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Drug Testing at School

School board individuals, guardians, locale authorities and school pioneers accumulated to talk about a potential drug test for more seasoned understudies partaking in region exercises. Region authorities have for a considerable length of time discussed — yet haven’t supported — initiating a testing arrangement for some secondary school understudies. Individuals would raise worries about what she saw as a thriving drug issue in the locale.

drugtestingatschoolThe children are taking a great deal of drugs. The maryjane that was accessible to everyone. A cop revealed that since the start of the year, there have been 71 drug use related cases including school-age kids. In a meeting facilitated by the board’s arrangement advisory group, it proposed that a drug test strategy like what different areas, have established: Students taking an interest in sports or exercises would sign a waiver taking into consideration irregular medication testing. Test disappointments could prompt a suspension or removal from the group, however school authorities in the past have said the discipline couldn’t sleep over into scholastics or result in ejection from school.

Blended Reception

The reaction from the gathered school authorities was blended. They wouldn’t bolster a drug test approach. The piece that has been absent here is the instruction piece. The worry about arbitrary medication testing only an irregular gathering of children — these are some of our best children. There is no denying there’s durg use out there, At this moment, just to focus on those children — It would rather not state some of those are our best children since we have great children, in any case they are. They’re children that have demonstrated that will probably graduate.

Past that, there was worry that the arrangement would exclusively target understudies who take part in exercises. The greater part of the around 4,000 high-schoolers that fall into that class.  A drug test arrangement would hurt those understudies. It feels like we’re looking at executing this with the exercises understudies since we would, that makes it feel off-base. It doesn’t matter for that we’re taking a gander at a door into this being.

The strategy would influence just exercises understudies. Some portion of that is on account of the region needs to begin some place. Different areas likewise drug test just understudies required in extracurricular exercises. Still, notwithstanding faltering from other school authorities, the board individuals present weren’t consistent in their resistance.

Clearly, it’s not a silver slug. There’s no such things as a silver projectile. I don’t think we’ll ever annihilate the drug issue with children. It’s a period in understudies’ lives when they’re doing insane stuff. Be that as it may, that doesn’t mean they’re invulnerable from discipline. It’s additionally a period when we can begin to urge them that there are results for their activities.

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Dealing with an Employee That Refuses Drug Testing

Drug Testing policies are in the human resources guidelines which many small businesses have. Employees who refuse to take drug testing were in the guidelines, as long as it followed the policy. Drug testing is random or ordered that is from a reasonable suspicion of using drugs and presented in the employment agreement when they accepted the job. As addressed in the policy if the employee refused to undergo drug testing, which allows having an immediate dismissal.

Random Drug Testing

drugtestingkitDraft your human resources drug testing policy and every month; add the specific percentage of the employees for random drug testing, if you chose random testing for your business. Randomly select names of your employees and immediately send them to the testing lab, straight from work. Add to your policy that if an employee refused to submit to the random drug test, that their name be drawn out and grounds for an immediate dismissal from employment.


If you suspect that your employees are drug impaired, state in your human resources policy that they will have to accept the mandatory drug testing, if you chose this as your testing approach. Supervisors should have training on how to spot an employee that is using drugs on or off the job and that they should keep an eye on them by a multiple criteria before ordering the employee to the drug testing. Difficulty walking, slurred speech, unfocused eyes, unresponsiveness or his or her ability to answer basic questions or articulate thoughts, this is the criteria of spotting employees who uses drugs.

State Laws

Make sure you know what to do if you fail to draft and carry out the policy on drug testing and make sure your managers are also informed about the employment laws as well before you go ordering drug testing to employees and dismissing employees for refusing to undergo drug testing.

Policy Implementation

If your business does not have a drug testing policy then add one, especially when your business handles heavy machinery or when your business does dangerous activities in the workplace. There are a lot of policies that are available or you can borrow one for another organization, and then customize it. Have a contract with your chosen testing lab. And once you have implemented and put the policy in place, have the policy be read by everyone in the business, like the managers and the employees. And make sure that everyone knows about the effective date of the policy.

In the Subject of Privacy and Drug Testing

In the 80s, there was confusion in the forces that pushed drug testing to the front of workplace issues. An increasing pressure was on employers by the globalization of the world’s economy, to cut their costs of fueling their search for the right employee and doing their business.  The war on drugs intensified because of urban crime related in the rising level of drugs. But in America, the war’s focus shifted from attacking the supply to the demands, the increase of risk that aimed for the public’s safety as the specter of impairment while on the job, especially in the transportation employment sector. “Everyone should have drug testing except me” was the attitude when the drug testing emerged which was the solution to all these ills.

Drug Impairment and Urinalysis


There is a confusion in forces which raises different problems, in some case it is drug use, performance impairment and performance enhancing drugs that mostly used by athletes. The quickest fix to a lot of these problems are workplace drug testing that uses urine samples but urinalysis cannot measure the impairment caused by drugs, wanting attack the demanding side of the drug trade, apart from that almost all forces calls for drug testing on impairment while on the job. But because of drug testing, the public sees it as an extreme invasion of privacy and very intrusive that was one of the most fundamental rights, it is intrusive mostly when imposed randomly without any kind of reasonable suspicions like many drug testing proponent advocate.

Intrusiveness of Drug Testing and the Mechanisms of Drug Testing

The drug testing prevailing method of choice is by using urine samples.  But people have expressed their experience of urinalysis that degraded them. Not only is the drug testing method intrusive. Drug testing results are highly sensitive personal information in a collection. It tells us if a person had a history of taking drugs or may have consumed drugs. Collecting Urine samples to find the drugs used and may show medical conditions through urinalysis that is only known by the person being testing.

Drug testing needed subjects to show their use of prescription drugs, over the counter drugs and other legitimate drugs that could cause positive feedback from the drugs testing results, private firms and the government embraced the drug testing method of urinalysis despite its intrusiveness. In the 80s, 58 percent of employers in the US had drug testing programs.

Widespread drug testing is a simple, and a quick fix to a complex social problem that is enormously attractive. That is stress, ignorance and the continuing failure of treating and drug testing employees with substance abuse health problems and not social deviance, which is threatening than appreciating a lot of our fundamental liberties?

Employers permitted the war on drugs strategy that intrude family homes without any kind of reasonable suspicion, intrusions are not really addressing the main problem, but the government are still attracted with the idea of drug testing that intrudes the bodies of its citizens.

Importance of 10 Panel Drug Test in Employment

These days, drug testing like the 10-panel drug testing is required by some employers and some companies that might have a drug testing policy. It is very important for them to know if their employees/applicants are using drugs as it may have a negative effect to the other employees and might bring negative publicity to their company. People become victims of drug abuse and commit crimes or show violence. By using this method, they can prevent hiring employees using drugs and can prevent further damage to the company. Mostly, the ones who pays for this process is the employer especially if they were the ones who requested for it.

dsc_0576_copy_copyThis drug test checks for the presence of 10 dugs namely Methadone, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Propoxyphene, Opiates, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Phencyclidine and Benzodiazepines. The drugs included in this drug test produces can effect like the feeling of happiness, prescribed in treating some disorder, treating pain and relieving anxiety though, it has a higher chance to also bring long term effects that can affect a person’s life so this 10 panel drug test is indeed helpful. One of the ways of conducting this test is by using urine as a sample for the drug test. Civil servants and government employees are greatly needed to take this test as they are the ones who communicate and serve the country and its people. Many people uses drugs and this test is highly recommended to lessen the probability of drug abuse and have better citizens. Because of the technology these days, taking this test became a lot easier and results can be seen much faster. Some only takes seconds, minutes or in some cases, days. You can also get the results by yourself or even have it delivered to your offices or our home so you can save more time.

These 10-panel drug test are not only used by employers but also by some parents. There are cases nowadays wherein teens also use drugs and parents who feel that their children are using such drugs can also try this method out for them to give their children another chance to change their lives for them to have a better future ahead. Though these method might cause money (the costs of taking this test varies from every location), it would be beneficial to take this 10 panel drug test especially if that person has the responsibility for the safety of others.

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What is a 5 Panel Drug Test?

Drug abuse creates threat on many people. It often changes how a person thinks, sees, perceives and acts that is why it is important to run a drug test like the 5 panel drug test. Drugs come in the form of panels. The 5-panel checks for 5 drugs. This method can be very helpful in determining people using drug with this one simple method. Substances can be detected by this drug test like Opiates, Amphetamine, Marijuana, PCP and Cocaine. Drug test can determine the specific amount of metabolites in the urine. There are specific levels checked during this process and some called it the cut-off levels.

Once it surpasses the cut-off level, then it means that the person who took this test is positive for the use of the drugs included in the 5-panel drug test otherwise, it is negative. In a company, going through this process gives relief to the customer that the place they’re going into are safe and as for the employees, it gives them the confidence that they are working in a safe environment. Urine and oral fluid samples are usually used in this method. This can be used for post-accidents, pre-employment or even random testing. There are some cases where the accident was not due to mechanical failure, so they run drug tests like this one as the influence of drugs might be the reason for it. Drugs might also influence an employee’s work or action and might create chaos on the office environment so running this test might also help in solving the issue and finding the root cause for the employee’s behavior. Random drug testing plays a big role lessening the use of drugs in a certain area and lessening incidents and accidents.

5-panel drug test wpdacThere are now available drug testing programs and you can also request for an appointment online. You can also buy the drug test kit that can be used even at your homes. The 5 panel drug test is necessary as it detects the most commonly used and abused drug so there’s a high possibility that the people or employees are using this drugs. This drug test can also be requested by the court to prove if the person used any of the 5 drugs on list. By confirming if they used it, the court could provide better judgment for the cases and more criminals can get caught. As drug users are all over the world, it would be best for people to undergo the 5 panel drug test. As the idiom says, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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Pre-employment Drug Testing

We all know that drugs are being used to treat several wide ranges of diseases in the field of medicine because it has great function or contributions, although for some, drugs have negative side effects when used to treat a disease. But in some cases, these substances are being used by people who get addicted to it not because they have diseases to cure but to lessen their worries, boredom, to rebel, lessen their fear, experiment, and due to frustrations that they are facing in their lives. Due to that, drug abuse is now a big problem to some countries, including China, Indonesia, Iran, Singapore and many other countries. It is usually the root cause of many problems and crimes in the society, thus many lives are not only affected but often ruined.

article-0-1A275DBC000005DC-312_634x474Some of these countries have already implemented death penalty for those who will be caught as drug mules and offenders, even if they are from other countries. They are very strict in this matter because of the destruction and damage that it brings the society. Among the hazardous drugs that are being abused by many are cannabis, opium and cocaine. All of these are plant based drugs that are easily and secretly cultivated and reproduced by some people who want to gain money and influence for themselves.

These days, drug abuse has become one of the major problems of countries around the world. Because of drug abuse and drug addiction, commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, and contrabands are traded. Drug abuse is becoming a critical problem because it affects some factors of the society like poverty. Due to poverty, some people would engage themselves in drug trafficking that brings destruction not only in the lives of innocent people but also to themselves especially if they are caught—resulting to penalties that include imprisonment or worst, death.

Thousands of people are using illegal drugs, and they are not aware of its effect. They use it as part of their lives and didn’t care to what it may bring to them and to other people to whom they are selling or exchanging for money. People taking illegal drugs are affected because of the physiological effect it brings when ingested. It affects their mentality and their proper thinking is replaced by bad thoughts/things, which is why it is very important for employers to require pre- employment drug testing.

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The Importance of Clean Drug Testing Cups

tcup_1One of the certificates that an employer would ask from his or her applicants is a drug test from certified physicians and medical practitioners. It is the act of getting tested from the use of hazardous medications through urine on drug testing cups. This will provide a clearance from a doctor of medicine or medical technician that the person or group of persons are fit to work and is not be under any unwanted influences when they work. This will also further testify and confirm that the person on test is healthy is ready to work anytime he or she be asked to start to work.

Not everyone can pass this test successfully, though. There are those that have used drugs in the past, maybe months ago, but traces of the harmful substances may still be found in their urine. The worst thing to happen is for some to fail in the exam even if they are really not drug users. One of the very many possible reasons for this is an unclean drug testing cups. If this happen, it can be inferred that the drug test center may be recycling these cups from previous tests. Since the cups may not really be sanitized and some remnants of the past tests are still there, then there is a huge chance that the unlucky person may actually fail the exam.

Thus, it pays to be a little meticulous when it comes to these things. It is best to make sure that the drug testing center is accredited by the local and national government agency that is in charged for these kinds of tasks. This will ensure that the center as well as the practitioners are certified to do business in this category. Aside from that, it is wise to ensure that the assisting personnel on duty are either technicians or medical aides. These people are knowledgeable enough than to give dirty or used drug testing cups. Lastly, it is also important to ensure that the cups to be used are still sealed or is really new.

Drug abuse tests are normally required in employment so it is a must to ready oneself to undergo these tests. For more information as to drug tests and the appropriate drug testing cups to be used, check out Drug Abuse Control at Here, all your questions and worries about an upcoming or possible tests from drug abuse will be provided with appropriate solutions.

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Wholesale Drug Testing: Solving Employers’ Drug Abuse Tests in the Office

Drug abuse, also known as substance abuse is described as the continuous intake of illegal drugs. Any age, social status and gender can be a victim of drug abuse. It is one of the major problems encountered all over the world. It affects the community as it also increases criminal cases and violence. It’s also one of the factors why people commit criminal acts. Some drug users also tend to commit crimes just to have their regular dose of drugs. In some cases, it could also destroy one’s family, job and life. This is why employers should really be wary about this and take part in drug tests with the use of wholesale drug testing.

141107150243-marijuana-work-620xaThe act of drug testing is commonly done in government or private clinics where drug testing materials, equipment and supplies are available. But these days, and with the continuous increase of drug users, scientists have already come up with easier and faster means of detecting abusers. This is the reason why there are already wholesale drug testing operations and supplies available in the market these days. These things have the same effectiveness but are made available in bulk for company or business purposes. That way, drug testing in companies and businesses can cost lower than the regular single testing conducted either in government or private sectors. At the same time, employers can now request for expedite results because the supplies are now available in bulk and the employees have no more reasons to delay the tests.

There are a lot of factors leading to drug abuse like pressure, anxiety, rebellion, family orientation, beliefs and teachings, influence of peers, past traumatic experiences and their environmental circumstances. Some uses drugs without even knowing the consequences that could occur after using it. There are some drug users who don’t even realize or don’t have the courage to accept that they are victims of drug abuse and seek for medical help.

Some drug users were influenced by their friends and even by their own family members that is why it is very important to be able to decide on your own and not be easily influenced by anyone especially if you are not sure if it would lead you to any good. Whatever reasons an employee has, employers can always request for wholesale drug testing and get fast result in a matter of seconds.

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Urine Drug Testing Kits for Employers

Urine drug testing or urinalysis is a kind of drug testing that an employer requires of his or her employees. It is the most basic form of drug testing. For instance, if you are looking for a job, you will be required by your employer to take this test in order for them to know if you are safe from any form of illness or drugs. Also, through this test, employers will be able to learn some facts about you—the past and the present. If you have taken drugs in your life or you are still indulging with hazardous drugs.462519-5458-48

How it works

First of all, you will be advised to go to a hospital or a clinic where you will be attended by a certified drug testing personnel. You will be sent to a specified lavatory and ask to excrete urine into a sealed cup. The collected urine will be sealed against tampering until it undergoes the tests by the physician who is more skilled to do such tests.

Normally, this test will simply last for an hour or less although more thorough tests may last longer than the regular. The result of the test will be made available in the form of a certification. It is this document which will clear an applicant of any doubts that he or she has taken drugs months before the examination.

It is important for the employees to have this knowledge about Urine Drug Testing Kit because they will surely be asked by employers to undergo such tests—even before they get the job. In fact, at some points, the results can be deterrent for potential applicants to land a job. This is so as very many employers do not want to hire people with drug abuse records.

In some cases where the employer have their own doctor to perform urine tests for potential employees, the Urine Drug Testing may take a lot longer and more intensive—maybe about 24 hours of research and analysis. If the physician concluded that the test was negative, he will inform the employer himself. On the contrary, if he concluded the test conducted to the patient was positive, he may be advised to give his patient a prescription.

There are certain laboratories that conducts urine drug testing, but it is more efficient if the employers have their own urine drug testing kits. The availability will allow them to have the result in the fastest and most accurate timing.

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Circumstances with Random Drug Testing

Most business establishments and educational institution undertake random drug testing as means of detecting drug use among workers and students. This is one of the standard policies to maintain and promote a drug-free environment. Some people support this policy while others opted to refuse and face the possible consequences. Here are some problems with the random drug testing:

Invasion to Civil Rights – Random drug testing is different from usual drug testing in that it can be applied to anyone in spite of of whether there is a doubt that they have been dealing with illegal drugs. The connotation of this practice for civil rights and freedoms can be damaging. It implies that strict and controlling structures such as the state, employers or schools have the right to look into the physical bodies whether they have possible cause for this analysis or not. Authorities that are involved and concerned in lessening freedoms can simply appoint this practice for their own ends.

Offensive for Privacy – An ordinary cease of supporters of government involvement is there will be possible circumstances, if there is nothing to hide. This belief underestimates the man rights of individuals and furthermore interfere their private or personal lives. With the present of persistent technologies, privacy is under attack on several aspects. Random drug testing is another strategy for authoritarian management to expand further access to the personal lives of the people.

False Positives – In addition to issues on civil rights and freedoms, several technical questions has been connected on the dependability of drug tests. There are many instances where people who used to take illegal drugs tried many strategies just to pass the drug screening. Opposing to popular principle, drug testing is not an ordinary procedure. The impact of food and drugs on the human system are tremendously complex. Imprecise outcome of random drug testing can lead to destructive life impacts for the people concerned, as well as social reproach and the probable failure of employment and education.

Doubt and Self-esteem – Random drug testing can implicate and associate one message and that is on the trust issue. Enveloping drug tests are offensive and humiliating, and give discontented employees or student’s reasonable cause for objection against their employers or school administrators, generating resentment, estrangement and negative morale within organizations. The possible positive effects that may come from random drug testing need to be balanced in opposition to these negative effects.

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