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How to Select Reliable and Accurate Drug Test Kits

With a vast variety of drug test kits available in the online and physical market, it is quite a hassle to choose and distinguish which products would give accurate and quality results. Though it may seem hard to select it is actually quite easier than expected. First of all, it would be best to buy through online shops, beside saving the gas, time and effort buying at stores, there are a lot of online stores that provide 99.9% accuracy and product quality.


Drug Test Kits Basics

Now this question might come to an individual’s mind, why may one need to utilize a home drug test? Actually, there are a lot reasons why – to decide whether somebody you know and care about is messing with drugs, to help keep somebody during the time spent getting spotless recovery from illegal drug use, to check whether somebody is being straightforward to you about their drug related issues, to check whether somebody who is in recovery process from illegal drug abuse is sufficiently perfect to breeze through a drug test for work or out of curiosity, just simply test yourself.

How to know if Drug Test Kits are Reliable

Let’s get to the point; no one would buy drug test kits that are not guaranteed accurate. It is actually very simple to check for guaranteed reliability, here are 5 pointers to keep in mind and look for when ordering drug test kits:

  • FDA Approved
  • CLIA Waived
  • Has a 99.9% Accuracy Rating
  • Configurations are customizable
  • Approved for Doctors, Hospitals, Rehabs, Staffing &etc.

Are Drug test kits really accurate?

The common thinking of people is that in order to get accurate drug test results they will be needing professionals and be tested in drug test facilities. Though it is right obvious that professionals test is accurate, you can also perform an accurate drug test in the likes of your own home through reliable drug testing kits.

How accurate can these tests be? The drug tests actually utilize the guideline of drug rivalry to create an outcome. For example, in a urine test containing drugs, the drugs will tie to the strip and keep the arrangement of a line in the Test area. In a urine test without drugs, the antibodies on the strip will respond by creating a line. It is an altogether looked into, tried and FDA cleared process, acknowledged by organizations and governments crosswise over America.

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Pros and Cons of Pre-Employment Drug Testing

There is a dilemma about pre-employment drug testing controversial among businesses. Pre-employment drug testing is controversial because there are arguments in both sides; some employers feel that they have every right to test applicants for illegal drug use for the safety of other employees while in the workplace and others think it’s not important to hire the right kind of staff.

PROS in Applying Pre-Employment Drug Testing


Workers who uses illegal drugs shows a safety risk in the workplace while businesses face exposure to liability because of workplace accidents that relates to drugs. 20 percent of workers was in fatal workplace accidents and tested positive for illegal drugs and alcohol.

Recovery programs which came from the cost of the company, employers use these to place their employees to recover from drug abuse. Experienced employees that have completed a recovery program is helping the employer without having another applicant to do a pre-employment drug testing and without having to training them. Employees who are free from drugs and alcohol are financially, spiritually and emotionally rewarding.

CONS in Applying Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Random pre-employment testing may foster resentment among the applicants who feel that this is violating their right to privacy and it negatively affects productivity and lost revenues are costing businesses. Workers who are against pre-employment drug testing in the workplace is saying it is a violation and they often threaten or sue their employers.

Even if the employee loses the lawsuit, the company will still lose money due to fighting the lawsuit and attorney fees which also needs downtime, so they could do those things. Adding a random pre-employment drug testing program will cost a lot of money, and results of the employees may end up all negative.

Impairment Testing

Pre-employment drug testing has a possible alternative impairment testing in the workplace that can end the debate about pre-employment drug testing altogether. These types of test could be proven to be more effective that random pre-employment drug testing because it tests a person’s current state.

The test in cognitive impairment measures brain function and coordinating the eye movements with their hand movements, their reaction time, ability to make quick decisions and other that may show cognitive ability. Other techniques include ocular tests that will decide if a person has any signs of impairment by measuring tiny eye movements and agility tests that will calculate the level of impairment of a person by measuring their movements.

Importance of Drug Test Kits to Identify Drug Level

Drug test kits identify the presence of illegal drugs in a person’s system. In any case, you must be watchful on picking the right one to ensure that you will only get the right result.


These days, individuals are more engaged to hinge on drugs and drug abusing population is expanding at a quicker rate than ever before. It is essentially significant to know why drug abusers for the most part depend on drugs. It is more significant to investigate diverse approaches to keep them far from the intake of some extremely hazardous drugs. To keep drug-abusers far from drugs, we have to first study and call attention to some approaches to distinguish the level of illegitimate drugs in drug abusers.

A drug abuser generally smokes or takes drugs in a little or big amount. The drugs get absorbed into the system and after a time frame it is discharged through urine from time to time. In any case, the amount of drug discharged through urine relies on upon the amount of drug smoked or brought specifically with the help of injection.

To recognize the level of various drugs in a human body, specialists and doctors take diverse drug tests. Diverse tests like blood, urine, hair, saliva and sweat tests are performed to check drug level and metabolites in the test of a drug abuser. Of all the drug tests, urine drug test is the most well-known, in light of the fact that it is extremely common and simple on the pocket when contrasted with other drug tests. Besides, it is easy to investigate and conclude the result of this sort of test.

Another advantage of urine drug test is that the intensity of a drug can easily be checked through it. An expert lab doctor effectively analyzes the example and result shows the intensity of drugs, if taken. With the help of urine drug test packs, it is practically simpler to distinguish the power level of any drug within no time. The outcomes, then again, are precise and can be given over to the drug abuser without wasting much time and utilizing distinctive devices.

At the present time, the quantity of drug addicts is expanding in workplaces, schools, universities and colleges. Thus, as a preparatory health step, urine drug test kits could be utilized to recognize the level of drugs within the system of drug abusers. It would likewise be useful to set health standards in such organizations, firms, schools and colleges.


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How 14-Panel Drug Test Cup Help Parent to Check Their Kids if Using Drugs

14paneldrugtestcupA drug test  is a specialized investigation of a biological specimen like urine, hair, blood, breath, sweat or oral liquid/saliva to know the presence or absence of specified parent drugs or their metabolites. 14-panel drug test cup help all parents to check whether their kids are using drugs or not.

Real uses of drug testing incorporate identifying of the presence of performance enhancing steroids in sport, employers screening for drugs restricted by law and cops testing for the presence and concentration of liquor in the blood known as BAC (blood liquor content). BAC tests are regularly administered by means of a breathalyzer while urinalysis is used for the vast majority of drug testing in sports and the workplace.

Oral liquid or saliva testing results generally impersonates that of blood. The main exemptions are THC (tetrahyrocannabinol) and benzodiazepines. Oral liquid will probably distinguish THC from ingestion up to a most extreme time of 6–12 hours. This keeps on creating trouble in oral liquid detection of THC and benzodiazepines.

Breath air generally mimics blood tests also. Because of the low levels of substances in the breath air, fluid chromatography – mass spectrometry must be utilized to examine the sample as indicated by the recent publication.

Results for this screen are available in a day or two, in the event that it’s negative. Otherwise, non-negatives are re-tested using a GC/MS affirmation technique, which takes around a week. Anybody whose confirmation test returns non-negative can converse with the specialist about any remedies that they may be taking. Lawfully prescribed medications taken consistent with the specialist’s directions will yield a negative result on the report.

Drug Abuse Control’s urine drug test look at usage in the previous week, however metabolism differ, as do sorts of drugs, so this is not a hard and fast rule as some would accept. If you need to look at drug use over a longer time frame, hair follicle drug tests begin checking at around a week prior, and go all the way back to around 90 days. The most complete approach is to do both urine and hair, in this way checking both the present week and also the previous three months.

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Tips on How to Pass Instant Drug Test

all_in_one_kitThere are things that you must do to surpass instant drug test especially if you’re an employee. Most companies are conducting random drug test and there will be no time to prepare. On the other hand, if your result will be positive, there will be measures that your company will implement for you to overcome the effects of illegal drugs. But the best thing that you can do is to control yourself from doing such activities if you’re planning to find a job.

Here are tips on what you can do to be free from drugs to pass the instant drug test:

  • Follow the instructions given by your health care provider for your medications. If there will be alarming side effects, make sure that you make report about it. If you are sensitive on several medicines, make sure to inform you doctor.
  • Try and generate a successful environment if possible. Remove all the things that could possibly affect your focus of rehabilitating yourself like drugs and other vices. Instead make your place look relax and comfortable. You can do some other activities instead like baking, cooking or shopping around. Ask the help and support of your relatives to assist you from getting rid with illegal drugs.
  • Consider medication as part of your therapy. And aside from this, one of your major concerns is how to restore your body’s mental, emotional and physical stability.  You can start performing extreme physical activities for this is an excellent opportunity to stay away from your illegal drugs. Keeping yourself fit will not only for therapeutic reasons but it will boost your body and strength.
  • Visit your doctor consistently to report your progress. If you are greatly improving, she may advise you to stop or continue with the medication or If not there will be some other form of treatment.
  • Don’t be embarrassed or humiliated if the outcome or the best option id for you to take appropriate medication. Just like any other serious ailments, alcoholism or drug abuse is also a chronic condition that is often progressive or recurring that needs pharmacological intervention. Now that science experts are starting to interpret the brain’s addictive pathways, they finally have a process to pay attention on the receptors that ends up to cravings.
  • Continue to incorporate or consider other significant methods into your program, specifically as you dose down from any prescription.

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Drug Abuse Control and Thorough Drug Test

For years, drug abuse has been seen to push people to do things they will never do when they are in normal state. A good girl can get wild, a nice boy can hurt people around him, and a clean living adult can go robbing other people. These are the things that normal people would not want for themselves nor any of their family and friends, which is why they try to do their best to keep them off drugs. The same thing is happening in companies where the employers would never want to subject their employees to people who are consuming hazardous elements thereby require their people to undergo drug test. This test is known to check the level of hazardous elements in the body, if there is. If there is none, then the person who underwent the test will come out negative of use of drugs. There are different ways for this. Some will test the urine of the person while others, the blood. In most cases, it is the urine that is being checked for any amount of drugs because it is easier that way. Also, this is the fastest means of testing a person on drugs. The blood checking, on the other hand, is also accurate, but requires more time and expertise to do. Thus, companies usually go for urine drug test as the standard type of testing their employees.


There are also different penalties in consuming drugs for people who are employed. In most cases, they will be temporarily relieved to undergo rehabilitation. Worse scenarios will require heavier penalties like being completely relieved from duty or forced to go on a leave without pay. But the worst comes to those who are still not under the employment umbrella. These people may not be employed after all even if they prove to be very promising in terms of knowledge and skills. Employers will vacate the notion of hiring these people because they can mean serious trouble and liability to the company. Drug test during the application or screening process for potential applicants will definitely help identify the right people for the job. This is the reason why more and more employers are getting the hang of requiring their applicants to submit or undergo urine or blood tests which will produce several medical conditions of the applicant. One of which is knowing if the applicant consumes drug prior to the test.

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Find Out Through a Drug Test: What are the 5 Most Abused Drugs by Teens

Fifth: Ecstasy (MDMA)

Ecstasy or methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) was originally developed as a possible medication for depression. But it was later on deemed inappropriate for clinical use due to its hallucinogenic properties. It is now considered a psychotropic drug that is both stimulant and hallucinogenic. Ecstasy is also referred to as the love drug but its street name is Molly and X. This drug is usually taken orally or injected. Ecstasy was known as the drug used for several cases of “date rape”. This can be explained by its content which enhances sensual pleasure and sexual arousal. People who use this drug can be observed to have facial tension, jaw clenching or teeth grinding as well as visible sweating caused by its thermionic effect. This drug has been branded as the “drug of youth” and is reported to be used by teens aged 18-25.

Fourth: Methamphetamine

The fourth highest ranking drug abused by teens is the best friend of those who battle societal pressures to be thin. Commonly known as “meth”, short for its synthetic drug name Methamphetamine is a stimulant that depresses appetite and increase metabolism. About 4 percent of the adult-population in the United States was reported to have regularly used meth. The meth is one of the most famous and accessible drugs among teens due to the readily available means and information about how-to make and use it. Also, it is cheaper than most other drugs. The effects of this drug can be considered an adverse reaction as it puts the central nervous system under stress. Top listed adverse reactions are insomia, aggression, depression, and paranoia. The effect of methamphetamine usually lasts from 3 to 12 hours. Even without the use of a drug test, users can be detected through obvious signals such as mania, hyperactivity, mania, dilated pupils and dry mouth.

Teens Using Drugs 7Third: Opiates

These drugs are produced from distilling opium plants’ petals and leaves, also called codeine and heroine. Usual signs of persons under the influence of this drug are small pupils, slower rate of speech, inability to stay awake and impairment in cognition and mobility. Its effect usually lasts for 20 minutes to several hours depending on the amount consumed.The most common age of people using heroin is between 19 and 20. Though this drug’s popularity is low compared to those of meth and ecstasy, a noticeable increase in the number of grade-school students using this drug has been reported. As a result, increased public education and drug interventions have been made in order to translate the dangers of sharing needles and injecting heroin.

Second: Cocaine

Cocaine, commonly known as flake, crank, snow, Charlie and Candy in its powdered form and rock, base, free B and gravel for its crack form, is a drug known for its narcotic effect. This drug is derived from coca leaf and has historically been used by indigenous tribes through chewing of leaves.This drug is mostly used by teens for experimentation. Report shows that use and experimentation of this drug begins to rise in percentage after graduate school years and is mostly used by individuals aged 50 and above.

First: Marijuana

Marijuana, being on top of the list, is called the “gateway” drug. This is for the reason that once a drug user tolerates the effects of Mj (its street name), the user will probably try harder drugs. This drug has a distinctive smell which can be masked by using air fresheners, incense or perfumes. It has been reported that this drug is often combined with other substances such as tobacco to disguise the odor. The process of consumption varies from being mixed to beverages, baked into food and inhaled. Teens who are under the influence of this drug may exhibit symptoms such as having dilated pupils, difficulty focusing, slurred or confused speech, inappropriate behavior and delayed reactions. Despite the efforts of authorities to educate the teens of the consequences of the usage of drugs, the rate of illegal drug consumption continues to rise. The significant increase in usage pushes the government to exert more effort in conducting regular drug test activities and focus more on anti-drug campaigns and legislation.

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How Can This Be My Last Drug and Alcohol Test?

There are several reasons why drug users tend to go back from their usual doings after they went through drug and alcohol test. After rehabilitation program and counseling, there are many alcoholics and drug addicts who find it hard to refuse from doing illegal activities. Here’s how to abstain from drinking or using drugs:

Man with addictions

 Consider the effects of drugs and alcohol on your system. Both can harm your health, your financial stability and your personal relationships. By concentrating on the downsides, you take greater control over your desires and can more eagerly say no when the chance to drink alcohol or use drugs arise.

 Get rid of any possible invitations on your backgrounds. Stay away from any bottles of alcohol, drug equipment, drinking glasses or anything else that might bring you temptations.

 Detect the time of the day where you will be tempted. It could be during night time when you are alone in your room and can think on using drugs. Ask from your family members if they can stay in your room or better yet sleep over with your friends.

 Stay away from drinkers and users. You may have relatives and friends who are drinker sand users and your best option is to stay away from them. Although they have to respect your decision, there might still be possibilities that you’ll be tempted on what they are doing.

 Engaged with several activities other than using to fill your time. Boredom can lead to a relapse. You can avoid that by discovering healthy things to do during periods when you used to drink. Start with an exercise program, learn a new pastime such as fishing or find fun social events that don’t deal with alcohol.

 Investigate first before joining any social event to check whether alcohol is being served or drugs will exist. If you feel strong enough to be present, make sure they have soft drinks or other beverages available for you to consume.

 You can join with a religious group. Get closer to God and ask for his help to give you enough strength and courage to pass through all your personal baggage. Religious organizations can enlighten you about the word of the Lord and provide you evidences. With the strong Faith, you’ll be successful on your goals.

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How to Prevent from Drug Testing in the Workplace

Drug testing in the workplace has becoming a standard procedure for the reason that business owners want to secure the safety of the company and to promote a drug free environment. Most people’s lives that are using illegal drugs are usually destroyed. They failed to do their obligations and responsibilities due to the negative effect of drugs. Preventive measures are very appropriate to avoid you from the influence of drugs. If you are already a user, you don’t have to be bothered because you can still be a drug free. Here’s how to avoid from drug testing in the workplace.

 If you’re offered drugs, refused and stay away. If you’re frightened of peer pressure, then be aware that real friends will not allow you to go to the wrong path and will respect any of your personal decisions and won’t push you into doing something that you don’t want to deal with. Finding new sets of friends will be very helpful.

Businessman with his hand raised in signal to stop, isolated on black background, Studio shot

 If you will have some options, make time for conversation to a trusted adult especially for those who successfully went through the process. They can give you insights about the probable effects of drugs and eventually will enlighten you.

 If there is a specific group of people at work who are known of taking drugs, don’t’ spend your time with them. Instead deal with individuals who know their priorities and preparing their brighter future.

 Understand the nature of illegal drugs and understand its possible effect in your work, lifestyle, and personal life and to your family. There are certain things about drugs that you need to get worried about. Aside from physical changes that it may give, there will be a sudden effect on your behavior.

 Find a fun activity to use your free time. This could be reading, jogging, shopping, or shopping. It will deprive your attention from engaging into illegal drugs.

 Stay away from conditions where you may be offered drugs. If you’re at a party and you comprehend that there are drugs there, simply leave. Peer pressure will surely lead you to drugs especially if you’re poor with self-control.

 Consult an expert. If you know that you can get rid with drugs and do all the precautionary measures, you can ask help from medical expert.

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How to Use Hair Sample for Drug Test

Using hair sample is one of the drug test procedure to gather accurate and actual result. Compared to urine drug test, it’s difficult to manipulate the result of hair drug test. Medical experts measure the drug molecules within the hair shaft. Employers, who used to conduct drug screening, can identify several types of drugs like cocaine, amphetamines, marijuana and opiates. Hair drug test might be costly but it’s most trusted methods for identifying drug users. Here’s how to use hair sample for drug drug

 Avail a hair follicle drug testing kit. You can purchase the kit from commercial establishments or from online shops (

 Collect a hair sample. As much as possible, cut your hair closer to your hair. For a 30 day drug-use history, you will need at least 1/2 inch (1.27 centimeters) of hair. Make sure you gathered 40-50 strands.

 Sending of hair sample. Place the hair sample in the package included in the drug testing kit. Submit the sample to the medical laboratory.

 Record your test on the hair follicle drug-testing website while you wait for the lab to finish the drug screening. Once the medical technologists are done, results will be issued.

 Make a better understanding on how the medical lab uses hair sample. The technician will dissolve the sample and measure the rooted drug molecules in the remaining substance. If the lab gathered a positive result for a hair sample test, it will remove a false positive reading by performing a secondary drug test. The second method depends on gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) testing.

 Open up your protected online results. You can normally do this within 1 to 2 business days from the date you sent the hair sample. Sign in to the company’s website for your test results. Do some evaluations on the drug test result. These will specify a positive or negative result for each drug class. With a positive test outcome, the lab will comprise an estimation of the hair dose reaction. This will determine whether the person is an occasional or constant user.

 You can download the test result and grab some copies from the medical laboratory where test was screened.

 Take note that you cannot alter the result by using commercialized shampoos and other external chemicals. Also do not submit hair from hair brush because laboratories cannot guarantee best results from hairbrush samples.

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