, people can find these kits online. One thing to remember is that to make sure that the online seller or provider has a good reputation in the business. As everyone knows by now, there are handfuls of people who are not so honest, especially when doing business online.

harborview.drug_.test_.without.consent_theusindependentHome Drug Test Kits are usually found in hospitals and drug testing centers where people can undergo clearance tests. Such documents are usually necessary for employment, studies and a lot more.Each kit includes a drug testing cup with seal, a tube, a testing plate,a syringe and sometimes some consumables. These kits are definitely designed for home use so they come complete and easy to use. Although primarily developed to be administered by certified medical practitioners, these kits will make home testing from hazardous substances a domestic procedure that anyone with knowledge on how to do it can perform.

Generally, the Home Drug Test Kits should be used just like the ones in hospitals and testing centers. Everything should be sterilized prior to use. And though these kits are already so easy to use with the help of the included procedure in every pack, it is still recommended that only the practitioners of tests of this sort should make use and administer to the person of interest. The only purpose of these kits is to make drug testing so much easier and portable even to those who cannot come to the testing centers or hospitals where the tests are usually being administered.

Home Drug Test Kits are now available in the market. They can be acquired by certified medical practitioners as well as regular adults who can show some credentials as why they are supposed to have access to these kits. If going over the counter is too much delay or waste of time, anyone who needs these kits can simply check out Drug Abuse Control’s homepage at for fast and efficient shopping online. Rest assured that these kits will be delivered to your doorsteps in no time.

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