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Importance of Drug Test Kits to Identify Drug Level

Drug test kits identify the presence of illegal drugs in a person’s system. In any case, you must be watchful on picking the right one to ensure that you will only get the right result.


These days, individuals are more engaged to hinge on drugs and drug abusing population is expanding at a quicker rate than ever before. It is essentially significant to know why drug abusers for the most part depend on drugs. It is more significant to investigate diverse approaches to keep them far from the intake of some extremely hazardous drugs. To keep drug-abusers far from drugs, we have to first study and call attention to some approaches to distinguish the level of illegitimate drugs in drug abusers.

A drug abuser generally smokes or takes drugs in a little or big amount. The drugs get absorbed into the system and after a time frame it is discharged through urine from time to time. In any case, the amount of drug discharged through urine relies on upon the amount of drug smoked or brought specifically with the help of injection.

To recognize the level of various drugs in a human body, specialists and doctors take diverse drug tests. Diverse tests like blood, urine, hair, saliva and sweat tests are performed to check drug level and metabolites in the test of a drug abuser. Of all the drug tests, urine drug test is the most well-known, in light of the fact that it is extremely common and simple on the pocket when contrasted with other drug tests. Besides, it is easy to investigate and conclude the result of this sort of test.

Another advantage of urine drug test is that the intensity of a drug can easily be checked through it. An expert lab doctor effectively analyzes the example and result shows the intensity of drugs, if taken. With the help of urine drug test packs, it is practically simpler to distinguish the power level of any drug within no time. The outcomes, then again, are precise and can be given over to the drug abuser without wasting much time and utilizing distinctive devices.

At the present time, the quantity of drug addicts is expanding in workplaces, schools, universities and colleges. Thus, as a preparatory health step, urine drug test kits could be utilized to recognize the level of drugs within the system of drug abusers. It would likewise be useful to set health standards in such organizations, firms, schools and colleges.


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How 14-Panel Drug Test Cup Help Parent to Check Their Kids if Using Drugs

14paneldrugtestcupA drug test  is a specialized investigation of a biological specimen like urine, hair, blood, breath, sweat or oral liquid/saliva to know the presence or absence of specified parent drugs or their metabolites. 14-panel drug test cup help all parents to check whether their kids are using drugs or not.

Real uses of drug testing incorporate identifying of the presence of performance enhancing steroids in sport, employers screening for drugs restricted by law and cops testing for the presence and concentration of liquor in the blood known as BAC (blood liquor content). BAC tests are regularly administered by means of a breathalyzer while urinalysis is used for the vast majority of drug testing in sports and the workplace.

Oral liquid or saliva testing results generally impersonates that of blood. The main exemptions are THC (tetrahyrocannabinol) and benzodiazepines. Oral liquid will probably distinguish THC from ingestion up to a most extreme time of 6–12 hours. This keeps on creating trouble in oral liquid detection of THC and benzodiazepines.

Breath air generally mimics blood tests also. Because of the low levels of substances in the breath air, fluid chromatography – mass spectrometry must be utilized to examine the sample as indicated by the recent publication.

Results for this screen are available in a day or two, in the event that it’s negative. Otherwise, non-negatives are re-tested using a GC/MS affirmation technique, which takes around a week. Anybody whose confirmation test returns non-negative can converse with the specialist about any remedies that they may be taking. Lawfully prescribed medications taken consistent with the specialist’s directions will yield a negative result on the report.

Drug Abuse Control’s urine drug test look at usage in the previous week, however metabolism differ, as do sorts of drugs, so this is not a hard and fast rule as some would accept. If you need to look at drug use over a longer time frame, hair follicle drug tests begin checking at around a week prior, and go all the way back to around 90 days. The most complete approach is to do both urine and hair, in this way checking both the present week and also the previous three months.

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How Drug Addiction Can Ruin Your Teen’s Life

At home drug test is the most ideal approach to recognize if your child is into illegal drugs since it will keep everything in private and will spare your child from discrimination if the outcome would be positive. It’s difficult to consider that your teen is using illegal drugs. It’s anything but difficult to think. Not all teenagers who utilize drugs will keep on using or ruin their lives. Not all teenagers that drink create drinking issues.

drugaddictionforteensIt’s ordinary to be concerned. You may likewise be terrified, stressed and uncertain about what to do next. You presumably have a great deal of inquiries as well. A few folks likewise feel like their teen’s drug use is their fault. In the event that you feel along these lines then you aren’t the only one. It may be useful for you to recall that teens settle on their decisions. Your teenager’s undesirable decisions don’t make you a terrible parent however conducting at home drug test will save their lives. Here are several dangerous effects of drug use in teens:

  • Drugs of any kind lessen teens’ ability to stay focus.
  • The younger a person is the point at which they start using drugs the more probable they are to build up a substance-abuse issue and the more probable they are to backslide into drug abuse when attempting to stop.
  • Teens who use illegal drugs will probably have unprotected sex and also to take part in sexual activity by any means. This, thus, puts them at risk for pregnancy, rape commission or exploitation and for sexually transmitted ailments.
  • Drug use can bring about or mask other emotional issues, similar to tension, discouragement, mood swings or hallucinations. Both of those diseases can bring about death by suicide or murder.
  • Anabolic steroids have been connected with impotence in men, clitoral augmentation in women as well as hair baldness, hindered development, heart attacks, strokes, liver disease, cancer, skin break out and infections, including HIV/AIDS in both genders.
  • Depending on how the body takes in and forms every sort of drugs, substances of abuse can influence for all intents and purposes each one of the body’s systems. It incorporate lasting brain damage connected with inhalants, heart attacks or stroke from stimulants, stopped breathing from tranquilizers. Any of these issues can bring about death.

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Looking for At Home Drug Test kits Supplier?

You need to know the product for at home drug test in order to get better results. We supply proficient quality tests that are FDA cleared and highly precise for you to use in the security of your home or business.

drugtestDrug abuse control has been offering drug tests on the Internet for truly quite a long time and sells quality, reliable tests at low costs. We respect your security and send your tests in plain envelopes and boxes, so nobody knows you are getting a drug test in the mail. Whether you require a urine test with results inside of minutes or a hair drug test with laboratory results, you can depend on the company.

The essential contrasts between the varieties of drug testing packs we offer are sample type, detection time, and regardless of whether a laboratory is naturally included. A hair test has a hair sample; a urine test has a urine sample, and so forth. The essential contrast in these tests is the discovery period. A urine test is a much shorter detection time than that of hair. The hair test requires that you send your specimen to a research center; while the urine tests give you an answer in five minutes with no lab required.

There are a wide range of reasons to conduct at home drug test. Numerous rehabilitation centers include drug testing into their programs on the grounds that it keeps things objective and empowers the individual taking the test to be completely honest. The 2010 National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Monitoring the Future drug review found that there are more secondary school seniors smoking marijuana than there are smoking cigarettes. To put it plainly, drug use exists, and it can possibly foul up lives.

The drug tests we offer are depended upon by government offices, organizations, specialists, outpatient homes, and families all over because of their superior precision and unwavering quality and are proficient grade.

The test utilizes the guideline of drug competition to deliver an outcome. In a urine test containing drugs, the drugs will bind to the strip and keep the development of a line in the Test region. In a urine test without drugs, the antibodies on the strip will respond by creating a line. It is a thoroughly researched, tried and FDA cleared procedure, acknowledged by different companies and governments across America.

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Tips on How to Pass Instant Drug Test

all_in_one_kitThere are things that you must do to surpass instant drug test especially if you’re an employee. Most companies are conducting random drug test and there will be no time to prepare. On the other hand, if your result will be positive, there will be measures that your company will implement for you to overcome the effects of illegal drugs. But the best thing that you can do is to control yourself from doing such activities if you’re planning to find a job.

Here are tips on what you can do to be free from drugs to pass the instant drug test:

  • Follow the instructions given by your health care provider for your medications. If there will be alarming side effects, make sure that you make report about it. If you are sensitive on several medicines, make sure to inform you doctor.
  • Try and generate a successful environment if possible. Remove all the things that could possibly affect your focus of rehabilitating yourself like drugs and other vices. Instead make your place look relax and comfortable. You can do some other activities instead like baking, cooking or shopping around. Ask the help and support of your relatives to assist you from getting rid with illegal drugs.
  • Consider medication as part of your therapy. And aside from this, one of your major concerns is how to restore your body’s mental, emotional and physical stability.  You can start performing extreme physical activities for this is an excellent opportunity to stay away from your illegal drugs. Keeping yourself fit will not only for therapeutic reasons but it will boost your body and strength.
  • Visit your doctor consistently to report your progress. If you are greatly improving, she may advise you to stop or continue with the medication or If not there will be some other form of treatment.
  • Don’t be embarrassed or humiliated if the outcome or the best option id for you to take appropriate medication. Just like any other serious ailments, alcoholism or drug abuse is also a chronic condition that is often progressive or recurring that needs pharmacological intervention. Now that science experts are starting to interpret the brain’s addictive pathways, they finally have a process to pay attention on the receptors that ends up to cravings.
  • Continue to incorporate or consider other significant methods into your program, specifically as you dose down from any prescription.

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How to Find a Drug Test That Best Fits Your Needs

When you decide conduct drug test for your employees, you’ll have a few distinct decisions to make. Will you test your workers in the workplace or at a clinic? When would you want to actualize the project? Will you utilize random testing? Above all, which panel of drug test would you like to use? The expression “panel” refers to a drug or family of drugs incorporated into a drug test. For instance, the panel “opiates” incorporates morphine, codeine, and heroin. The more panels a test incorporates, the more the scope of the test. So what are the distinctive panel drug tests?

Panel drug test

Nowadays, drug test can identify an extraordinary variety of drugs, from marijuana and cocaine to Ritalin and shower salts. Drug panels can be altered, yet a great number of people stay with the standard tests: 5-panel, 6-panel, 7-panel, 8-panel, 9-panel, 10-panel, and 12-panel. Despite the fact that a standard 5-panel urine drug test is a sensible decision for some organizations, if you are worried about the abuse of physician endorsed medications and painkillers, you may need to pick a more extensive test.

5-Panel Drug Test

The most cost-effective choice in the working environment and utilized by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for security sensitive positions that are managed by DOT offices (FMCSA, FAA, USCG, PRA, PHMSA, FTA). It could tests for marijuana, opiates, PCP, cocaine, and amphetamines.

6-Panel Drug Test

Tests for opiates, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines and benzodiazepines

7-Panel Drug Test

Tests for PCP, marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepines, opiates, amphetamines and barbiturates

8-Panel Drug Test

Tests for marijuana, amphetamines, methamphetamines, opiates, PCP, cocaine, benzodiazepines, and barbiturate

9-Panel Drug Test

Tests for opiates, marijuana, PCP, cocaine, amphetamines, methamphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, and methadone

10-Panel Drug Test

Tests for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, PCP, benzodiazepines, amphetamines, methaqualone, barbiturates, methadone and propoxyphene

12-Panel Drug Test

The most complete test, as it can test for extended opiates and the abuse of prescription painkillers. Tests for marijuana, methaqualone, opiates, amphetamines, PCP, cocaine, benzodiazepines, methadone, barbiturates, propoxyphene, ecstasy, and oxycodone

Keep in mind that numerous opioid addictions lead to further drug use, including heroin, so you may find that a standard 5 and 10 panel is not satisfying your needs. For this situation, consider a 12-panel drug test, which tests for extra opiates and painkillers that would not appear on a test with less panels.

To pick the drug panel test that best fits your organization’s necessities, you may need to consider your industry, any appropriate laws within your industry, and your corporate culture. Then again, you could counsel with your picked drug testing company to talk about your choices.


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Hair Drug Test: Meets the Highest Standards of the Testing Industry

hairDrugTestDrug test is a procedure that often requested during the employment procedure. Business owners wanted to secure their companies and promote safety in the workplace. Hair drug test examines a hair sample for parent drugs and their metabolites. A hair example, gathered from a donor’s head or body, is sent to the research facility and is screened for illegal substances. Here are several facts about hair drug test.

  • The usual length of head hair tested is 1½ inches from the root end. Since the normal development rate of human head hair is around ½ inch (1.3 cm) every month a hair analysis covers an estimated 90 day time span. This time allotment is estimation only since an individual’s actual hair growth rate may differ from the average.
  • Body hair can also be used for testing. However, while body hair is generally recognized as representing to a more distant time period than head hair, the inexact time period can’t be distinguished because of the high variability of growth rates. It takes roughly 5-10 days from the time of drug use for the hair containing drug to become over the scalp where it can be gathered.
  • Any hair remaining after first testing that is completed is held for one year period. Test results are held for a period of two years.
  • Along with a wash procedure, testing facilities searches for both the parent drug and metabolite of drug use. For marijuana examination, it distinguishes just the metabolite (THC-COOH). This metabolite is just delivered by the body and can’t be an environmental contaminant.
  • Right now there are no known successful business adulterants for hair tests and the prescribed use of ordinary hair care items/techniques (shampoos, colors, permanents, relaxers, dyes) don’t significantly affect results. The impacts of these items were looked into by the FDA.
  • Hair color is controlled by the measure of melanin in the hair. It has been demonstrated tentatively, through genuine hair tests, and in addition decided in court that hair color has no significant effect on results.
  • Hair coming from brush can be used for the drug analysis but the test will be reported as having anonymous donor. Testing center’s personnel cannot attribute the sample to any specific individual and they cannot identify the time frame of the test, so the test result is not legally secure.


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Guidelines on Passing a Military Instant Drug Test

Instant drug test is the key to promote safety and security in the environment that you’re staying or working on. Being in the military service is a great accountability and obligation. People who are in the service must be focus and determined. One should also meet the requirements and standards of military and one of those is to pass a drug test before going to preliminary training.

Consumer-Choice-Marketing-Ignite-Stream-Energy-The-Military-manBe aware that drugs can only stay in the human body for a limited amount of time. Other types of drugs, including PCP, crystal methamphetamine, Ecstasy, codeine, and cocaine last up to three days according to some research. A small amount of the drug may still be visible in your system and cause you to fail of joining the military team. If you withdraw from the drugs for a week or more prior to the test, then you have a greater chance to qualify.
Flushing is an ordinary technique used to pass any kind of instant drug test, including a military one. You need to drink plenty of liquid before the test for it will make you urinate more and will remove all toxins out of your system. Every time you urinate, check your urine. It should reach the point where your body is merely pushing out water and not any toxins. Having your vitamin intake may also help you pass a drug test. The vitamins can cover up the drug use by diluting the level of drugs found in the urine. Your urine may even alter color, due to the amount in your system.
You can find detoxifying items and flushing products designed to remove drugs out of your system on some websites, but you have to be careful in choosing the applicable product. The military tests for items of this kind and if you test positive for a detox product, you automatically fail the drug test.
The military itself can conduct and perform randomly drug test for substance abuse, specifically if your superior officers has highly suspicions about your behavior and receive a tip that you’re using illegal drugs. You will be clueless when the instant drug test might happen and will have no enough time to prepare for the test. If you test positive for drugs, then you face disciplinary actions and the worst scenario is you can be remove from the military service.

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Importance of 10 Panel Drug Test in Employment

These days, drug testing like the 10-panel drug testing is required by some employers and some companies that might have a drug testing policy. It is very important for them to know if their employees/applicants are using drugs as it may have a negative effect to the other employees and might bring negative publicity to their company. People become victims of drug abuse and commit crimes or show violence. By using this method, they can prevent hiring employees using drugs and can prevent further damage to the company. Mostly, the ones who pays for this process is the employer especially if they were the ones who requested for it.

dsc_0576_copy_copyThis drug test checks for the presence of 10 dugs namely Methadone, Marijuana, Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Propoxyphene, Opiates, Methamphetamines, Cocaine, Phencyclidine and Benzodiazepines. The drugs included in this drug test produces can effect like the feeling of happiness, prescribed in treating some disorder, treating pain and relieving anxiety though, it has a higher chance to also bring long term effects that can affect a person’s life so this 10 panel drug test is indeed helpful. One of the ways of conducting this test is by using urine as a sample for the drug test. Civil servants and government employees are greatly needed to take this test as they are the ones who communicate and serve the country and its people. Many people uses drugs and this test is highly recommended to lessen the probability of drug abuse and have better citizens. Because of the technology these days, taking this test became a lot easier and results can be seen much faster. Some only takes seconds, minutes or in some cases, days. You can also get the results by yourself or even have it delivered to your offices or our home so you can save more time.

These 10-panel drug test are not only used by employers but also by some parents. There are cases nowadays wherein teens also use drugs and parents who feel that their children are using such drugs can also try this method out for them to give their children another chance to change their lives for them to have a better future ahead. Though these method might cause money (the costs of taking this test varies from every location), it would be beneficial to take this 10 panel drug test especially if that person has the responsibility for the safety of others.

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Why Employers should Request Pre-employment Drug Testing?

Do you want to employ a drug abuser? How about a criminal? Or at least, someone who has the potential to be one? Of course, you don’t. So never leave any stone unturned when you hire people. Make sure that you do thorough browsing on the information that each applicant inks on his or her resume or portfolio. And of course, never forget to background check. Doing so will save a handfuls of regrets in the future for hiring a problematic employee. More importantly, make sure that you request for your potential applicant to undergo pre-employment drug testing just to clear any speculation or doubts on your mind.

Hiring people is definitely easier being said than done. It is a job for not so many. The right person for this task is someone that is really thorough and has the patient for eoDKeNkovery phase that each applicant needs to undergo. In fact, there are three general phases that each applicant should go through—the pre-selection process, the interview, and the requirement completion process. Each of these phase is a pre-requisite of the other and is very important in the chain or workflow of the human resource manager or the employer.

In the pre-selection process, the employer of human resource manager will check on the skillsets and knowledge of each applicant and choose those that meet the requirements set by the company for the position they are applying for. In the interview, this is where the potential applicants will show their skillset and knowledge while at the same time create an impression to the employer or the human resource manager. The last phase is where the finalization of the employment is being made.

The employers and/or human resource managers will have to deliberate on the potential applicant, ask them to undergo a set of requirements like background checking and pre-employment drug testing. It is in this phase that the employers or the human resource managers validate their decision to hire or not a potential applicant, which may only happen if the applicant is not able to complete the requirements.

Pre-employment drug testing is not something that should scare potential applicants, as well as employers and/or human resource managers. It is something that will both benefit the employee and the management in the future. As an employer, make sure that an applicant passes pre-employment drug testing and if possible do this regularly while they are employed in your company.

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